OOTD — Blue Floral Print Maxi

Hello dolls!

I know I have done some OOTD posts before, but I really want to branch out and make them better and test them out with you guys and see if you like them or not. I’m also always very determined to step up my game when it comes to photography so Alex and I gave it a shot and he got some good pictures. He will get better at pointing the camera my way and I will get better with my poses as well…eventually.. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I wanted to share this outfit with you and know that I’m not the type of person to conform to trends and will add a twist to my outfits to make them ME. I love this dress so much because it’s almost like a kimono-style type of dress and I can’t get over how light and flowy it is.


Because I’m such a shorty and because I don’t like sandals, I wore my favorite nude bootie heels to make myself taller so my dress wouldn’t drag as much. I felt as though they gave my outfit an edge–it was different and I felt sexy and confident in this outfit. Never underestimate a pair of heels, or in my case, a pair of boot heels. πŸ™‚ Alex loved this outfit too. I added a longer necklace/choker set as accessories because I wanted to see if it would look ok with the dress.


Outfit Details:
Dress: Target | Heels: Trend Shoes | Choker/Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Dress and choker/necklace set are from my May/June 2017 Haul.


What do you think of this outfit?
Would you guys like more OOTD posts like this?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! πŸ™‚ xo


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46 thoughts on “OOTD — Blue Floral Print Maxi

    1. Awh thanks love!!
      And no kidding! Lightweight fabrics are the best for summer weather. They literally let your skin breathe and you don’t feel as suffocated lol.


  1. Thats a Target find!?!!?! *sigh* another reason to love Target ❀ It looks soooo fab on you the color of it just makes you pop, and honestly I think I like it better paired with booties! The silky kimono material makes it a perfect summer dress!!! Work ittttt!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Yes! Remember my May/June haul?! This is that same dress lol.
      And thanks doll! It’s really my favorite dress, I love wearing it so much! 😁
      And thanks! I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it with booties, and even though sandals give it a different look, it’s not the kind of look i like for myself. Lol

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    1. Thanks love! And girl, I’m like 5’0 and believe me this dress DRAGS without any heeled shoes. It’s a bummer that maxi dresses are so long, like not everyone is that tall lol. But if you look around you might find one. I once did but I hated the fit and the pattern wasn’t my favorite 😣


  2. Ooh my gosh you look amazing!! That dress fits you so nicely. I can’t really wear maxi dresses because I’m too short and personally hate wearing heels (outside of work) but you put together the perfect outfit. Love the necklace! Long necklaces like that are my favorite!!

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    1. Thanks so much doll! .> which angers me but whateves lol. I do really like this outfit too it’s one of my faves πŸ™‚
      and I used to have a bunch of long necklaces like this because they were my fave as well, but I had to give a bunch away or throw them out because they were rusty or I didn’t like them anymore so i really need to get new accessories so bad LOL


      1. Wait wait what! I’m confused, what angers you?! Lol.
        Yeah when I was in middle school I used to love those long necklaces but they all got tangled and rusty! I literally wear 0 accessories except for this gold bracelet my mom gave me that I never take off.

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        1. Sorry I replied so late at night I should have been more specific but being short. Cause you have to have long legs to wear the cute maxi dresses lol.
          I haven’t worn accessories since ciel was born, before that I would wear something all the time but he wold pull on everything as he got older so I stopped wearing it all together but I would like to start again lol.


          1. Ooh yeah lol yes being short is hard because I love those long rompers and maxi dresses so much! 😦 wish I could wear em all!
            I am allergic to most jewelry and lose everything so I can’t waste $ on real jewelry that doesn’t cause me irritation. 😦

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          2. Gosh me too. But at times I like that I’m short lol.
            Damn really? I only get an allergic reaction to fake gold jewelry. It has to be real. Lol. My parents always bought me real gold when I was younger


          3. I think short girls are cuter so that’s why I like being short lol but things can be tough for us. πŸ˜‚
            Yeah same. My parents always bought me real gold, too. That’s prob why I’m allergic to it all. 😦

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Yeah like not being able to reach the highest pantry and whatever’s way in the back. No joke I have to use a spatula or spoon to push things out and catch them. We have no chairs that are good for climbing lol.


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