OOTD — Blush Pink

Hey dolls & Happy Monday!

Last week I had a great opportunity for a mini photoshoot. Alex was the photographer (of course) and I was surprised at how many good shots he got! I had 37 photos to choose from and I couldn’t narrow it down any further than this. I loved most of the shots he took, I’m so glad Alex is helping me with this. ❤ #AyRGalaxyForever

OOTD: Blush Pink


So yes, Jenny, I know it’s black, but give me some credit for putting in some effort on adding color to my wardrobe, lol. Seriously, my entire wardrobe is black!

This is a nice summer outfit, or even an evening dinner date with the hubby kind of outfit. I’m not one to go all out with outfits for a dinner date, but I love how easy it was to put this outfit together.


I love the detail of this top and how un-revealing yet classy/casual it looks. This adorable blush pink top is making me like pinks on me more. I love how well my favorite rose gold pair of sunglasses goes with this top and my floral patterned backpack as well.


Outfit Details:

  • Top: Ross
  • Skirt: Ross
  • Heels: Trend Shoes
  • Sunglasses: Ross
  • Backpack: Ross

See a trend here? Everything is from Ross because I love to find a good bargain.


What do you think of this outfit?


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P.S. Thank you for the feedback on my last OOTD! If you guys love these types of posts, I’ll be sure to plan more outfits for the future! ❤

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23 thoughts on “OOTD — Blush Pink

  1. haah I can’t even hate on it that its black because I love that skirt so darn much!!! I love the fit and flair on it, so flattering on! Those are the type of skirts I need in my life because it gives me curves that I don’t have lol Also again, GO ALEX, he did so good with the camera but most of the credit should go to you because you’re the perfect little model! Hair and make up is so on point too!!! Love this post. You need more of these!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thanks!! ❤ I love these type of skirts because they really do look flattering on many body shapes.
      Awwh, well some credit goes to him. I was a bit awkward with my poses cause it's still kind of weird to me to ask him to take some pictures of me, I have to joke and tell him "do it for the blog!" LMAO But he did so well! I couldn't pick my favorites, he just got so many good shots!!
      And thank you, I'm sure you've seen the MOTD on my IG, I posted a mini tutorial too a couple days ago for this exact makeup look 🙂
      And I'll be sure to look through my closet and plan some more outfits. I had a lot of fun shooting!

      Liked by 1 person

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