August 2017 Play! by Sephora Review

Hey everyone.

I don’t mean to appear so somber or anything, but hearing about all the devastation all over the world–flooding, earthquakes, fires–it’s been making me feel depressed. Yesterday Alex and I had a chat about how unprepared we are after hearing about Mexico. Thankfully all my family is fine down there, but I couldn’t help and remember that the Pacific Northwest has an overdue earthquake, which could be potentially devastating. Literally all we can do is hope for the higher power to have mercy on all of us and try to be as prepared as we can possibly be.

I’m feeling so many feelings at the moment. It doesn’t help that I’m sick, and the weather is partially gloomy, coupled with hearing about the aftermath of the quake and the hurricane that is passing through PR right now. I hope everyone in PR remains safe!!

Now.. Let’s get on with this review..

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August 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Hello again!

I hope my daily blog posts aren’t boring you to death already. I am trying my best to include a little bit of everything besides my 30 days of makeup challenge.

So far I’m finding it pretty fun. I feel challenged not only in the makeup challenge, but having several blog posts ready in advance for you to enjoy. This is definitely a busy month and I can’t wait to do my monthly review and a recap of my 30 days of makeup challenge.

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OOTD — Everyday Summer Casual

Happy Monday!

And Happy Labor Day  to my US friends and followers!

I wanted to do one last summer outfit because fall season is literally right around the corner. I love summer so it makes me sad that it is ending BUT I also love fall season colors, the leaves falling, and some rain (even though I absolutely hate the cold).

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Top 5 — Highlighters

Hello again beautiful people!

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday so far!

Claire Talks Beauty inspired me to write this post because she did a Top 5 Natural Highlighters a very long time ago, lol. I just fell behind with many of my posts..

ANYWAY, I love highlighters that are pigmented enough to blind my enemies as well those highlighters that look fairly natural and subtle. This post will be a mix of both, as these are my top 5 favorites.

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