Halloween Look — Tokyo Ghoul: Ken Kaneki

Happy Halloween!!

It sucks that it fell during the week this year, but I also happen to find it kind of perfect because it coincides with my new blog schedule (Tuesdays are for MOTDs).

And while this is no ordinary MOTD, it IS* Halloween, so I thought I should venture out into face paint this year. I had planned to do a series of Halloween looks but I was unable to because I was ill-prepared.. Maybe next year?

It took me so long to decide what I wanted to be this year, even though it was staring me right in the face. If you read my WUW last week, I mentioned that I’ve been reading Tokyo Ghoul this month. I read the ENTIRE original series (14 volumes) in about one week, #noshame. I’ve actually already started reading the sequel and I’m about to catch up to the weekly releases, lol.

So, what look have I done?


Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of the manga series, Tokyo Ghoul, for those who don’t know. If you’re into dark fantasy manga, I definitely recommend it!

I really like him as a character and I admire his persistence to protect what’s important to him. I’ve become so immersed in the manga, and I love what he stands for and what he believes in, so this Halloween look is me paying homage, if you will.

Ready for the Halloween Look?









This is my first [official] face paint makeup look for Halloween using liquid and cream paint. I’ve done a few “face-paint” looks in the past for #BeautiesOnFire (Superheroes & Villains), but that was using my regular makeup and they weren’t that good. This one was a game changer, and I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Note: I recreated Glam & Gore’s look, which was easy for me to follow.


I purposefully shot these photos in low-light. My original plan was to do a mini photoshoot during twilight at the park to make it appear as though I was in a remote place, but we couldn’t make it happen, which really bummed me out. Again, I was ill-prepared and perhaps I could try again another time.


What do you guys think?!

Since this look took forever to create, I may end up cosplaying as Ken Kaneki tonight.
My back-up look is a vampire since it’s way easier to put together.

What will you be for Halloween this year?


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19 thoughts on “Halloween Look — Tokyo Ghoul: Ken Kaneki

  1. Ooh I love it! The detailing of shadows, especially on the eyepiece, is great! And I love Tokyo Ghoul (not gonna lie, though, I didn’t get into the sequel. I tried, but the beginning turned into too much of a cop show for my tastes and I just couldn’t connect with the characters in the same way as the first season).

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    1. Highlighting around the eye where the mask goes was pretty hard because I had to make sure my eye was closed but not too closed because it would kind of ruin the look, so I had to be very precise.
      And yeah, the beginning is usually eh, but I kept reading past all of that and I’ve gotten past the arc where a lot of information gets released (to the reader), about Kaneki, the CCG, and various things from the past and it ties the whole story together. My mind was actually kind of blown because of how far the author thought just to bring pieces of the puzzle together. I found it very neat.
      I only watched the first season of the anime and I didn’t like it as much, or in my opinion, it wasn’t well done, then again, I couldn’t help but compare it to the manga, so I didn’t even watch it, I read it.

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      1. I might have to revisit the manga, then! I was reading it as season two was coming out, so I couldn’t tell how it would turn out or if it would even get better. I wasn’t willing to stick around for months just in case it was disappointing.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Me personally, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve caught up to the most recent chapter, which is like chapter 147, and I thought it was really well done. But I will* say that the beginning tends to feel like it drags on for a little, because I felt the same way at the beginning lol.

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    1. Thanks so much!! 🙂 I kind of followed some time-lapse tutorial on YT which is where I got some pointers, but I honestly didn’t expect it to come out this good lol. I’ll have to cosplay another day and do a photoshoot outside to compare haha

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  2. 14 volumes in one week? That is some serious reading! Yess to this look, you are totally talented. Is there anything you can’t do??? Makeup is insane! And perfect for this time of year! Definitely do a Halloween look book next year!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL yeaaaahh, and because they’re like comic books, they’re nothing like novels and therefore WAY less reading.
      I’m going to start thinking what I may want to create next year so I know what to purchase in advance (all the face paint, etc).
      And thank you! I’m sure there are a few things I can’t do but for the life of me, I’m so determined to do as best as I can anytime I do anything lol.

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      1. But still! That’s a lot! Good idea, best to be one step ahead always!! And next Halloween will be here before we know it, time goes so quick. You’re welcome, yes! If you’re always doing your best then that’s always gonna be a success ✨

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