January 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Hey dolls!

Happy Thursday!

Today I’m reviewing products from my January 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag. So I’m just going to get right into it.

Bag Contents:


  • Ciate London Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner
  • Global Beauty Care Charcoal Wash-Off Mask
  • So Susan Liquid Matte in Raisin Flesh
  • theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer
  • Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Bikini (will not* be reviewed)

So before I start, I do want to say that I’m NOT* reviewing the DLS eyeshadow, I will be saving it for a future giveaway. The sole reason for that is because I’ve gotten SOOO MANY bronze/gold shades, that I know for a fact I won’t use this one more than once or twice. So I only have four mini product reviews for you today.

Also, some of the photos are a bit darker than I’d like, it’s just been so cloudy here! 😦

So Susan
Liquid Matte in Raisin Flesh


Quick Description & Claims:

It’s made with a cocktail of hydrating ingredients including olive oil, cocoa butter, and chamomile extract to keep your lips hydrated and happy. It doesn’t dry out your lips like some matte formulas (aka no flakiness, yay). Raisin Flesh is a medium berry hue that looks gorg on your cheeks too, btw.

Mini Product Review:

Ok, so…

I didn’t like this liquid lipstick–that’s a first! I usually love all the formulas I try but honestly, not this one. It claims to have hydrating ingredients but I didn’t feel like it was hydrating AT ALL. One of my new year’s resolutions was to drink more water, and I have been drinking A LOT–so I know my skin and lips are moisturized.

This liquid lipstick was SO drying on my lips and it didn’t feel very comfortable. I have tried liquid matte formulas which are comfortable and lightweight, and this didn’t feel like that. I could literally feel it on my lips the ENTIRE day, and it kind of bothered me after a while.

A few other things: it dries quick! It also doesn’t look good if you add too many layers, so I literally had to take it off and only work with whatever came out with the doe foot wand. It also says you can use it on your cheeks but it dries too fast to blend, and I didn’t even attempt it because it was soo hard to take it off.

The only good thing about this lipstick is how long-lasting it is. It lasted ALL day on the lips, there was NO transfer whatsoever, so that was nice. But that’s it! I’m kind of disappointed, I don’t know if it was a dud, but I had heard so many good things about this brand, I even have one brush that I use often..

Cruelty Free? Yes.

Ciate London
Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner


Quick Description & Claims:

The precise felt tip makes getting symmetrical cat eyes super easy. They had us at long-wearing, but this formula also dries quickly and won’t smudge or transfer, no matter what your eye shape. The intense, inky black shade gives your eyes instant definition, and fills in all the little gaps between your lashes and your lashline.

Mini Product Review:

Another product I wasn’t quite into was this eyeliner. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t feel like it was “super easy” to use. You have to be VERY light-handed to use it, otherwise you won’t get that thin wing. It does a good job at filling in between the lashline, which is something not all liquid eyeliners do. It’s also very long-lasting and smudge-proof, and dries super quick.

I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of the tip, but it looks like every other liquid eyeliner pen. The tip is pretty flexible but again, you have to use a light hand to draw the wing, because putting too much pressure will bend the tip and draw the line thicker. (Which I would have liked to know when I did the swatches). It works, but it also took me much longer to do winged liner with this than with my NYX liquid liner.

Cruelty Free? Yes! PETA certified!

Global Beauty Care
Charcoal Wash-Off Mask


Quick Description & Claims:

Another mud mask? Groundbreaking. But seriously, this one’s special! It’s made from charcoal, which digs deep to gently remove icky dirt and grime without drying out your skin. If you want to skip makeup, this mask is great for prepping your complexion to bare it all. Think: all the glowy goodness of a facial in just 15 minutes!

Mini Product Review:

You guys know how much I LOOOOVE charcoal masks, this one didn’t disappoint. It’s sooo good and it applies like a dream–I was SHOCKED! It felt really good on the skin–strangely hydrating, smooth, and detoxifying. Like the ultimate spa treatment, at home!

It really did feel like it was purifying my skin, and when I washed it off, it left my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. There was no irritation or redness. I really love this mask.

Cruelty Free? No. It doesn’t state anywhere on their website.

Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer


Quick Description & Claims:

The warm honey shade has just the right amount of shimmer to get us glowing. It’s gorgeous on your cheekbones, brow bones, and all the places you’d apply highlighter—but we love it on our lids, too. Animal lovers, it’s cruelty-free. Your pets will appreciate.

Mini Product Review:

I LOVED this product! Ipsy sent me a sample of the Cindy-Lou Manizer a long time ago before I re-subscribed, but I didn’t like that one as much because it didn’t look good against my skin tone, but this one DID! This officially became my go-to when I need to do my makeup quickly.

It looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous on the skin. I had a hard time getting my camera to catch how pretty it looks when the light reflects it, but guys, seriously, this one is soo pretty! I’ve been using it for strobing when I’m in a hurry, and it looks sooo natural and it gives my skin a radiant glow.

Cruelty Free? Yes / / Not certified by PETA or Leaping Bunny



Again, if I would have known not to apply so much pressure when using the liquid eyeliner, the stars would have looked so much better. And as you can see, Mary-Lou Manizer reflects the light really well, it makes the skin glow.



So real quick, I did NOT* use the DLS eyeshadow, I used other products in my stash from my project pan. I did use the Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner, the So Susan Liquid Matte in Raisin Flesh, and theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. On the second photo, you can see how pretty it looks when the light hits it just right.


So that’s it for today dolls. This bag was 50/50 for me, not the best but also not the worst. I’m very excited to receive this month’s bag because I was spoilers and a few products look SOO good! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading, and have a wonderful rest of your Thursday! ❤ xx


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