Clinique Dual Ended High Impact Mascara + Lash Building Primer Review

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I’m so happy to finally be writing individual reviews again. My last review (not sponsored) was published in October! Yikes! Such a long time ago! I will do my best to keep up with these as promised in my Blog Goals for 2018 post. πŸ™‚

I received this mascara in my August 2017 Play! by Sephora box but I didn’t open it as I was testing another one. I do not like having several mascaras opened; I learned my lesson last year when I had like 3 or 4 opened and they ALL dried up. I barely got a chance to use them and form my thoughts on them. 😦

Anyway, I’m around the 3 month mark of using this and I finally have gathered my thoughts on it and I’m ready to share what I think.


Products Description from Sephora:

High Impact Mascara:

A richly-pigmented, volumizing mascara that instantly lengthens and defines each and every lash.

Get instant lash drama with High Impactβ„’ Mascara. Pump up the volume and length of your lashes for a look that appears lusher, plusher, and bolder. This mascara coats your lashes in pure, deep color for an irresistible lash look.

Size / Price: $18 / 0.28oz

* * *

Lash Building Primer:

A conditioning lash primer that boosts the benefits of Clinique mascaras.

This lash-conditioning undercoat contains a unique polymer combination that holds mascara to lashes for a longer, fuller look with extended wear. The moisturizing formula also helps to condition and mend dry lashes.

Size / Price: $17 / 0.17oz

Formula & Application

First things first, the mascara and lash building primer are sold separately (prices included in product descriptions). The sample I received is the travel size, and I was only able to find it in Ulta; Sephora does not seem to sell it as such. — Note: At the time this post was published, the travel size was online and stocked.

In terms of the wands, I like the lash building primer wand a bit better. The bristles are more separated than the mascara and it does a fantastic job at evenly coating my lashes. The mascara wand does a pretty good job too but I also noticed that with the wand, the mascara would make my lashes look a bit clumpy from time to time. So it was necessary to have a spare spoolie to separate my lashes.


I thought the formula of this mascara and primer were nice. Neither one irritated my eyes and I really like the results (when used together). It took a while to break in this mascara, and now that it’s near its expiration date I’m realizing I like it a lot more than I did at the beginning (which is why I like testing mascaras until their expiry date).


Top Photo: Bare lashes / No curling | Middle Photo: Left eye w/Lash Primer, Right eye without Primer | Bottom Photo: Results, with and without Lash Building Primer

The difference between using and not using the lash primer is very obvious. The lash building primer instantly defines, volumizes, and lengthens the lashes. Without it, the mascara still adds a bit of volume, but lacks length, however the results are pretty close.


As I mentioned above, you can find this exact one (travel size) on the Ulta website for $8. Considering that you’d only be using this for roughly 3 months before needing to toss it, I think it’s a pretty great deal and you save loads of money compared to buying the mascara and primer separately.

Pros & Cons


  • Mascara is pigmented
  • Primer instantly lengthens lashes
  • The duo volumizes and lengthens lashes
  • Lashes look fuller (when using mascara + primer)
  • Primer can be used with other mascaras (not tested by me)
  • Formulated without parabens
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Allergy-tested (mascara)
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers (mascara)
  • It is free of fragrance (mascara)


  • Doesn’t curl lashes
  • Some clumping
  • Mascara and primer sold separately
  • Better results with lash building primer (but expensive)
  • Better to buy the travel size (to get both mascara + primer)
  • Not cruelty-free


I did like this mascara to a certain extent. I think it made my lashes look great when used with the lash primer, though the mascara alone didn’t do much for my lashes, so I probably would never buy the full size. That and Clinique is NOT cruelty free.

Have any of you tried this mascara?
What mascaras do you recommend that don’t require a primer?


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11 thoughts on “Clinique Dual Ended High Impact Mascara + Lash Building Primer Review

  1. Hunida says:

    Is this the same as the Clinique Primer I got in my Sephora box last month? I didn’t get the dual ended one though… just the primer. I liked it and noticed that it did make a difference but I also noticed that it makes my mascara run and smudge under my eyes. Did you wear it for awhile/notice that, too?

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