30 Days of Makeup — Day 1: Bare Face / Natural + My Hopes for this Challenge

Happy Sunday / Easter, for those of you who celebrate that.

Forgive me if this post is a bit late today. I just got back from vacation last night and decided to sleep in this morning forgetting that today was April 1st, lol. That means that today I’m kicking off my 30 Days of Makeup Challenge! 🙂

I hope some of you guys join me, doesn’t have to be every single day, but I truly hope you guys decide to challenge yourselves too. The main goal is just to have fun here! 🙂

Today is Day 1: Bare Face / Natural and basically, it’s just a day to get yourself mentally prepped for this challenge and also a day to take care of your skin.

Here’s the banner for reference for anyone who would like to join at any time:

REMINDER: if you’re going to join me on Instagram, tag me @ayrgalaxyblog and use the hashtag #30DaysOfMakeupWithAyRGalaxy so I can see your looks!!

For WordPress: simply link back to this post!


Day 1: Bare Face / Natural


My Hopes for this Challenge:

Since today is pretty easy, I thought I could tell you guys what I hope to get out of this challenge:

#1: Have Fun!

That’s the main goal here, really. To have fun with makeup as we experiment with new looks and/or techniques.

#2: Experiment!

This challenge is a way to literally challenge myself and make myself step out of my comfort zone to try something new; maybe a technique or a certain look I haven’t yet tried. Maybe mix some colors and do something that’s not entirely wearable? I don’t know. But I do know that I want to experiment as much as I can, and given some of the themes, I do hope they spark my creativity.

#3: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Doing your makeup every single day is also an opportunity to practice on some skills and get better at applying makeup. I will do my absolute best to practice and sharpen the skills I already have but also practice a few new techniques and/or looks.

So will anyone be joining me this month?
If not, what days are you most excited to see?


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