PÜR x Boxycharm Eyeshadow Palette — In-Depth Review + Swatches

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to review the PÜR x Boxycharm Eyeshadow palette that everyone received in their Boxycharm in March. And I haven’t done a review in a hot minute and I really miss doing them, so I hope this isn’t too long or boring for some of you.

This is the only eyeshadow palette I’ve ever tried from PÜR Cosmetics, so I can’t attest the formula of the rest of their [eyeshadow] palettes as being “really good”. The reason this review has taken me so long to write up is because I wanted to play with it a little more and I have seen many mixed reviews about this palette. So let’s go in-depth and I’ll tell you more about how it worked out for me.


Quick Description from PÜR Cosmetics:

Versatile, pigmented and transformative—from lightweight, warm matte shades of peach to a vibrate blue or shimmery pink, this Boxycharm eyeshadow palette is designed to help you achieve a fun look that’s sure to make your eyes pop. Expect silky bendability and pure color intensity in 12 highly pigmented, blendable shades that can be worn alone or in a ny combination for endless eye looks.

Size/Price: 0.5oz, 1.5g each / $36 (palette), $3 each shade

Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Talc-Free, Gluten-free, and Vegan!
Sold at PÜRCosmetics.com or at Ulta.com (online only).


This palette is thin, compact and made of cardboard. I love the slight texture it has on the outside and I think white and silver is a good color combo and in my opinion, very minimal.


When you open up the palette it’s silver all over. It has a decent sized mirror which is perfect if you want to take this palette on-the-go. I think its size also makes it perfect for traveling. It does have a magnetic closure, which is always a good thing.

Formula & Application:

I’ll be quick here because I go more in-depth in the following section, but to give you an idea of how this palette performs—there’s lots of kickback (especially the satins and a few shimmers). The shimmers have far more fallout in my opinion, mainly the glitter. Some shades apply patchy, which is a bummer, but I will say that you can make this palette work, it just takes a lot of trial and error. Let’s move on…

In-Depth Look at Shades:

So I wanted to go in-depth about the shades because I felt as though the formula wasn’t consistent throughout the palette. Ulta was the only place I found what formula each shade is, but I don’t completely “agree” with it, you’ll see.


So let’s just show you the shades and their names:


  • 1st Row: PÜRfect, Nakey, Belle, and Squad
  • 2nd Row: Charmer, Alliance, Bae, and ATL
  • 3rd Row: Duet, MIA, BFF, and Boxy Black

According to Ulta:

  • Mattes: PÜRfect, Naket, Belle, Squad, Duet, BFF, Boxy Black
  • Shimmers: Charmer, Alliance, Bae, ATL, and MIA

* * *

As I mentioned above, the formula is inconsistent, so I don’t believe all the non-shimmery shades are matte, a few feel like satins to me.


  • Satins: PÜRfect, Nakey, and Belle (a little shimmery but I was able to get away with using it on the crease)
  • Shimmers: Squad, Charmer, Alliance, Bae, ATL and MIA
  • Mattes: Duet, BFF, Boxy Black

* * *

Okay, now we can get into the shades and what I think of them and the entire palette.

When I finally tried them on the eyes, I was really excited about certain shades but I felt disappointed almost IMMEDIATELY.


Shades like Nakey and Belle weren’t showing up on my eyelids as well, I had to build up the color SO MUCH, and even then it didn’t seem like enough (and yet they swatched so beautifully and can see color in them).

The shade Squad kind of disappeared into the other shades of my crease and it barely gives color to my lids when used alone. It looks shimmery on the lid and I guess it would be a good shade for everyday makeup, but on me, it barely gives my lid a wash of color.


Out of all the shimmery shades, Squad, Bae, ATL and MIA seemed like regular, decently-pigmented shimmers, while Charmer and Alliance were MORE pigmented than the others but also more CHUNKY.

The shades that feel like true mattes to me were Duet, BFF and Boxy Black because they felt drier than the rest. These shades were also some of my favorite in the palette because they were more cool-toned, but disappointed me greatly because they applied PATCHY! BFF was the hardest to blend. I had to keep building up the color in certain areas to make it appear more even throughout the crease. While Boxy Black feels matte, it has pink and purple micro glitter that kind of seems to disappear after a while, so I fail to see the purpose in their adding micro glitter to it.


And lastly, the star shade of this palette, MIA, was probably my biggest disappointment. It looked promising, it’s a gorgeous, vibrant blue, but it has a lot of fallout—mainly the glitter which was hard to clean off under my eyes without tugging on the skin. It also applied very patchy, and I found that the best way to apply was to keep packing it. A LOT. And I really mean, over and over.

The one shade I liked was PÜRfect because I used that shade to set my eyeshadow primer. It doesn’t have any other use to me.

Let’s move on to the fun part..



  • PÜRfect—a vanilla satin.
  • Nakey—a light peachy satin.
  • Belle—a peachy satin/shimmer.
  • Squad—a peachy/pink shimmer.
  • Charmer—a taupe shimmer, a little chunky.
  • Alliance—a bronze shimer, a little chunky.
  • Bae—a pink shimmer.
  • ATL—a cherry shimmer with pinky undertones (hard to describe)
  • Duet—a dark chocolate matte, a little patchy.
  • MIA—a shimmery, vibrant blue.
  • BFF—a matte fuschia, also a little patchy.
  • Boxy Black—a black matte with pink and purple micro glitter, a little patchy.


Makeup Looks:

I tried to play around with this palette as much as I could, but before I show you other looks, I wanted to show you the very first look I created with this palette because you can tell how patchy some shades are on the crease, and how crappy MIA looked before I could figure out how to apply it best.


Here are some more looks I created during my April 2018 Lookbook — 30 Days of Makeup Challenge:


If you want to see makeup details on the photos above: 1st look, 2nd look, 3rd look, 4th look (with other palettes).

Pros & Cons:


  • Mirror included
  • Good shade range
  • Good mix of shimmers, mattes and satins
  • 50/50 balance of shimmers/mattes and satins
  • Decent price for 12 shades ($3 a piece)
  • Cruelty free and Vegan
  • Paraben, gluten, talc free


  • Inconsistent Formula
  • Some patchy shades
  • Some chunky shades
  • Lots of kickback
  • Fallout in shimmers
  • Mattes are harder to blend

Overall, this palette was hugely disappointing but as I mentioned early on, it’s possible to make it work, it just takes a lot of trial and error. That being said, I will still use it, I think I could get some use out of it every now and again. Some shades in here are pretty unique (Bae, ATL, and MIA) so I don’t think it’s a complete waste, considering my box was more than what this palette is worth. Maybe it was just the batch or a dud because there’s lots of people out there who genuinely love this palette and think it’s amazing.

If you have this palette, what were your thoughts on it?
Did you like or dislike? Why or why not? Let me know! 🙂

And thanks so much to everyone who read this entire post! I know it was really long but I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases. ILY! ❤ 


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22 thoughts on “PÜR x Boxycharm Eyeshadow Palette — In-Depth Review + Swatches

  1. I love how thorough you are in this review. Mia was so disappointing, as was BFF. It’s so much effort to make them show up and stay bright on the eye. I’m keeping my palette too, I’m just not sure how much I’ll reach for it 🤔 I do love the looks you created though, especially the blue cut crease

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I didn’t mean to make this super long but I couldn’t condense anymore than I already had lol.
      Yeah, BFF was the first shade that I was like “uhmm, this shade sucks!” Lol. But yeah, I expected more from MIA because it’s the shade that everyone gravitate to because it’s so different than the rest of the shades but ugh. It failed to impress me. Miserably.
      Thank you! I can’t even begin to tell you how long that cut crease took me lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s the right length, though my palette reviews are always super long too haha. But People can scroll and read the parts they want, it’s better to have too much info than not enough.
        I was so mad that Mia swatched so good but had to be built up so much, I really wanted to love this palette!
        I can imagine it took a long time!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah exactly, I usually bold certain sentences for people who skim through so they get a gist of it LOL
          ME TOO! I was looking forward to the most to use that shade and it was a huge let down.. I’ll be sure to not get my hopes up next time I see an eyeshadow palette on boxycharm lol

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I know right?! I feel like I’ve been seeing PUR a LOT since I subscribed in December. I think I have 3 or 4 products from that brand I’m kind of over it and want to see something new lol.


          2. I remember that was one of the reasons Nova unsubscribed, she said that there were waaay too many PUR products! At Least this months box is supposed to have 6 products instead of 5 😀

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely a bummer with how hard to use this palette is. But I do love how you kept at it and figured out how to make the shades work! And those looks were so gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

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