I Let My Husband Dress Me for 5 Days

Happy Friday!

I had meant to post this sometime last month but I couldn’t make it happen on account that I was so busy with my 30 Days of Makeup challenge. But here we are, and it’s perfect for Fashion Friday. 🙂


This was originally going to be for an entire week, but there were a few days in which we didn’t do anything or go anywhere. Then we ended up leaving for Seattle (read about our vacation, here and here) so we had to put it on hold but when we got back, we never got around to it again, lol. Maybe I’ll try again during the summer because I think it was tough for Alex picking out clothes for colder weather.

We did this little experiment from March 22nd – 28th (skipped the 25th and 27th). I know it was so long ago but I couldn’t find a spot to fit it into my schedule last month. Anyway..

Let’s get started and let me show you the outfits he put together for me..

* * *

March 22nd


When I saw the faux fur vest I was like “Oh no!” but then I saw that he paired it with one of my favorite sweater dresses, my low-heeled boots and my knee high Panda/Bamboo socks he got me for one of my previous birthdays.

I actually liked this outfit a lot more than I thought I would. I guess I thought it would be worse. The only thing that was tough to deal with was the fact that it was nearly 40 degree weather and I was cold in this outfit. LOL.

March 23rd


This outfit is a simple one. It’s just my Pikachu top with black jeans and my black superstar Adidas, lol. If I remember correctly, we were supposed to be out the door fast and he just picked something easy.

If you’d like to see a close-up/better photos of my makeup, see my PÜR x Boxycharm Eyeshadow Palette Review.

March 24th


Another simple outfit, a Jurassic World top and black leggings with my black Timberland boots. One thing I noticed is that Alex really really likes the color black. Or perhaps I just have too many black clothes in my closet, lol. Gotta declutter!

March 26th


Oh man, he really went out with this one, lol. I got scared when I saw the patterns, though they’re the same, I thought I wasn’t going to pull it off well. I think it looks okay, perhaps it is too many horizontal stripes, I don’t know.

It was tougher for me to tuck in that top, but once I got it, I was happy with the black and white color combo, lol.

What do you guys think??

If you’d like to see the makeup look I’m wearing here, check out my #BeautiesOnFire — Pretty In Pastel MOTD + Pictorial post.

March 28th


This is the simplest outfit out of all the five. Just a dress and my black slip-ons. Nothing else to comment about, truthfully, lol. Though I did like how I styled my hair here. 🙂

And that’s it!

I think overall, Alex played it safe. The majority are outfits that I would put together myself. I’d be interested in seeing what he picks during warmer weather, so we will have to try this experiment again, hopefully he says yes.

What did you think? Which one is your favorite outfit?
Would you let your significant other dress you for a week?


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37 thoughts on “I Let My Husband Dress Me for 5 Days

  1. Such a cool idea for a blog post, you’re so creative Rossy 🙂 I think my favourite outfit would have to be the first one, thats so cute and totally something I’d wear. I also like the Jurassic World top outfit. He did good! I’d definitely say do a Summer version if you can 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you but I can’t take the credit for this, someone else has done it before lol.
      Yeah the first outfit was pretty cute for fall I may end up wearing it later this year lol.
      Yeah I definitely want to see if he would be willing to do it, it would be far easier for him lol


  2. Alex definitely has style! He’s so good at matching!!! I always ask my boyfriend to get my outfit too when he’s looking for his. He usually just picks random tops and bottoms. I never match even when I pick my own clothes too lol. I love the first outfit & the Pikachu outfit!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol he kind of does 😁 and I feel like I’m too matchy-matchy I want to start wearing different patterns together but that stuff seems hard lmao
      Thank you, the Pikachu shirt is my fave lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m actually doing this with my boyfriend right now! He’s picked my clothes for a whole week! 😂 I love these kinds of posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These challenges always seem like so much fun! I think Alex did a great job! I would like to try something like this with Joshua, but I’m a little nervous about what he’d choose, lol. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re super fun lol. I was nervous at first but I went with the flow and trusted that Alex would do right by me lol. But I think you should definitely give it a try. You work from home so if an outfit really is so out there, no worries! Only your pets will see you lol

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay this is SO FREAKING CUTE I CANT! I actually think he did really well, all of these are cute. And I think you rocked those stripes; I honestly thought that was a dress until you mentioned tucking in the top! x

    Liked by 1 person

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