Unboxing — May 2018 Boxycharm


I’m unboxing my May 2018 Boxycharm today and as always, I’ll give you my first impressions. Tomorrow’s post will be a lifestyle one, more of a weekend recap. *gasp* I know! I haven’t done one of those in such a long time, lol. I finally got out of my house and lived a little haha.

Anyway, here’s this month’s box + my thoughts. 🙂

Theme: Boxy Bash


Happy Birthday Boxycharm!

Box Contents:


  • PÜR The Complexion Authority Sculptor Palette

  • CoverFX Blurring Primer

  • Aesthetica Pro Brush Series

  • Aesthetica P12 Face Brush

  • Beauty Creations Long Wear Matte Lipgloss in Sweet Heart

  • Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner

First Impressions:


Ok, I’m just going to say it.. Not my favorite boxBUT, I will say that we ended up getting 6 products.

BUT, they also didn’t have that many products to offer this month. I looked back at previous months and they usually have 9+ items for box variations, this month they only had seven, and we got six, so it comes across as lazy to me.

I keep seeing PÜR products on these boxes and I’m getting kind of tired of it? Like I want to see other brands here besides PÜR.

CoverFX is also another brand I’ve seen before. Hopefully I like the blurring primer as much as everyone else, because this is one of those primers EVERYONE talks about.

Another reason this month’s box comes across as lazy is because we got not one, but two brushes from Aesthetica. One brush set and a face brush (I know, I know, it’s technically four, but the set counts as one).

Then we have the Beauty Creations Matte Lipgloss. MATTE, LIPGLOSS.. Hmmm.. If you ask me, those terms don’t go together lol, I don’t have high hopes for this product, and I also would have preferred the other shade.

The one product I’m most excited about is the Pretty Vulgar eyeliner gel. And yes, we’ve seen this brand before too, but this is a VERY different kind of product than what I’ve used. Usually eyeliner pens are my go-to or the NYX Matte Liquid Liner so.. I might suck at this but I’ll give it a shot anyway. 🙂

What did you guys think of this month’s box?
Hit or miss? What did you guys get?


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30 thoughts on “Unboxing — May 2018 Boxycharm

  1. I get more and more disgusted when I see the color all of you got for the lippie. I swear I’m the only one that got a really bright one that I just can’t wear!! Everyone thing else I got the same as you.

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  2. I had the same thoughts as you on the matte lip gloss. Like what?
    I love the pretty vulgar products we’ve been getting, so I wouldn’t mind seeing more from them but I’m already tired of PUR 🙁

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    1. I saw another blogger say she didn’t like it, that it was too drying and it wouldn’t come off. Sooo…I’m scared to use it lol.
      Yeah, I love the brand so far so I’m excited to try this product and see what else they got, but I feel the same about pur…they need to add something new.


  3. That primer does seem incredibly popular, I haven’t tried much of anything from them, curious to hear what you think! They are one of those brands with luxury price points but I don’t really get why. Hopefully because their products are so great 😀

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    1. I’ve only tried their shimmer veil, so I hope I like this one too. Someone else said it was a silicon primer. I don’t mind this but I know some people do because it breaks them out. We’ll see how it works out for me in the end.

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      1. Yea – silicone doesn’t bother me either it’s not everyone’s fave 🙂 I keep going back and forth on subscribing to Boxycharm again but it is just so many full size products!!

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        1. Yeah, were you subscribed before? I like this sub box BECAUSE of the full size products, but we will see if I end up keeping it.. I’m on the fence about it right about now lol

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  4. I was gonna buy myself this box for my birthday next month then I saw the products and wasn’t too excited. I emailed them to see if I could buy the next box since my birthday is next month anyways and they said I have to wait til June 1st to get June’s box! I didn’t look at any spoilers. But I hope it’s a bit better than this one!

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    1. Yeah this box was kind of meh. I don’t think they have released any spoilers for June yet, and if they have, probably on Snapchat lol. And I’m trying to avoid looking at spoilers because it kind of ruins the surprise of getting the box in my opinion lol. But yeah, hopefully next month’s box is amazing because this one so far looks like a flop. I hope the products rise to the ocassion lol.

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        1. I want to be surprised for next months box, some people are going crazy at how excited they are for next months spoilers but I’m goin to avoid them at all costs. I’d like to be surprised and make up my own mind about the products lol.

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          1. OOH well that’s a good thing that people are excited, right!? I hate spoilers, they make me wanna cry when they send me that e-mail from Ipsy where I can track my box but I can’t actually because if I open the e-mail I’ll see the spoilers lol.

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    1. I’ll have my actual review up in about two weeks, so hopefully the items work out for me LOL.
      And yeah, the gel liner I’m excited about it! Love the packaging!


  5. Yesss, 100% agree with you. I’m so tired of seeing Pur in my box. Everything by them has been such a dud. I’ve tried out the sculpting palette and it’s okay. The powders are very dusty. Idk. I want to see different products. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve seen spoilers for June and I’m actually soooooooo excited for one the items!

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    1. Omg yeah lol. I didn’t like their bronze and cheek palette we got a couple months ago, the colors just aren’t for me except the highlighter lol.
      I only got to swatch it for photos and only one contour shade looks like it would work for my skin tone, the other one looks a bit orange.
      Oh really?! Please don’t tell me, I’d like to be surprised lol. I’m going to do everything in my power to not see the spoilers lol.

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    1. Really? I guess if you’re not really looking for subscriptions you won’t really hear much about them, but also the price is a bit higher than Sephora and Ipsy, so people tend to go for the cheaper ones first. 🙂
      But it’s a great subscription so far, I think I’ve been subscribed since December? The value greatly exceeds the price, and the great thing about the products is that they’re all full-size. 🙂


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