A Day in the Life — June 2018 Bloggers Collab

Happy Monday!

We are continuing our collab posts today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve teamed up with Hunida and Courtney to bring you lifestyle posts twice a week on Mondays & Wednesdays for the month of June (a total of 8 blog posts).

As always, if you don’t know these ladies, they both post about lifestyle and I’ve been enjoying reading what they’re up to. So go check them out and give them a follow if you’re interested in lifestyle content. 🙂

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Today’s Prompt: A Day in the Life

This is a really good post to reflect on what I’ve been working on for the past 6 months. One of my goals/resolutions for the year was to have a routine for Ciel and I, and this post will reflect what it looks like more or less. I will keep it fairly brief:

7am: Wake up time (for me), workout, breakfast, and wake Ciel up at 8am to get ready for school or for the day.

9am – 12pm: School on Mon & Wed, at-home playtime Tue, Thurs, & Fri.


12pm – 2pm: Lunch time, some TV time, naptime(?) (usually doesn’t happen), and free-time until Alex gets home.


2pm – 4pm: Dinner prep & cook, playtime for the boys.


4:30pm: Dinner and TV time.

5pm – 7:30pm: Clean up time / Free time / Playtime

7:30pm: Bath time / Storytime / Getting ready for bed


8:30pm: Bedtime for the boys


9pm – 11pm: My OWN free time: I read as I wait for Ciel to fall asleep, I write up my blog posts, shower, go through my skincare routine and get ready for bed.

So that’s more or less our routine for a typical day. It doesn’t always work out perfectly, but it’s nice to have a schedule we can all follow even on the weekends, mainly for Ciel. Kids thrive on routines, and I’ve noticed a huge improvement.

I’d love to know if you guys have a routine or just go with the flow?

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46 thoughts on “A Day in the Life — June 2018 Bloggers Collab

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Thank you so much!! And its not always so well structured like this, but it’s a schedule we try our best to follow nonetheless. With the days getting longer it’s been harder to put my son down at bedtime early 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

  1. tiallarising says:

    Aww this was so fun! I really love how you structured your post with outlining the times of day. I wish I thought to do that, lol. I didn’t even keep track of the time, darn it. It was really neat to learn more about your daily schedule and what a typical day looks like for you! ❤ Again, Ciel never fails to be simply precious!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      I wrote it out this way because we have fallen into a routine and try to keep it the same everyday lol. So really, our days are usually always the same 🤣
      But thank you much! We don’t always follow through with the exact times or whatever, especially bedtime, it’s becoming more of a hassle with the days getting longer but what can you do, you know? 😑
      And thanks again, he can be really cute sometimes but other times he’s a gremlin lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • tiallarising says:

        Our days are pretty much the same too, so I can relate. But like you said in your post, kids thrive on routines and it’s totally true! So even if it seems the same old, same old to you, it’s helping him! 😀 Haha from mogwai to gremlin, I can imagine! That’s kids, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        • ayrgalaxy says:

          Ugh yeah I need to break the habit on weekends but at times I regret it because it’s hard to get back into the routine but I’m hoping he gets used to it as he realizes that the days where daddy is home, our days are different lol.


  2. Hunida says:

    This was so fun! I loved reading about what you typically do in a day! It seems like you guys have got a nice routine down. 🙂 Ciel is just the cutest thing, I wish I could just squeeze him. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      I still need to read yours and Tialla’s but I need to work on a blog posts for tomorrow morning lol.
      And yeah, and here I was thinking we didn’t have a routine lmao. I’d say I met yet another one of my New Years resolutions lol.
      Thank you! He’s generally really shy with strangers, but eventually he warms up to people and even tries to share with toys 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hunida says:

        No rush! You can read it whenever you have time. 🙂

        Oh I totally remember you writing that down for one of your NY Resolutions! YAY! Now you can cross it off. 🙂

        He’s the cutest. I hope he would like me enough to share toys with me hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Yeah same with us. On the weekends we’re often not home or were outside all day. I think it’s important to have those days where you’re not stuck in a routine because it breaks up that pattern if only for a short while. 😁 routines can get pretty boring after a while lol


  3. Mackenzie says:

    I loooove reading through Day in a life posts- I think because I’m such a nosy person lol. You are busy, girl! I envy your routine a bit.. I do so well with routine, but that went so out the window this past year, hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      I like these posts too and I don’t think it makes you nosy, just curious 😉 I mean, everyone lives such different lives that seeing what their day is like is so refreshing because they’re in their element, you get to see what they like doing, what they do for a living, etc. 🙂 maybe you even learn something new that you didn’t know about the person lol.
      And girl, being in and out of the hospital daily, I can imagine that you’d want to spend your days off doing something YOU like instead of sticking to a routine.
      I’ve mentioned it to some people here already, but breaking up the routine on your days off is a form of self care. You go out, spend time with DJ, or go out to dinner with your friends, go for a run, etc. whatever that is to get you back to feeling like you can tackle another difficult day. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mackenzie says:

        Hehe- ok I like that better-being curious 😉 And yes- we all live such different lives so it’s fun to step into someone else’s shoes. And you are SO right- breaking routine and allowing yourself to do just what feels right – whether it’s laying on the couch all day or exploring the town- it’s all self care ❤ Thank you soo much for this reminder.

        Liked by 1 person

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