Q&A — June 2018 Bloggers Collab

Hello again!!

I’ve teamed up with Hunida and Courtney to bring you lifestyle posts twice a week on Mondays & Wednesdays for the month of June (a total of 8 blog posts), and today is Day 4! I cannot believe we are halfway through this challenge, and though it’s not over yet, I’m already feeling a bit sad for when it comes to an end because I’ve been enjoying writing these posts and they have also been well-received by you all, so thank you!

And thanks to my girls, Hunida and Tialla for agreeing to do this collab! If you don’t know these ladies, they both post about lifestyle, so go give them a follow if lifestyle posts are your favorites! Let’s start today’s prompt!

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Today’s Prompt: Q&A

We decided to do a Q&A so all of our readers could get to know us better. We each came up with 4 questions (a total of 12), so we will all be answering the same questions. Should be interesting to see whether we have the same or different answers. Let’s do this! 🙂

* * *

1) Which Hogwarts House are you in?

Interestingly (but fitting) Ravenclaw 🙂 and if you’re curious, my Patronus is a Basset Hound

2) How would you spend one million dollars?

This is something Alex and I have talked about many times… First, I would completely pay off any debt I have, and I would buy a house. I would obviously save up a lot of it as well, and put some aside for Ciel too.

I can’t say I’d buy a car because I already have my dream car. But I think I would buy parts for it. And possibly upgrade my wardrobe.

3) Who is your favorite celebrity?

Hard to answer… I’m not the kind of person that idolizes celebrities for any reason… I think they’re good at what they do, but I’m not super crazy about any particular person, unfortunately.. :/

4) What is your favorite way to spend your free time?

Currently, I love reading. But I also love spending time with family and friends ❤


5) How many loads of laundry do you usually have by the time you decide to do it?

I do laundry every two weeks or so, earlier if I absolutely need to.
Let’s see… there’s usually…. 5 loads maybe?

6) What is your favorite interior design style? (Rustic, minimal, retro, contemporary, vintage, etc.)

While I love the rustic and farmhouse styles, I think I’m predominantly minimal.

7) What was your first date with your current partner?

What constitutes as a date? Dinner and a movie? I don’t remember.. We didn’t do the typical dinner and movie dates very much. We just hung out and walked at the mall and drove around. To us, those were our dates<3 So young and carefree.

8) What is your favorite cuisine, and your favorite dish from that cuisine?

I can’t choose just ONE. It’s Japanese and Mexican… Ramen and tacos!


9) Which three words describe you best?

Loyal. Intuitive. Strong.

10) Who would you like to be for a day?

Honestly, Alan Watts. I know it sounds weird to say I’d like to be a guy for one day, but he’s not just any guy. He’s what I consider one of the greatest philosopher’s of all time.

I’ve read speeches and listened to his audio collections and even some of my favorite songs include snippets of said speeches. He was just so ahead of his time and he had an amazing ability to teach people how to be Zen.

11) Do you know what your name means?

I wrote a paper on this for school a LONG time ago and without giving away my full name to you, the meaning I came across was “beautiful rose”.

Recently, I came across another meaning: “the waterfall over the edge“.

Apparently my name has lots of different meanings depending on the language, so that’s really interesting. 🙂


12) If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?

I’d eliminate my impulse to control. I consider it my greatness weakness because I often feel like I have to control everything even when things are naturally out of my control. So yes, in a way I’m a little stubborn, but the need to control everything affects my life a LOT.

I KNOW* I cannot control everything and I’ve tried so hard to work on that aspect of myself, but it’s just some innate feeling that I’ve found really hard to get rid of or control (see what happened there?). And the cycle starts all over again lol.


I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little better. I let you guys into my head which I know doesn’t happen often lol. I’d love it if you guys also answered a question or two in the comments because I’m curious to know a little more about you too! 🙂 Please don’t hesitate! ❤

And also, please don’t forget to check out my friends’ posts as well!

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27 thoughts on “Q&A — June 2018 Bloggers Collab

  1. tiallarising says:

    I love reading your answers, Rossy! Those meanings for your name are absolutely beautiful! ❤ I'm kind of jealous, lol. They are just delicate and serene. So nice!

    I had also written that one of the things I would do with a million dollars is buy a house! #youknowyoureanadultwhen… 😉

    I have never heard of Alan Watts, but now I definitely want to look into his audio collections! He sounds pretty fantastic.

    Also, I completely understand that about the struggle to need to control things. It's hard because when things feel out of control, it feels like everything is upside down and unsafe, so the solution? Control what you can, lol. I totally get it!

    Your dates sound perfect! Carefree dates are the best because you don't need something to do, you just want to be together. Those are the most lovely. ❤

    Finally, I love that your Patronus is a Basset Hound! Mine is a weasel and it's so stupid lol. Yours is adorable!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Thanks so much! I don’t really like my name much lol. Which is why I go by Rossy 😂 I cannot wait to see the meaning behind yours! 🤗
      Hahaha totally! I mean once you get married you kind of want to start making a life and start making memories in a home you can call your own. It’s gonna take me a long time though lol. No money right now 😧
      I think they have an entire website with pretty much all of his stuff! Some transcripts of talks or speeches are pretty lengthy but the audios are just as good. 😊
      Ugh tell me about it! It’s so hard for me to remember that lots of things are out of my control, but I’m only making it difficult for myself as well. So I gotta do what I can do keep it under control, lol. But it’s like I’m trying to control my impulse to control lol. So ironic and redundant 😂
      Yes! That was us! We only wanted each other’s company, we were like tied at the hip and still sort of are. I’m so attached to him, almost clingy 😂 poor him 💜
      Hahahaha omg really?! I think weasels are cuteeee!! My brother used to have ferrets and they were adorable and playful. Weasels also remind me of sea otters and well….I ADORE sea otters!! They’re the absolute cutest! Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • tiallarising says:

        I completely get that! Unfortunately, my name doesn’t have a meaning, lol. My mom just liked how it sounded. I wish it had a meaning!

        Awesome! I will definitely have to check him out!

        Exactly, well it’s a very human struggle to try to grasp something that we can keep within our understanding and comfort zone. I totally get it, and it can become kind of a Catch-22.

        Aww I think it’s super cute when couples are so attached! Joshua and I are pretty clingy to be honest, but that’s what we both like, so it works out. It just shows how much we want each other and enjoy each other’s company!

        Oh well that’s very encouraging to hear! I thought most people thought weasels were lame lol. Ferrets honestly are adorable! My goodness yes otters are so cute. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • ayrgalaxy says:

          Awh well sometimes the way they sounds is more gorgeous than the meaning itself 😊
          Yes, I wonder if Alex gets annoyed with me clinging. He’ll probably try to ignore the question or not answer honestly, he may think I’m trying to trap him or something lol.
          Yes yes yes!! Ferrets are the cutest! My brother has owned three in the past and he wants to get more in the future! 😁

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunida says:

    We answered the million dollar question almost the same! 🙂 & I almost said the same thing for celebrities. There’s a lot I enjoy & love seeing but I don’t think I ‘idolize’ any of ’em either.
    We both chose Japanese and our own cuisine for our faves too!!
    I’ve never heard of Alan Watts before. I’ll have to look him up!
    I love the meaning to your name. So beautiful and fitting. ♡
    I loved this Q&A, it was nice getting to know you more!! Thanks for letting us in your head! 😉 ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      It’s been really fun, other people make it fun I guess. Blogging can be a lonely journey as another friend of mine had put it, and I agree. It’s nice to have other people join you on your process.


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