MOTD + Pictorial — Tropical Beach

Helloo and happy Friday!

I mentioned in my first impressions of the Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe palette that I’d be doing more pictorials with this palette until the end of the summer, and here I am, delivering! 🙂

This is the 3rd look I’ve created so far with this palette and I’ve been loving it so far, I seriously cannot wait to create more looks, I plan on maybe doing a total of seven? Is that too much?


I like to explain why I name these looks so maybe it’ll make more sense to you, so this one is Tropical Beach. I didn’t know what to name it at first, but as I stared at it more and more, I realized the eyelid gradient reminded me of the clear, tropical waters you often see at the beaches in the tropics. And the shades on the crease almost look like the color sand on the edge.. I don’t know, does that make sense?


Makeup Details (eyes only):

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brow Pencil | Coastal Scents Step 1 Eye Primer | Tarte Cosmetics Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder | Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe Eyeshadow Palette | Colourpop No Filter Concealer | Essence Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Black | IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara

Tropical Beach


STEP 1: Prime and set your eyelids.
STEP 2: Apply Coco-taxi above the crease.
STEP 3: Apply Cafecito on the crease, right below Coco-taxi.
STEP 4: Carve out the cut-crease with the lightest concealer you have on hand. With a DRY brush, apply Varadero on the outer corner of your eyelid, right on top of the concealer.
STEP 5: With a DRY brush, apply Celia in the middle of your eyelid, and then proceed to apply El Malecon on the inner corner (not your tearduct).
STEP 6: Using a pencil/detail brush, dip into Cafecito and to outline the cut-crease if it has faded and/or if it’s not as dark as you’d want it to be. Apply Cafecito onto the outer-v as well.
STEP 7: Apply Coco-taxi to your lower lashline.
STEP 8: Apply Cafecito on your lower lashline, bringing it only to the middle and making sure you connect the shade to the outer-v. Apply black eyeliner to waterline and tightline, and add mascara and/or falsies to finish your look.


I love how this look turned out and I’ve been loving gradient looks just because this palette makes it super easy! 🙂 The looks I’ve done so far have been modified slightly than from what I originally had in mind, but I’m still very happy with them 🙂

I hope you’re ready for more! 🙂

What did you guys think of this look?

And on an unrelated note:
What do you have planned for the weekend?


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26 thoughts on “MOTD + Pictorial — Tropical Beach

    1. Awh thanks 😙 I’ll keep doing more then, I haven’t done makeup since my 30 Days of Makeup Challenge back in April and I was in such a creative rut since then, so I want to keep the ball rolling while I’m still feeling somewhat creative lol.

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