First Impressions — Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal


I’m finally getting around to posting this for those of you who are interested in makeup; more specifically, eyeshadow palettes! 🙂

As always, yes, I did do a video + a quickie tut, so your choice to either watch or read:

I’m having loads of fun doing these first impressions videos but I also need other ideas of what to film, so shoot me some suggestions. I don’t really want to do reviews on YT just because I will be doing those here on the blog. So rather than doing twice the work, I want to supplement my blog posts with videos, if you will.

Anyway, let me move on!

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette


If you don’t know, I received this palette in my August Boxycharm. It retails for $19 USD. It’s small, compact and surprisingly it has a decent sized mirror. It has six bright, bold shades that compliment each other so you can create several looks.

I’ve only played with it once (see video above) and I have to say it’s a little bit of a letdown so far. I don’t know if my dry eyelids, eye primer, or powder I used to set the primer had any effect on how the eyeshadows performed, though it shouldn’t, but I’m trying to stay impartial. For all I know, it’s the batch.


But again, not impressed. I think the shades could have been a bit more pigmented being as bold as they are. I spent so much time trying to build up their pigment and I also had a bit of trouble blending Damage Control, Karaoke, and Hungover.


For this particular look, Karaoke was hard to build up because as I was blending out the edges, the shade itself seemed to fade the more I blended. Therefore I had to dip into /the pan again to build it up, repeatedly. Hungover was very hard to blend onto the blue shades for some reason and it was looking a bit muddy.


Overall, the formula feels a bit inconsistent throughout, the shades have some kickback and fallout, and as I’ve mentioned, they lack pigment. Nonetheless, I want to keep playing with it and try different methods to rule out products I’m using or confirm it’s the palette.

What looks would you like me to try with this palette?
Feel free to give me color suggestions! xx


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18 thoughts on “First Impressions — Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal

  1. I don’t think I would know what to do with this palette, I like the look you created though! That’s unfortunate that the shades lacked pigment and were hard to blend 😦
    I can’t wait to hear what you think of this month’s Boxycharm!

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    1. I’m still not sure what else I want to do with it to be honest lmao but yeah, I was hoping more out of this palette oh well.
      And my box is on its way idk what this month’s box contains so I’m excited to receive it! 🙂 you had canceled yours right?


    1. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it was bad. I still would like to try out different methods because I have a feelings it the batch. I also would like to do more research and see more Posts and videos to see what people thought of the palette, I want to confirm my suspicions lol.

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  2. I love the shades in this palette, it’s such a shame the quality isn’t that great and the colours lack pigment because this palette has so much potential. Even so the look you’ve created with it is still absolutely gorgeous, your talents never fail to amaze me Rossy ❤️

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