New Year’s Resolutions — Third Quarter Update

Happy Friday!

I seriously considered not posting this at all but I felt the need to do so.

I meant what I said in my second quarter update. I really want to meet my goals and I also want to inspire you guys to revisit your own goals if you have already given up on them. I know that the year is almost over, but you can always start over.


So I don’t feel like I’ve been doing as well in some, but the last few weeks and the start of a new school year has inspired me to really get my act together and do the best that I can. So let’s see how I did this past quarter..

Goal #1: Create a Routine


How am I doing? GREAT!

There have been days and times where we don’t follow our routine but my mom and sis had been here for two weeks over the summer so it was tough to stick with it. After they left I started getting back into a routine that was still flexible enough for CL and I’m currently working on revising that routine because of school. It’s more or less the same but I will try to be more solid with it.

Goal #2: Exercise Every Day


How am I doing? OK / GOOD

I want to say I’m doing great because for a while I really was working out every day for a minimum of 30 mins, but life comes at me all the time, lol. So I’ll stick to good.

What can I do better? Well school started for CL, so twice a week I won’t get to work out in the mornings. I’ll try to figure out a good and reasonable routine for an entire week and stick with it. I am also doing a fitness collab in which I’ve shared my goals for the month.

Goal #3: Work On Cardio


How am I doing? OK / GOOD

Even though I haven’t been physically running, I do walk a lot. I am doing some at-home workouts that have some cardio exercises and they have been kicking my ass. I had forgotten how crappy my cardiovascular system is that if I push myself too hard I end up feeling super dizzy and feel like I want to faint so I have to really ease into this.

Goal #4: More Water & Veggies, Less Meat


How am I doing? GREAT!

When it comes to eating healthy I feel like I’ve been doing a great job. Granted, if you read my What’s Up Wednesday post this week, you’d see that this month I’ve been eating lots of sweets. However, I have been eating lots of veggies and not as much meat! Breakfast tends to be my favorite meal and I get a bit creative with wraps and eggs on toast with smoothies and fresh fruit on the side.

Goal #5: Get Finances Back on Track


How am I doing? OK / GOOD

I can’t remember what set us back (again) but I have been enforcing budgeting a lot these past few weeks and saving up so we’re getting back to where we should be at. We have been spending some money on stuff we need and crafts supplies for CL’s birthday party in December but other than that, I like to think that we’ve been doing really well. Ideally, I would like this goal to be ‘GREAT’ before the year ends, lol.

Goal #6: Dinner Dates (Weekly/Monthly)

How am I doing? GREAT!

We are golden on this goal! Some might say we go out too much and I’m starting to agree, lol. Might have to cut back a bit.

Goal #7: More Travel / Vacation


How am I doing? OK / GOOD

We didn’t get a chance to go on one more vacation like we wanted to, but we still got to travel and spent a day in Seattle. Maybe we can take a short vacation this winter even if it’s to Mt. Hood.

Goal #8: More Sight-Seeing


How am I doing? GREAT!

I feel like I almost went overboard with this and tried to pack so many activities when my mom was here. I also visited three other places in a matter of days (two in one day) but I’m still so glad I got to do it all!

Goal #9: More Vlogs / Lifestyle Posts on Blog


How am I doing? GREAT!

A lot of you have expressed that you have enjoyed how much lifestyle content I’ve been posting and well…it’s just been a busy, packed summer, lol! I feel incredibly grateful to have done a lot of things over the summer, it wasn’t boring!

(More lifestyle posts to come!)

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Goal #10: Read At Least One Book Monthly


How am I doing? GREAT!

I’ve been reading two to three books each month and I love that for me, I’m so proud!

Goal #11: Stress Less


How am I doing? OK / GOOD

I feel like this one tends to be one of my hardest goals. I’m a worrier and I stress myself out. Exercising and eating right and taking time to myself has definitely helped. I am also working on myself; I want to be a better person, a better mother and wife to my family and I just want to finally feel at peace and not feel like I have to explain myself to other people. Those who love me will understand me and those that don’t can lead themselves out of my life. Door is wide open.

So how am I doing overall?

  • GREAT: 6 out of 11 goals — 55%
    • 1st Qtr: 54%
    • 2nd Qtr: 45%
  • OK / GOOD: 5 out of 11 goals — 45%
    • 1st Qtr: 36%
    • 2nd Qtr: 27%
  • NOT GOOD: 0 out of 11 goals — 0% — WHOOOOAAAA!!!!!! 😀
    • 1st Qtr: 9%
    • 2nd Qtr: 27%

The reason I was considering not posting this was because I thought I was doing terribly in my goals, when in reality, I was doing SO GOOD! I mean look at that!! Not a single “Not Good”!

As the year progresses I feel like I’m getting better at achieving my goals. I now understand why people tell you to never give up on your goals and I can confidently say the exact same thing. It sounds so cliche but when you set up a way to track your goals, slowly but surely you will see a shift in the right direction. ❤

Well I’m definitely glad I decided to post this. It has given me more hope in that I will probably be able to exceed my expectations of myself before the year ends.

I want to know:

How are you guys doing? Have you completely given up on your goals?
Or are you still revisiting them? How do you keep yourself motivated?


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9 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions — Third Quarter Update

  1. nataliesalchemy says:

    Yes Rossy! Look at you, and I always think the same that I never did well, but when I sit down, write it out, and assess myself, I can see how much I’ve progressed even if it’s not perfect. And, everything you’re doing makes me really want to push for my goals. And, I love that you’ve been having date night with your hubby. I think a lot of couples end up forgetting to put in the time together, so I don’t think there’s never too much of going out 😉 unless of course it’s inhibiting your finances haha. Lastly I liked how you tallied them up and created a percentage. I’m sure it feels really good to see those numbers 😀

    Natalie |

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Thank you so much!! I may do this again next year, but instead of blogging about it I will just take notes lol. Awh I hope you reach all the goals you have in mind this year 😊
      And yeah, we seem to be spending a bit too much 😅 lol. But I agree, people often forget that they need to spend time together to reconnect.
      It feels soooo good to see the numbers because I have stopped doing some goals many times over throughout the year.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Courtney says:

    Wow look at you!! You are doing so well! I definitely understand what you mean about feeling like you’re not doing well until you actually write it all down and look at it. In reality, you are doing fantastic! I love that you’ve been keeping up with your New Years goals throughout the year instead of just making them and then letting them drop through the year like the rest of us. This is the way to do it! Also, good job on reading 2-3 books per month! I’m a slow reader so that sounds quite impressive to me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Thanks Courtney! 🤗 I really wanted to force myself to keep up with my New Years resolutions this year to see if I could make progress, it took me nearly 3/4 of the year but at least I know that it’s possible lol.
      I’ve been reading less and less it seems, but that’s because I’ve been busy with Ciel’s schooling. And I’m working on lots and lots of crafts that end up taking days to make lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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