Halloween Series — Jack Skellington

Happy Tuesday!!

Today’s Halloween look is my FINAL look in this series. I’ve had so much fun creating all of these looks, but this one is by far my favorite out of them all, despite the fact that it’s not as detailed as last week’s look: Sally The Rag Doll.

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Halloween Series — Sally The Rag Doll

Good morning my dolls! Happy Friday!!

I apologize for not posting this look yesterday! If you follow me on Twitter I was updating you guys on how it was going (sort of) and because I wasn’t able to finish it by the time 3pm came around, I decided to delay it till today.

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Halloween Series — Half Skull

Heyy dolls!

I’ve actually enjoyed posting these a bit later in the day than in the morning, despite the fact that my posts don’t get as much views if I post later in the day, but that’s ok. 🙂 I’m doing this for fun and I’m grateful to those of you who see my posts and comment. Bonus points for you if you watch my videos! ;D

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Mustard Fall OOTD w/Courtney’s Corner

Happy Friday!!

I literally haven’t been able to contain my excitement for this post, so I’m glad that it’s time to post it! You all know how much I love doing collabs and Courtney asked if I wanted to do a Fall OOTD and I said YEAAAAAHHH!!!

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Halloween Series — Cheshire Cat

I’m so sorry that this post got published late last night ugh. That was a mistake from my part as I was trying to revert it to a draft…. *sigh* At least it was only the template post and nothing more but still…embarrassing lol.

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Unboxing — October 2018 Boxycharm

Happy Monday my dolls!

I wasn’t going to post this today but my box arrived over the weekend. I’m trying to not post on Mondays anymore, but the rest of the week is full and I wouldn’t have been able to share this with you until next week so…..yeah… 🙂

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Halloween Series — Scare Crow

Hello dolls!

Sorry I’m late with today’s post. I’ve been working tirelessly on my Halloween videos all week, and I wanted to edit them as best as I could so it would mean the world to me if you watched, but I don’t mind if you don’t! ❤

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Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe Vol. 1 Palette Review +7 Looks!

Hello my dolls!

I love that I’m on a roll here with these palette reviews this week, but it just so happens that this one is my last one for the month, even though the month just started, lol. Since I wanted to do Halloween looks, I thought I could push my reviews until November, and that will also give me more time to gather my thoughts on products I’ve been using.

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