Friday Favorites (Summer Edition) — September 2018

Happy Friday dolls!

And a quick announcement:

I will no longer be doing seasonal favorites.

Since I’m doing Friday Favorites, if I like any specific beauty or fashion pieces I’ll be sure to show you that here. So I will bring you seasonal editions if I feel there was enough to love during the season, if not, I’ll stick to regular Friday faves.

Ok, let’s get started! 🙂


I think I included Boxycharm in a previous favorites post. Their June box was one of my favorites. I’ve been loving that they’re sending us palettes pretty much every month and also, it’s usually brands I haven’t gotten the chance to try so that’s all very exciting! I CANNOT wait to get my BoxyLuxe box in December! ❤


* * *

Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe Palette

Of course this made it into my favorites (again), I’ve been playing around with it for like the past month! I already reviewed it yesterday so be sure to check out that post, I have included every look I’ve done with this palette along with their respective pictorials.

Read my first impressions here, and my review here (+7 looks!!).



I know I included these outfits in my last faves, but I genuinely loved these outfits so much and you guys gave me so many nice compliments on the black leaf print dress ootd post, so thank you guys so much!


I also really loved this outfit that I wore when I went to Seattle. So simple and comfy!



My mom brought us her dog, Sophie, to live with us, and she’s adorable! Her and Ciel have been getting along well even though he’s too much sometimes. She stills tolerates him and she clearly loves him!


Lots of Outings:

I know you guys are probably tired of me telling you guys about these places, but I genuinely had a great time at each and every place, especially because I spent it with my family:

Lavender DAZE Festival:


Oregon Zoo:

I actually went twice and kind of want to go again before the winter sets in.


Rocky Butte:


Crystal Springs:


Lan Su Chinese Garden:


Family Time with my mom and sis:

They came over for two weeks and they made this summer one to remember!


Seattle – Space Needle & Pike’s Place


Visiting the Rose Garden & Japanese Garden:


Sunflower Farm:

See my entire post dedicated to this place here.


Dahlia fields:

Another magical place which I will get to this month! ❤


Llamas and alpacas:

Because why not?! I llooove them!


I tried to make this post as short as I could since a lot of you have already seen the content from the posts I linked above. I hope you guys have an amazing Friday and weekend and I will see you guys next Tuesday, the start of my Halloween Series! ;D

What were some of your summer favorites?
What are you looking forward to in Fall?

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15 thoughts on “Friday Favorites (Summer Edition) — September 2018

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      I had a hard time blending the blue shades and the purple on top of them but I need to play around with them some more just in case something else was causing that problem. I did really love the orange shade, I got the chance to use it for one of my Halloween looks and I was like “woah! Gorgeous!!”


  1. Mackenzie says:

    Loveee that black leaf print dress! I feel like you could get away with wearing it any season too- just throw on a sweater and boots in the winter and you are good to go!

    I just love love loveeed reading your travels and adventures from this summer! You guys did so much.

    Cannot wait for the Halloween series!!! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Awh thanks! I’m sure I could but I don’t own the kind of boots that I envision this dress to go with for fall lol. I’ll see because you’re like the 2nd or 3rd person who has told me it would be a good fall outfit if I just add a few other items lol.
      And thank you, it was a fun summer and overall a great year. I got to meet you too! 😉💜

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mackenzie says:

        No way! Haha, that’s funny- think you should treat yourself to some boots then girl 😉 But you could rock anything and it’d be cute.

        Aww SOO true. One of the highlights of my summer for sure!!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunida says:

    OMG YAY! So excited to see your BoxyLuxe! I’m so happy Alex said yes to getting it for you, I knew you’d find a way to convince him 😉 hehe.

    Can’t wait to see your Halloween series! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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