Unboxing — October 2018 Boxycharm

Happy Monday my dolls!

I wasn’t going to post this today but my box arrived over the weekend. I’m trying to not post on Mondays anymore, but the rest of the week is full and I wouldn’t have been able to share this with you until next week so…..yeah… 🙂

Theme: Alter Ego


I’m positive that Ipsy had this theme like two years ago? I guess it makes sense though, being October with Halloween right around the corner.. I think the products kind of went with the theme, but then I also feel like you can create an alter ego with pretty much anything.



  • PÜR The Complexion Authority – Midnight Masquerade Palette
  • IT Cosmetics – Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara
  • Farmacy Beauty – Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm
  • Dermovia – Lace A Peel Black Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask
  • Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Hawkwind

First Impressions:

I saw the rest of the products for this month and I’m happy with the box variation I got because a few of those products I have received in previous boxes. The one product I know I won’t be using is the IT Cosmetics mascara. I tried a sample and didn’t like it so I’ll be saving it for a giveaway, which I know is way overdue and I’m so so sorry. I will do my best to make it happen sometime soon!

I’ve mentioned that we’ve received a bunch of PÜR products through Boxycharm which…I don’t know whether I like it or not. Great that I get to try new makeup, but we keep seeing this brand, so it makes me wonder if maybe Boxycharm and PÜR have some kind of contract in which Boxycharm has to feature their products every once in a while? I’m not really sure how subscription boxes work, but I’ve been thinking about looking into it for my own knowledge…

Aside from that little rant just now, I do think that this PÜR palette looks nice, I like that it has both face and eye makeup. BUT, my only beef with it is the lack of mattes.. Y’all know how I feel about shimmers…


I was really excited when I realized that the Farmacy product was a cleansing balm and not a moisturizer. Which don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried one of their moisturizers through Sephora and I really loved it, but I’ve never tried a cleansing balm, so this kind of product is new to me and I cannot wait to try it!

I’ve never heard of Dermovia, but I love charcoal products for skincare and this peel-off mask sounds like something I might like, hopefully peeling it off doesn’t hurt like hell.

And lastly, I know a lot of you aren’t on board with KVD anymore, but I’m still excited to try the formula of this lipstick because for a while everyone was raving about it and I don’t believe I’ve ever tried it.. Also, I think it’s nice to see her brand in a different subscription aside from Sephora, that way we get more variety.

What did you think of this month’s box?
What did you get and are you happy with the contents?


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19 thoughts on “Unboxing — October 2018 Boxycharm

  1. PUR does seem to be featured a lot. I’d be interested to know if certain brands have contracts with the boxes, too!

    The first item that caught my attention was the Farmacy cleansing balm. Sounds interesting! & I’m curious now… why aren’t people on board with KVD anymore?

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    1. I really want to look into it because it sounds interesting to me? Also, if there are contracts I wanna know lol.
      Yes!!! The cleansing balm looks SO GOOD!! I’m very excited to try it because they seem like they’re popular products as well.
      And Kat von D mentioned that she wanted to raise her unborn baby vegan and without vaccinations so it caused a huge uproar in the beauty community of people literally boycotting her brand because she’s an “anti-vaxxer”. Though she came out to say she’s not anti-anything and they just don’t want to inject their baby with harmful toxins and chemicals, in which I agree. Vaccines have some stuff that shouldn’t even be going into our bodies period lol. I’m neutral in that situation, my child is vaccinated. And I believe that parents have the right to make the choices they believe are best for their kids but I also can’t deny the fact that some vaccines have wiped out diseases.
      So idk, vaccines are….it’s a complicated area to discuss but I almost feel like people are just blowing shit out of proportion and creating drama where it doesn’t need to be….everyone wants to hate on her for that even though she said she wasn’t an anti-vaxxer, and people are just riding the wave because everyone else is on board.. people really need to think for themselves instead of following opinions and ideas of other people lol..

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      1. Yeah, it’d be nice to know which companies have contracts so you can expect products from them often if you like them or like, cancel if you don’t.

        Oh my ex-Bestie wasn’t raised vegan but her parents didn’t believe in vaccines or medications (like not even Advil) & all that crap so she never got her shots that everyone else got. She was never, ever sick & is still always so healthy. I don’t care about all that hubbabaloo… KVD makeup is pretty. She can do whatever the hell she wants & it’s not like she is doing anything different to her products LOL. People are ridic.

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        1. I’ll definitely look into it and maybe write a post if its interesting enough lol
          and that’s cool, glad that’s she’s healthy. i think it usually depends on each person, not everyone reacts the same way to vaccines, some people have allergic reactions or worse. but yeah, i think it’s stupid that people are literally boycotting her brand, despite the fact that they KNOW she makes good makeup. it’s like, your personal preferences and lifestyle define who you are in the eyes of everyone else, to the point where people hate you if you have a different idea than they do… people suck lol

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          1. Okay, I mean I guess I could just look it up myself but it’s easier to read stuff like that when you write it and not some robotic sounding person lol.

            Yeah everyone is different. I usually never take any medications if I have a headache or cramps but I need them when I have allergies so it’s not like I am against them completely, I just think some things can be handled without!!

            I agree, like if she was changing her products or she said something like super offensive (racist, homophobic) then I would understand a bit more. But… how she is deciding to raise her baby??? That’s kinda shitty for people to judge her on!!!

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          2. Awh thanks!
            And sameee!! 😊😊
            That’s people for you, and it gets even worse when you are a parent because everyone thinks they can tell you the “right way” to raise a child..

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          3. Lol if I like the lippie I’ll probably buy some more. I mean, if her products are that good AND CF, she deserves the money regardless of her lifestyle choices. Cause that’s exactly what it is, why do people give a fuck about what you do with your life? It’s yours, not theirs lol.

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    1. It is a subscription, which costs $21 USD, free shipping. I’m not really sure how much that is for Canada (if you happen to live there). But you get over $100 worth of products, 5-6 full sized items every month.


    1. No kidding!!! I absolutely flip my lid when a palette’s shimmers to mattes ratio is greater lol. Like I want to only have to carry this one palette with me if I need to instead of looking for shades in other palettes lol. It just seems unnecessary to me , and being a face and eye palette you’d think they would have thought about that 🙄

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  2. I love the PUR cosmetics face palettes ! The contour/highlight palette that was in a boxycharm a few months ago is a product I use literally everyday. Sorry to hear you don’t have the same love for the brand. 😦 I got a different variation of the box, instead of the farmacy cleansing balm I recieved a leave in treatment spray by Briogeo, not exactly pumped about it, but I’ll try it out and see how I feel about it lol, nice post girl !

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    1. the face palette that really impressed me was their bronze & brighten cheek palette because of how pigmented it was. and it’s not that i dislike the brand, i just feel like i see it too often in boxycharm, and i feel as though subscriptions should have a bit more variety and not feature the same brands over and over. i do think pur has some good quality makeup though.
      i hear briogeo has really good products, i personally love their rosarco milk leave-in conditioning spray, one of my faves!

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