New Year’s & Date Night Foodie Outings — Part 2

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe the month is almost over, how crazy is that? I feel like the year just started. Maybe I’m just late to writing this post!

I had to split my post because the other was getting a bit too long. I’ll be writing one more after this to catch you up on everything 😉 If you missed my first post, you can read it here.

New Year’s Day — January 1st:

YAY! Finally made it to January! LOL.

I don’t remember why we went out, but we made a stop at Krispy Kreme, yet again LOL. This donut one was called I Love Oregon.


And…..ready for this?




Foodie Outing #5: Carl’s Jr.

Yes, fast food, lol.

Carl’s Jr. is literally in the same block as Krispy Kreme and it’s also the only one in the area. I remembered that Carl’s Jr. had just added the Beyond Meat burger, which is plant-based, and I just had to try it!! Alex was almost chuckling because he thought it wasn’t going to be good.


It was DELICIOUS!! That was my first time eating a vegan burger and I want more of it! Alex ate his words when he tried it! If a meat-eater liked it, that means it was THAT good. After trying it, I definitely want to try the Impossible Burger, which should be far more tasty.

Fast forward to January 12th, I want to share this beautiful sunset on our way to my cousin’s house to drop off CL for the night:



Foodie Outing #6: Oswego Grill / DATE NIGHT!

I was searching and searching for a place to go. The Portland City Grill and Benihana were full until after 10pm and I didn’t want to wait. My cousin recommended Oswego Grill so we made the drive to Lake Oswego and waited for like 30 mins for a table. At first I was put off by the wait time because I was hungry!

When we got seated and ordered I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. The food, and the service was spectacular. When our waiter came around and we ordered our food, he was so honest with us about their prime rib pot pie that Alex was about to get, and he told us that it was the only dish in the menu that customers always complained about. So he recommended we get something else. How nice of him? No one has ever warned us about a bad dish, we tipped him well! LOL.

Anyway, they brought out some bread first. I love carbs and this was so soft and delicious!


Alex and I both got drinks, me a passion fruit (left) and him a rum drink (right). His was taller but mine was stronger! LOL.


For food he ordered a linguine pasta with blackened chicken which was super juicy and cooked to perfection.


I got mac n cheese because I’ve been craving some since Mackenzie to tried three different kinds lol. I had their spicy mac n cheese and it was AMAZEBALLS! Best mac I’ve had in my life, so far! It had a hint of cayenne, and it also had some kind of sausage which gave it a hearty flavor. I want to go back already!!


We also splurged and ordered their creme brulee for dessert. Such gorgeous presentation and it tasted amazing. It literally just melted in my mouth!


We were done eating by 8:30p and we couldn’t decide if we should do something else to kill time or just head straight home and do nothing but watch The Strain, lol. We’re very boring people, we’d rather stay home! But we ended up deciding to get some coffee. I searched for a place that was open 24/7 and hoped that whatever we found could come close to what we had at Stepping Stone. We literally went to the first place I found:

Foodie Outing #7: Southeast Grind

Can coffee be counted as a food outing? Well I’m counting it as one since its a new place for me.

This place is literally opened 24/7/365 and I love that they have an emphasis on “healthy, sustainability and whole foods”. It’s one of the things that caught my eye about them. Anyway, they have lots of interesting flavors, Alex just got their Cappuccino2 shots of espresso and steamed milk. I went with a drink called Rose Garden made with rose, lavender, vanilla flavors with 2 shots of espresso and hemp milk.


So pretty and delicious!! Alex liked it too. I had to cover it to walk out! So glad the design didn’t get completely ruined on the walk to the car. From there on, we went downtown to cruise a bit:



As we drove, we decided to go to Glowing Greens to play mini-golf but they were all full for the rest of the night so we had to leave. We ended up walking back to the parking garage and drove up to the highest level to take in the sights. It was a breezy evening, it didn’t feel as cold as it usually does so the night was absolutely perfect!


^^ MY BABY! ❤

Since we couldn’t do much else, we decided to head back home. We ended up watching like two or three episodes of The Strain before we went to bed.

The following morning, January 13th, we went to pick up the munchkin. He didn’t want to leave and he was in literal tears, kicking and screaming all the way to the car, so we decided to do something fun for him.

Foodie Outing #8: Einstein Bros. Bagels

How many places did we go to?? LOL.

I stumbled upon Einstein Bros. Bagels YEARS ago when I was like 19 and constantly walking around downtown killing time. The first time I bought one, I went back for another because I wanted Alex to try it. Best bagel I have ever had and it’s CL’s fave too.


We got our bagels to go and went to sit in the heart of the city, Pioneer Square, AKA Portland’s Living Room lmao! Mackenzie might remember being here:


I love the city but only during the day. And what a beautiful sight it was in the morning too. The sun came out for a bit but was incredibly cold. We took a little ride on the MAX train then went back to get our car and headed to Lloyd Center to kill time.

Foodie Outing #9: Braganza

I usually go here when I’m at the mall, but the reason I’m counting this one too is because I ordered something new to me. I got their Matcha Green Tea, unsweetened. Alex didn’t like it, but I did. However, the big size was too much and I liked it less as I got to the bottom of the cup. Next time I might opt for the small size lol.


I’ve been enjoying trying so many new places and new items from the menu to places I’ve already been to. It’s been so exciting but now I gotta exercise all these calories because I haven’t been doing so hot this month! 😦 And I’m sorry but I have to cut this post short. Stay tuned for part three, a very special, foodie outing weekend! 😉

Have an amazing weekend everyone!
Anyone have plans?!


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18 thoughts on “New Year’s & Date Night Foodie Outings — Part 2

  1. Mackenzie says:

    This year is already going by way too quickly- it’s freaking me out! I’m livin’ for these foodie outings! WHAT- Carl’s Jr has a plant based burger?!? This is a game changer. DJ and I made those at home for a while- but they were kinda pricy so we stopped- but aren’t they SO good?!?
    That bread from Oswego already confirms that it is a gem! (bread tells ALL). Yummy yummy! Alllll this food looks fab- & yayy for getting a mac n’cheese fix- that sounds insanely good. Uh ohh- now you are reverse making me crave some mac n’cheese again, lol! & that crème brulee looks exquisite!
    Coffee is totally a foodie outing! The rose & lavender together sounds like the most delightful combo.
    It sounds like Ciel had the best time at his cousins… aw! I neeed to try Einstein Bros Bagels- can you believe we’ve never had them?!?! I know we have shops all over- gonna add that to my foodie bucket list.
    Ahhhh yes, I totally recognize Pioneer Square- I love it’s nickname, so cute & so true!
    Gosh, reading your posts just made my DAY! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      I know! February starts on Friday!! :O
      Yesss!! I LOVED the plant based burger, I wish I could eat like this all the time, but yeah, it’s so expensive!!! One of the reasons I haven’t gone fully vegetarian or vegan is because of the price!
      Hahaha! YESS!! Carbs are life! 😀 ❤ the bread was out of this world, I'd like to say it was way better texture than the Olive Garden breadsticks! :O I'd love those breadsticks a million times more if their bread was THIS soft!
      It's your fault! Couldn't get that mac out of my head after your post! 😉 AND you also made it for Thanksgiving? I made sure to save that recipe on my phone, I will be attempting it soon because I'm already having withdrawal symptoms from not having mac n cheese for so long!! (it's only been like two weeks ha!)
      I believe Costco sells them packaged too, but they don't beat the fresh ones and their spread is one of the best ever!
      Awh thanks for reading!! I'm still crying and beating myself up for not catching up on your blog before NYE! 😦 I'l be sure to keep reading two more posts tomorrow morning for breakfast LOL.


  2. Courtney says:

    Ooh what a fun post!! I love all the foodie stops lol. You all have been having so much fun with trying out new places lately! I love the cappuccino art–so pretty! I wish places around here did some latte art, but I have yet to experience it lol. We have an Einstein Bros. Bagels here but I’ve never tried it because apparently it’s somewhere on campus and we couldn’t find it to save our lives! We walked all around campus and couldn’t find it. It looks so good though! Also that spicy mac looks absolutely amazing! Now I’m craving some haha. And your pictures of the city and the sunset are gorgeous!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Thank you! And yeah, our wallet finally caught up to our splurging lol.
      Oh my gosh you must try Einstein’s bagels and let me know if you like them!! Hopefully you can find it someday.
      Hahaha mac n cheese is one of my favorite dishes. I’m still dying to try the lobster mac from red lobster lol.


  3. Hunida says:

    Oh! Impossible burger! They serve that at Greens & Proteins, this little restaurant/cafe boyfriend I go to & we were wondering what the heck it was & why it was the most expensive thing on the menu! It must be really good?!?

    That was so nice of the waiter to warn you about the pot pie! No one has ever done that for us before & that’s so funny you guys compared whose drink was stronger 😂 we do that, too!! & we also always rather just go home & chill LOL.

    I wish we had a nearby 24/7 cafe… that would be amazing… like the sound of that latte you got. Yum! I love that you’ve been trying new things. I’ve not been doing so hot on maintaining a nice weight either but the food is soooo good & the working out is so hard LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      I briefly looked into them and they’re made from some fungus and some other shit. Sounds gross, but apparently they say that with all the ingredients they used, they actually recreated the beef taste and texture? So I’m itching to try it someday lol.
      Well at first I was like, “well fuck, that is fucking small”, and I took a sip and didn’t feel anything so I thought it was weak, but within 5 mins I started feeling it and I said “oh shit, you’re driving” LOL. Alex’s drink looked like more because it had a ton of ice.
      OMG I think you would love this little shop!! They have so many interesting flavors and they even have food there, we just didn’t get any.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    That beyond meat burger sounds yummy, I’ve yet to try a vegan burger but I so want to, it’s great that both you and Alex enjoyed it!
    And the bread from the grill looks yummy, it was nice too that the waiter warned you against ordering Alex’s dish! Honesty is the best, especially when it comes to companies and businesses, because it makes you trust them more and you’re more likely to return! The pasta and chicken that he did order instead looks so delicious 😍 I guess it worked out for the best!
    Date night sounds absolutely perfect, you did a mix of everything, going out and getting your time at home too ❤️ It seems your year is off to a wonderful start Rossy, long may it continue! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      It was delicious! You should try one if you ever get a chance!!
      I’m definitely returning, not just for the food, but for the amazing service they gave us! I love it when they’re nice, lol.
      Yeah, 2019 started off on the right foot I think. I hope better things are in store for us. 🙂 ❤ xx


  5. Sarah says:

    I love your date night; good food, good company and then amaxing views! My kind of date night! Plus ending it full of food, happy and in front of the telly sounds pretty perfect too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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