Boxycharm Product Reviews #1

Heyy there!

Last time I reviewed my beauty subscription boxes was…May or June? So yeah, a very long time.. Sorry about that!

Back then I think I was starting to get overwhelmed by all the products I was getting. In some boxes I wasn’t able to try everything and some products I just didn’t want at all. It made no sense to post my box reviews for only two or three products so I decided to wait and do posts like this. Eventually, all the products kind of piled up and I just kept saying “I’ll get to it” and never did.

Anyway, I’ll be trying to do a few of these posts until I catch up with my current boxes the way I used to before. Then maybe I can start doing unboxings and try-ons as well on my channel.

Let’s get started. I’ve already picked some products that I’ve been using a lot in the past 6 months or whenever I received them.

Wander Beauty
Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks

— August 2018 Boxycharm —


Quick Description & Claims:

After a night of partying, who doesn’t love a good eye mask? These gold foil under eye masks brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of dark circles. The hyaluronic acid diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, while aloe leaf extracts and lavender oil cool and soothe your under eye area.

Size: 6 x Eye Masks (standard) Price: $25.00 USD

Mini Product Review:

The first time I tried these eye masks, five minutes after applying them, my skin tingled underneath and then it felt like it was burning slightly so I took them off immediately. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep them or if I should give them another chance.


I did end up using a second packet, and that time it felt much much better. No burning, no tingling. Just a nice, cooling sensation and my eyes felt a bit smoother and hydrated after using them. I’m still confused as to why the initial burning with the first one happened.

Anyway, I love that it has aloe leaf extract and even lavender! Lavender is so nice on the skin. I also thought the gold foil was interesting and they felt like high-end eye masks. I’ll be sure to use my last remaining packet.

Cruelty Free? YES!

Dr. Brandt
No More Baggage (eye de-puffing gel)

— July 2018 Boxycharm —


Quick Description & Claims:

Say goodbye to puffy and say hello to youthful, rested looking eyes with Dr. Brandt’s No More Bagger eye de-puffing gel. Formulated with biomimetic technology, peptides and botanical extracts, you are guaranteed visibly reduced under eye bags and dark circles.

Size: 0.5oz / 15g Price: $42 USD

Mini Product Review:

I have been using this since I received it in July, nearly every morning as part of my morning skincare routine. I’m honestly not sure if I love it.


It starts feeling a bit tacky as I’m applying it, almost sticky. So while it works fairly good at making my eyes look less puffy and tired, I’m not too sure about the tackiness. Now after having used it for several months, I have concluded that I cannot use this under make up. I either have to wait a long long time for the product to sink in, or use another eye cream.

I will continue to debate on whether I want to keep using it or just toss it.. It’s a product I can live without since I have eye creams, but I’m leaning more towards toss..

Cruelty Free? NO!

Sol de Janeiro
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

— June 2018 Boxycharm —


Quick Description & Claims:

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is inspired by the Brazilians favorite feature – the bum bum! It’s creamy and rich in Guarana, a native Amazonian plant whose fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine. The fast-absorbing texture contains just enough mica to add a perfect Brazilian glow, as the formula helps your body look and feel its smoothest and tightest. Pistachio caramel leaves skin delicately fragranced.

Size: 2.5oz / 75mL (mini size) Price: $20.00 USD
Size: 8.1oz / 240mL (full size) Price: $45.00 USD

Mini Product Review:

At first I was excited because everyone was hyping it, and yes, it’s a very good, moisturizing cream. But I’m not a huge fan of the smell. It’s pistachio caramel scented, really sweet and pretty strong. It does make my skin smooth but I can’t say about tightening, how do I even go about testing that? Maybe it’s my workout and not the cream, lol, just kidding! I really don’t know.


As I said, it’s a good cream, and if it didn’t smell as strong, I would love to have the bigger size. I plan on finishing it up this year for my project pan, if I can bring myself to use it.

Cruelty Free? YES!

3 Piece Flawless Complexion

— June 2018 Boxycharm —


Quick Description & Claims:

Precision foundation Face Brush 660 — With less bristle density, this brush is perfect for applying both powder and liquid foundations to create a soft, diffused makeup look.

Tapered Highlighting Face Brush 522 — This fluffy, tapered brush allows you to seamlessly apply your favorite highlighter to the high points of your face or set your under eye makeup.

Duo Fiber Powder Brush 516 — Use this ultra-soft duo fiber brush to apply cream or powder makeup for a softer, flawless finish.

Handcrafted makeup brushes with high quality, soft synthetic bristles using hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free materials.

Price: $42.00 USD

Mini Product Review:

Luxie brushes are super soft!! Even though they each have their “recommend use”, I use them for just about everything. I love that I finally have a Luxie brush for foundation, though I don’t know how I feel about using liquid foundation on these beautiful brushes!

I love their soft, synthetic bristles, and they are such multi-taskers! Everyone needs at least three! 🙂

Cruelty Free? YES!

OFRA Cosmetics
Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Verona

— June 2018 Boxycharm —


Quick Description & Claims:

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a one-step, full lip color that does not feather. These vibrant colors will give you a vivacious new look. They are creamy and soft in texture, moisturizing the lips and creating a long lasting lipstick effect. No need to use lip liner, this liquid lipstick gives a beautiful edge to your lip look.

Size: 8g Price: $21.00 USD

Mini Product Review:

The product description is kind of redundant, but it’s a good great lip product. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like it because it’s a different shade than I’m used to but my gosh! It instantly became my favorite summer lippie! It’s a mocha nude brown and I LOVE IT!

I paired it so many times with the Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette, and the eyeshadow shades and this lip go so well together! Who am I kidding, it goes well with many more!


It didn’t feather, it lasted so so long, I was able to eat with it, but like other lipsticks, there is some transfer but I don’t mind it. This was my go-to lip even through Autumn and I cannot wait to wear it again in the summer!

Cruelty Free? Yes & VEGAN!!

Here are some looks I used it with:


I’m sorry my reviews took so long, but I will* be reviewing everything except mascaras. Those will take me a long time to get through, but expect to see everything else! 🙂

Have you tried any of the products above?
Did anything catch your eye?


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9 thoughts on “Boxycharm Product Reviews #1

  1. Courtney says:

    I’m always looking for a good moisturizing cream since my skin is literally always dry lol. This one sounds pretty good–nice & thick, but I’m not too sure about that scent either. Just thinking about pistachio caramel sounds strong & overpowering lol.
    Those Luxie brushes are just gorgeous!! I never thought about brushes being cruelty-free or not before, but that’s really fantastic that they are!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunida says:

    That’s interesting that the Wander Beauty eye masks burned the first time but not the second time! I’ve only heard great things about the Bum Bum cream, I didn’t know it had a sweet scent to it. That has definitely turned me off from ever trying it!!

    Do you think you’ll do a mascara round-up/comparison eventually?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on more products you have received. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Right? I was almost afraid to try them again but they were much better the second time around. Oh gosh, the bum bum cream is an amazing cream to use all over the body, I do wish you could try it but yeah, the scent was kind of a deal breaker 😭
      Idk if I will? I’m extremely picky about mascaras and i use each one for about 3 months so it would take a very long time for me to come up with a post lol. I will however briefly talk about each one when I finish it, so maybe I’ll do mini reviews for my empties posts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hunida says:

        That’s interesting to know! I always give products like one chance, especially if they burn. I’ll have to try things out more than once from now on lol. I’d be willing to try the bumbum cream if I got it in a sub box but don’t think I’d pay for it on my own if the scent is too strong, I really can’t stand that!

        I’ve only ever liked two mascaras my whole life lol. I’d love to read some of your reviews on ones you received/finished however you decide to post about them. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • ayrgalaxy says:

          I hope that products work out for your if you give them a second chance but if you see no change, then I wouldn’t recommend trying them again.
          Yeah me neither.. the scent was just not my fave.. maybe if it had a difference scent I’d be more inclined to buy the full size but the scent comes from the ingredients sooo LOL
          Oh okie dokie 😀 I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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