Unboxing — February 2019 Boxycharm

Hello my dolls!!

I’ve been pre-planning a lot of things for the blog, so I’ve been filming and creating looks. I should have my BuJo up soon. I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of those, because if so, I will probably have to leave them on YT. Let me know what you guys have been loving and if there’s anything else you’d like to see from me (in regards to beauty).

Let’s get started and let me show you what I received in this month’s box!

Watch Me Unbox It:


Theme: After Glow

This is such a dreamy theme, and based on the products I got, I feel the products fit the theme quite well. Is it just me?

P.S. Sorry for the photo quality, they’re not as bright, it’s been so gloomy over here this week!



  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B, Bronzer
  • Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer
  • Sol de Jainero Coco Cabana Cream
  • Nudestix Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in Copper Foil

First Impressions:

There are mixed reviews of the TF BTS mascara, so who knows if I will like it until I finally try it. Also, TF is a new brand to me, I haven’t gotten the chance to try many of their products, so hopefully I like this one when the time comes.

My sister in law showed me her box (I introduced BC to her) and she received a Pretty Vulgar highlighter. I received the bronzer and I’m glad I didn’t get the highlighter. Hopefully it suits my skin tone.

I was stoked to have received a full size of the Sol de Jainero cream, but the scent of this one is soooo overpowering!! Are all their scents that strong? It took away from my excitement, I will try it and see if the scent goes away, otherwise, it will be one of those that will take me a while to use up.


I don’t think I’ve heard of Touch in Sol before so I’m not familiar with their products. Even so, I’m excited to try a primer. I’m really liking my WnW one right now over all the others I own, so we’ll see how this one compares.

I already know I’m not going to use the Nudestix eye color crayon looking thing, these are just not my type of products. I’ve never used them even when I’ve tried to force myself to use them. Also, it’s one of those shades I don’t really care for in products like these so I will pass it along or save it for a giveaway.

This box is okay, definitely better than last month’s for sure. I’m really looking forward to trying the primer and bronzer the most. Hopefully I like them!

What did you guys get in this month’s box?


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7 thoughts on “Unboxing — February 2019 Boxycharm

    1. Good point! Lol. And I remember your review, yours was one of the first that was negative while everyone was raving about it lol. I’ll be sure to try it next so I can get back to you on that 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. We got all of the same items except I got the highlighter. I actually felt the opposite & was glad to not get the bronzer lol so Boxy did good on choosing those for us!! I think I hated the TF mascara when I tried it before but that was in a mini so this could be different. I’m SO sad to hear that the Coco Cabana Cream’s scent is too strong. Does it smell a lot like coconut or more like vanilla latte?? I actually am impressed with the Nudestix & I think it’s my fave product in the box if the cream stinks.

    I do think everything matched well with the theme this month!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I saw your post already! Interesting we got the same brands just a different product lol.
      You’re the second person that tells me they hated the TF mascara. There has been a lot of mixed reviews about it so it’s not one I’m gonna have high hopes for lol.
      And yeah it smells SO strong. Like so much more than their bum bum cream. I’m hoping it doesn’t linger on the skin I’m putting it off as long as I can but this is the perfect time to use it for its hydrating benefits lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I still haven’t tried the mascara but I can tell my current one is on its last few uses so it’ll be soon. Maybe the full-size will be better than the mini?

        Ugh, I’m so nervous to open up that body cream now!

        Liked by 1 person

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