Good Eats: Homemade Meals, Oyatsupan, Zero Degrees & Red Lobster

Heyy my dolls!

I’m sorry I’ve been putting off this life update. Some of you have been waiting to see what I’ve been up to.Β  If I’m being honest, I’ve been putting it off only because… My life is boring lol. I literally haven’t been up to much. Same old on my end.

Winter time is usually the time when I stay at home most of the time because it’s too cold and now that it’s spring it just won’t stop raining. So there’s not much for us to do, but I will fill you guys in on what we’ve been doing. SPOILER ALERT: not much. However, even though it’s not much, I will probably have to break up this life update into several parts because I get too chatty and I don’t like making posts long.

In this post, I will cover all the good eats we’ve had and hopefully I can fit something else in here…

I’ve been trying to eat healthy and I’m so happy to report that after months of struggle, I have finally given up junk food for good! πŸ˜€ I no longer crave it as much and after going through a serious sugar withdrawal that was very miserable for me, I’m so happy to have gotten to this point! πŸ˜€ Feels sooooo good!

As to what I’ve been eating to satiate those cravings, lots of fruits and veggies and healthier snacks.



I can’t seem to get enough of avocado for the last two or so months. I’ve been eating it as a side with fried/scrambled eggs, and also as an avocado toast with a poached egg on top. It’s just too good. I did experiment with grape tomatoes as well with my breakfast.


I also tried something new. I had leftover hummus and pita bread, so I warmed up the pita bread, used hummus as a spread, topped it with some avocado, fried egg with runny yolk and some queso fresco with hot sauce.. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be delicious but it was!


I also switched it up a few times and made french toast and topped it off with fresh berries. I don’t have a picture but I did make my own berry compote from scratch at home and it was delicious. Also not pictured, I’ve attempted french toast with sourdough and it’s pretty dang good too!


This arroz con leche isn’t really considered breakfast, it’s more like some kind of dessert. But I love eating it in the mornings whenever I make it. I haven’t made it recently, but I probably should. Don’t forget to see my post for it, it’s dairy free and I share my recipe!



We went vegetarian/pescaterian for one whole week last month, as per Alex’s request which shocked me and surprised me to say the least. I’m so happy that he’s willing to eat more healthier foods. So it’s nice that he’s on board with me that way we can make meals for us both. Below are tacos, shrimp and tofu, topped with a delicious avocado cream sauce.


I also attempted some tomato and spinach pasta dish from Pinterest. I thought the shrimp was delicious the way it was seasoned. Unfortunately, the shrimp carried all the flavor, the pasta tasted bland without a bite of shrimp. I’ll probably add some seasonings to the pasta to make it tastier if I make it again.


Take-Out & Dine-Out:

In terms of take-out and dining out, we kind of have been splurging a bit because we can afford it at the moment. Lucky for us (thanks to me) we’re still able to save up some money.

For a while we kept going to Southeast Grind for coffee. Another proud moment: I was able to give up coffee completely. Now I’m drinking green tea. Even so, that coffee is delicious and don’t mind having it every once in a while. After trying it for the first time back in January, I haven’t been back to Starbucks lol.


Most of you have seen my A Week of Breakfast Smoothies, since it’s still kind of cold and rainy, I’m going to wait until it starts getting warmer to drink my smoothies.


We also went to Mac’d several times. The first time I had their basic mac, the second I believe was their jalapeno one with corn, broccoli and some other fixings topped with hot cheetos lol. We haven’t been there in a while, but it’s so so good! I hope they expand here. I also can’t wait to try it when we go to SF because it’s originally from there.


While searching for a bakery that sells yummy pastries, I came across Oyatsupan. GUYS!! It’s a Japanese bakery!! Can you imagine my excitement when I found it??!! So stoked! I made Alex take me there that week! LOL. We’ve only gone twice because it’s on the other side of town, but it’s so so good. I’ve always wanted to have Japanese baked goods and you guys know my love for anything Japanese.


I tried a red bean filled donut for the first time after trying red bean ice cream, also for my first time, at Maru. It was so delicious. I love the different varieties of bread and donuts that they have. Not pictured, but I also got their melon pan and it reminded me so much of the Mexican concha which I love.


Anyway, that same day Alex took us to Buffet Palace which is also around that part of town for lunch. They have American and Chinese cuisine. If I’m being honest, I remember it being better?

I had been craving Chinese food for a long time and it was a let down.. I haven’t been able to find good Chinese food since our favorite place, Lotus Express, permanently closed. Nothing comes close to it which is a shame.. Perhaps my palette has changed but it was mediocre at best.


On another note, I found this amazing place for brunch. I didn’t get to take many photos, but Ciel and I had a mommy and me kind of day during spring break. I found this place called Jam on Hawthorne, and they have a small play area for kids to play with while the parents eat. So nice. They also have a bar area for those who don’t want to be around kids, and they also have more seating away from those tables. Ciel liked it and for my first time (there’s a lot of firsts in this post), I tried ricotta pancakes. They were divine!!


They also had lavender lemonade and I couldn’t pass up the chance to drink it! I tried it when I went to the Lavender Festival and it was delicious and refreshing.

We also made a drive out to Zero Degrees to get some refreshing drinks when the weather was nice and sunny. I got their Strawberry Bliss, which was made from strawberry peach green tea with fresh fruit and chia seeds. So good.


We also finally tried Red Lobster over the wekeend. We got lucky and got there around 4pm so it was nice and empty. We got a basket of their cheddar biscuits which were soo nice and soft.


For drinks, Alex got their Lobster Lover’s Punch, which had Captain Morgan, Bacardi and Malibu rums with a blend of berry and pineapple juice. He got to take the cup it came in, so cool! Mine was the Berry Mango (virgin) Daiquiri, because Alex was drinking and I’m a responsible adult lol.


We also got salads and mozarella sticks to share.


For entrees, I got their Yucatan Tilapia and Shrimp with wild rice and caramelized pineapple. That dish blew me away guys! Alex got their Seaside Shrimp Trio which came with Walt’s Favorite Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp Scampi, and Shrimp Linguini Alfredo


That day I happened to really like my outfit so I asked Alex to snap a photo with Ciel. These kinds of outfits are more my type because they’re different and showcase my true style. Which is NOTHING trendy, lol. I might have to do some kind of spring outfit like this for you when the weather clears up.


Well that does it for this little foodie recap. I’ll be sure to cover outings in my next post, and check my camera roll to see if I missed anything else lol.

What have you guys been up to?


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18 thoughts on “Good Eats: Homemade Meals, Oyatsupan, Zero Degrees & Red Lobster

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh my GOODNESS Rossy!! So many food pictures!! Now I’m craving ALL the food just as badly as I do when reading Mackenzie’s posts, lol!! I love that you got to try Red Lobster, it’s definitely my favorite. ❀ Their stuffed mushrooms and shrimp alfredo are especially delish!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunida says:

    Yay, Rossy!! Go you for completely cutting out junk food. πŸ™‚ I still eat a lot of snacks but for me, I just stay completely away from anything with MSG and/or high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients so I feel like what I eat isn’t exactly junk food, if that makes sense lol.

    That french toast you made is picture-perfect. I can imagine getting that at a diner! & the shrimps in the pasta do look so flavorful, yum!! At least you know how to fix the pasta for next time now. πŸ™‚ & I wish we had a nice cafe that opened late so I could quit Starbucks trickin’ ass LOL. I know for a fact some locations are giving us cold brew instead of actually making us espresso! & sometimes, they burn it or put the ice first, etc. Also, I read caffeine irritates the bladder soooo maybe that’s why I never stop peeing lol. I drink so much coffee everyday. I wish green tea would do the same for me. But why is it better than coffee? Isn’t it still caffeine?

    The Japanese bakery looks awesome! I’m so happy you liked the red bean donut. β™‘ Boyfriend hates all things red bean so I know it’s more of an acquired taste.

    That’s so cute that you and Ciel had a mommy & me day at Jam on Hawthorne. How nice that there’s an area for kids to play while the parents eat!! All restaurants should have something like that!! & I still need to try a lavender lemonade. Sounds so refreshing!!

    Red Lobster never disappoints. I haven’t been there in so long though. 😭 I love that photo of you & Ciel, you look so pretty!! & we def have a similar style!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ayrgalaxy says:

      Thanks! And that makes sense, I stay away from those ingredients as well, I also have to check for CL’s snacks too, but for him I buy all organic and natural if possible.
      Awh thanks, breakfast is where I get really creative (kind of) and use fruits and veggies to my advantage lol.
      Definitely look them up on yelp, that’s how I found the coffee shop lol. And I’ve read that green tea has less caffeine than coffee but it’s good for antioxidants. And even though it’s less caffeine, it still gives you an energy boost and it’s good for weight loss in the long run. I have a cup of green tea with pomegranate almost every morning. In fact, I’ve also tried to stop drinking really cold drinks when I’m eating something slightly greasy for better digestion. Lol.
      I actually bought another red bean donut from another place and didn’t like that one as much. So I think each shop has a different kind of taste, if that makes sense the way two dishes from different restaurants wouldn’t taste the same lol. If I ever get another red bean paste donut it’ll have to be from Oyatsupan.
      It was sooo nice having a little play area for kids because even though lots of places are family friendly, little to no restaurants put an emphasis on “kid friendly”. I’ll have to find another place like this for ciel because he really seemed to enjoy it. Girl you MUST try lavender lemonade!! Its the best kind of lemonade that I have ever had!!
      Awh yay! We will have to do another collab, this time an ootd lol. I haven’t really met anyone who’s style is similar to mine. I swear you must be my soul sister or something! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hunida says:

        There are a few coffee shops near us but they all close at like 5 PM which is when I drink my coffee. 😦 I love green tea, cold or hot, flavored or not… but it doesn’t give me the same kinda boost as coffee, y’know? If it’s available, I usually always order hot tea with my food. I didn’t even know cold drinks weren’t good for digestion though!! Someone once told me that I shouldn’t drink water while I’m eating either?? It’s better to have it after, I guess… but I get thirsty & dry!?!

        Aw yeah, everyone bakes differently so it makes sense that you came across one you didn’t like. I’m glad you tried the tastier one first so you don’t have a bad impression on it. πŸ™‚

        I’ve never been to a restaurant that was “kid friendly” with a play area. They really need to make more! & YES, I MUST try that lavender lemonade!! I want it so bad!!

        AH okay, I didn’t want to tell you but, I actually ended up deleting my OOTD we did together. I hated the photos so much & didn’t even want to take the time to resize them when I did a blog clean up. πŸ˜› I actually have that same style jacket as you except my sleeves are grey & I’ve seen a lot of your other outfits & pieces that remind me of my own so yeah!! Maybe we are soul sisters!! ❀ ❀

        Liked by 1 person

        • ayrgalaxy says:

          Awh that sucks.. You know, for a city that is always awake I’m surprised there are no 24 hr coffee shops lol.
          I guess that’s to be expected since you’ve been drinking lots of coffee, you kind of develop a dependency on it, especially if you have it every single day. Its addictive lol. Hmm I think I’ve heard about the water thing too, but never looked into it. But I have also learned that greasy foods make you feel more thirsty, lol. Though to be fair, I”m not sure how true that statement might be, don’t take my word for it! XD
          LOL that’s fine!! No worries! πŸ™‚ Idk if Courtney still has those posts or not because she switched sites too haha

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hunida says:

            There are but only the chain ones. Like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, & stuff. πŸ˜›

            Yeah, coffee really is addictive. I think I replaced my cigarette habit with it but it’s worse!! Lol.

            I still have most of them up from the collab… lol I think that’s the only one I deleted. πŸ˜›

            Liked by 1 person

          • ayrgalaxy says:

            Ah no. Not those lol. Well… whenever you come over here you’ll have to try this coffee shop. It’s not too far from downtown either lol. Honestly if you guys ever come I dont mind giving you guys a lift and showing you around lmao. I’m at home all the time not like I’m busy except with ciel but now that hes older were going out more lol.


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