Revolution Reloaded Palette — Iconic Division Review

I was so excited when I got this palette back in October for my birthday because I had seen it was a dupe for the ABH Subculture palette. However, I must be honest with you guys right off the bat: this is the WORST palette I have ever purchased!

Product Description from Revolution Beauty London:

Time to get RELOADED! Our 15 shade eyeshadow palettes that are bound to pack a punch at an affordable price. Warm burnt shades for lovers of neutrals, cool tones and pops of greed, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades. Highly pigmented, long wearing, smooth and blendable eyeshadow shades that will keep you on trend all year round.

Price: $7.00 USD



Very cheap, plastic packaging. I don’t like it.
I think I prefer the cardboard palettes with magnetic closure. Let’s move on..

Formula & Application

Where to start?

Ok. I thought they swatched okay, some took time to build up the pigment. I think the most pigmented are the darker shades, especially the lower right shades, browns and black. The lighter shades needed way more build up to even get close to their swatches when applied on the eyes. The greens looked muddy and not really green at all but gray?… I didn’t like that.


Out of all the 15 shades, I thought 6 of them were good. And as I said, it was mostly the darker shades. With those you don’t need to build them up that much anyway. The ones I cared about the most were the lighter ones and they didn’t live up to their description. They were not pigmented, and they blended terribly, almost muddy. The best were the browns.


I don’t even want to do a shade breakdown because most of the palette was terrible and I didn’t like the inconsistent formula at all. I will show you the swatches that took a long time to swatch because all the pigment stayed on my fingers..


Maybe I’m not being super fair. Some shades are okay, as you’ll see. But after trying it two times, AND trying the shades I was really drawn to the most… It was disappointing.. It literally makes me NOT want to reach for this palette anymore I might just throw it in the trash.


As I mentioned, the darker shades work the best but I don’t care for the darker shades as much. I got this palette because I like the orange/yellow/green shades in this palette, but it was kind of a let down. Wet n Wild has better palettes than this and theirs go for $4.99 as opposed to $7.00, just saying.. This palette swatches better than it wears!

Pros & Cons:


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Gluten free


  • Applies patchy
  • Formula inconsistent
  • Some shades look muddy
  • Some shades apply better than others
  • Lack of pigment
  • Can’t work with shimmers at ALL

I don’t have any looks with this palette because I really really tried to make this palette work and couldn’t. I tried both wet and dry techniques with the lighter mattes and it didn’t make a difference.

Greens blend into a muddy mess. Some applied patchy and are not “highly” pigmented. The shimmers were a nightmare, and the lighter mattes take FOREVER to build up. I just decided I didn’t want to waste my time with it any longer..


I don’t mean to be such a downer, I just want to be honest. I feel like I haven’t written many negative reviews but this one takes the cake! The worst palette I’ve ever tried and now I’m not so sure I want to give any of their palettes a shot now..

I’d love to know if anyone has tried their palettes and if they worked out for you or if you’ve had the same problems as me? At this point, I can’t even be sure if it’s the batch or not, but it’s just so bad..

In my opinion, save your money and buy something better.


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30 thoughts on “Revolution Reloaded Palette — Iconic Division Review

  1. Oh no! So sorry to see that this palette was a flop for you! I’ve purchased several palettes from Revolution in the past, and was mostly satisfied with the shades. Based on your photos, it truly doesn’t look like the shades in this particular one are worth buying. :/

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    1. I picked one out from this brand BECAUSE so many people were like “yeah they have really good quality makeup”. I don’t know if it was the batch or of it really sucks lol. Either way, this was not a good first impression of the brand in general.

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  2. What a disappointment! That sucks and I’m sure it feels like a waste of money too, ugh. Also, how weird is it that it’s a vegan & cruelty-free palette, and yet they still used all plastic packaging instead of cardboard. Like, they are trying to be better for the environment, but not entirely? I guess that sort of inconsistency is also evident throughout their shades and formulas as well, though!

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    1. It does, and it doesnt. Lol. It was only $7 but I was hoping for great quality because a lot of people really like this brand.
      Yeah exactly, I dont know many brands that still do plastic packaging for their palettes.. actually NYX and WnW still might but idk lol. Maybe the fact that they’re cheaper, they decide to use the cheaper packaging lol.

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  3. Oh wow, how disappointing! But honestly I could just tell by looking at it that it was probably awful! The colors just look so muted and dull, when they’re probably meant to be brighter. I don’t own Subculture but I swatched it in Ulta once – that sh*t was pigmented!! (P.S. I’m kinda over Revolution copying every famous or notorious palette anyway.)

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    1. Exactly! Muted and dull is the perfect way to describe this palette lol.
      Yeah I’ve heard they have a lot of dupes, which is like…🙄 but at least I gave them a chance. Even though they failed to impress me lol.

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  4. Such a bummer it wasn’t a great palette- I love hearing your honest reviews because I don’t think I’m objective/knowledgable enough to know what is good quality vs. what isn’t . So thank you for sharing this, Rossy!!

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    1. Thank you! And I think that knowledge is gained when you’ve tried so many you start to see how great some formulas are and where others are lacking.
      Thanks for reading Mackenzie!!

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  5. It’s hit and miss with Revolution’s eye palettes.
    All of their palettes get rave reviews – I don’t get why.
    I reviewed one of their palettes last month – the bold matte shades – I will make stamping polish using these eyeshadows. Anyhoo, that palette is cr@p. My guess is that people who claim this palette is awesome are lying because they’re hoping for Revolution’s like on Instagram, or they’ve never had a decent eye palette to compare…

    Either way, I’m not surprised this one didn’t work out! xoxo

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    1. Right? That’s why I was excited to try their palettes but it was such a huge letdown lol.
      Ohh that’s right, I remember that palette. Looked pretty too.
      OMG I thought the same thing too! They haven’t tried quality makeup yet! XD
      It’s most likely going in the trash because it’s taking up space 😀

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  6. This palette sounds terrible! I like the colors when I look at the palette but the swatches do look pretty light. And I can see what you mean about the greens looking grey, they aren’t rich at all!

    Sorry this didn’t work out for you! I’m lucky that my two palettes from Revoution have been good, but I think part of that is because they were part of influencer collaborations so there was more work put into them :S

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    1. It was! Don’t buy it! I read another review a couple days ago or yesterday and the verdict was the same. Terrible palette. The “greens” were by far the most disappointing. They were the shades I was drawn to the most too 😦
      Ah yeah, I regret getting this one now instead of the SophX palette LMAO In fact, shortly after receiving my order, and looked at the palette, I didn’t get the feeling of being excited about it either LOL. Eh who knows, if the other palette is still in stock I’ll be sure to pick it up 🙂


  7. I knew these palettes were a fluke– everyone keeps hyping them but the swatches even look so pale & mute to me. I get what you mean about how they turn “muddy,” yuck! I would throw it in the trash, too! I can’t believe you weren’t even able to create some looks with it. Boooo lol.

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    1. Yeah when I opened my package and saw the palette I got a feeling about it… not a good one lol.. It just looked so much better online, I looked up so many swatches, photos and some reviews. Ugh.
      I did create some looks with it but they turned out terrible and I just didn’t want to bother with it lol

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  8. It’s really sad that this palette didn’t work for you! I have two of their palettes of my own and I often grab Them when I do my eye makeup.
    At least it looks to me like you got a unlucky palette 😢

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    1. Maybe I grabbed a dud who knows, I did see another blogger who’s thoughts were the same as mine so maybe this palette was just as terrible as the real subculture palette lol.
      But yeah other people have said their other palettes are really nice but this was such a bad first impression of the brand in general. Dont know I’ll be picking up their palettes anymore, perhaps I’ll try something else so if you got any suggestions, feel free to let me know. 😁

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      1. Hmm, yes maybe exactly that palette was terrible, it does look a little boring so to say in the packaging as well.
        I would say no need to completely shy away from them though 😉
        I usually bring their “Jewel Collection” with me when I need to do my makeup. The colours are pretty pigmented, but can be a little patchy when swatching, but that is only a small bit I really like that palette, and might make a review of it soon so I can really get into it! It costs a little under 20USD, so it is a little more expensive than the one you tried, but also really good compared to the fact that it is a “cheap” brand
        But if you are looking for another brand that is is the same prince range (or so) I would recommend something like w7 on the rocks palette that I am also using pretty often. It is only 7.5 USD so that is a little more affordable 🙂 It is not very pigmented though, especially not when swatching, but can be build up pretty well!

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        1. Yes, very dull! The photos online of it looked SO MUCH BETTER, so they got me there lol.
          Thanks for the recommendation for the jewel collection.
          I do remember seeing W7 a looong time ago at my local grocery store but I don’t know what happened that they no longer carry it, it was very brief and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

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          1. I know that feeling! Sometimes it just look really pretty online and you Can just end up really disapointed!😅
            Hmm. I guess W7 is not everywhere. I also only have one shop where I know I Can get it so maybe it is not so known anymore 🤔

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          2. From what I remember they were pretty affordable but who knows, I don’t think it’s been discontinued but if it’s not a well known brand I get why some stores might have removed their products if they didn’t sell as well;

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