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Happy Monday!

CL and I are officially on summer break, it’s gonna be tough I already know it but we’re gonna pull through! XD

Anyway, I did a One Brand Focus post long long ago and I thought I could bring those back! 😀

I had the idea to do this specific post and video a long time ago because I have a bunch of WnW products. I did go to the store to get whatever else I was missing which wasn’t much, and honestly not that expensive either.

A truth: I filmed this video back in March and have been sitting on it. I know, shame on me, lol. It was meant to be an extra for when I didn’t have anything else to upload, but I felt like it was time to do it because I found out something about this brand and I thought it was the perfect time to address it AND publish my post and video.

Wet n Wild is no longer CONSIDERED cruelty-free.

I’m absolutely GUTTED you guys! They were my favorite brand so these news were quite shocking to me. I just found out last Wednesday (29th) and this was news as of May 22nd!

What doesn’t sit right with me is that they out-right LIED about their presence in mainland China, so I lost some respect for them. Their products are still at risk for non-routine post market testing, which to me, is not right. They’re putting their integrity on the line for profit. Now I am on a mission to look for another affordable brand.

You all know how much I love WnW products, I rave about them all the time it seems like and constantly recommend their products but now… oh well..

Let’s get on with this post, I will give you all my thoughts / mini reviews on these products because I don’t plan on doing full reviews on these anymore.. With the exception of Friday’s post, the Coloricon Rose in the Air palette.



Starting with their Ultimate Brow Retractable Brow Pencil; a new product. I tried it for the first time in my video and wasn’t sure about it. I still don’t know whether I like it or not. The tip is triangular but I think I was just used to the Benefit Brow Pencil, which is flat. This one did lose its shape a bit, but I do currently feel as though it takes me a while to do my brows with this one. Perhaps I need to practice more with it. Overall, not a bad product. I just prefer a flat tip for precise lines.


The Photofocus Eye Shadow Primer is another new one. I liked it instantly. It’s so good! Its texture feels silky and smooth and it went on my eyelids nicely. Didn’t make my eyelids feel dry and I didn’t notice any creasing. Maybe it will also depend what I use on top of it (i.e. concealer or heavy bases for cut-creases). I need to use it more.

I have already given my full review of the Coloricon Rose in the Air Palette, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Overall, the palette impressed me. The shades felt so buttery smooth and they blended well. For the price, I honestly can’t fault it. Super good.


The Megaliner Liquid Liner in Black; tried it for the first time in my video. I was literally considering repurchasing this one when I ran out. It’s so good, the tip is fine and precise and it doesn’t tug on the skin. I was thinking about replacing my NYX one with this.. Guess that’s not happening anymore.

Lastly for eye makeup, the Lash-o-Matic Mascara & Fiber Extension Kit; a new one. I didn’t really see a difference at first and there are times when it works fine and others when it doesn’t. Applying all three steps is very tricky in my opinion because I’m not getting consistent results every time I use it. I might have to keep playing with it some more and experiment and see what works best, but I still feel like this mascara is too much trouble and it shouldn’t be.

For lips, the Velvet Lip Crayon in Turnt Orange; love that it goes on smoothly. Granted it doesn’t have an insane pigmentation, but I still like it for everyday use. You do need several swipes to build up the color, but it’s really nice and velvety smooth.


Starting with their Photofocus Face Primer; I’ve have this product for a while and it has been my go-to. It feels like a moisturizer and it’s the perfect in-between of dewy and matte. Makes my makeup stay all day long. I’m bummed because I was really thinking about repurchasing this one too.

The Photofocus Concealer in Light Medium Beige was a new one (I just realized it’s not pictured!!). Their shade range is TERRIBLE, but I managed to find one to fit my skin tone. It’s medium coverage at best, not dewy and not matte, perfect in-between. Covered my dark circles quite well. It does oxidize a bit, but not as bad as the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer.

I’ve had their Photofocus Foundation in Bronze Beige for a while and I really like it. It’s a matte foundation, but I go overboard with my setting sprays to keep my face a bit hydrated lol. Either way, I like how it wears, it doesn’t cake. I would say it’s medium coverage with some buildability.

Next is the Megaglo Contouring Palette Contour in Dulce de Leche; this one is in my project pan and I really like it. They only have two shades but I find the formula to be quite good. It blends well, it’s not orange, the powders are velvety smooth, little to no kickback and fallout.


I’ve had this Coloricon Blush in Apricot in the Middle for a while and I love it! It’s my go-to for spring and summer because it’s a nice peachy shade. It is a bit shimmery which I don’t typically love, but this blush is one of those exceptions because it gives my skin a natural luminosity and I love that! There is a lot of kickback so I advice to tap off the excess.

The Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals I was looking for everywhere for literal months. It was never stocked! When I finally got it I loved it! It’s more rose gold so it does have those rosey undertones, but I can get away with it because of the strong gold reflects it has in it, which looks good against my skin tone. I got lucky with this shade. Anyway, it’s very pretty and very pigmented! Looks gorgeous and it’s so buildable!

Lastly, the Photofocus Cucumber Setting Spray; another new one. I had tried another setting spray that was okay but not the best. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a cucumber setting spray. It felt really refreshing and hydrating, I think it will be perfect for summer!

So that’s it you guys! I feel so sad that I won’t be buying WnW’s products anymore because they’re such an affordable brand and most of their products I can recommend! I guess I will be looking into more of Essence’s and Covergirl’s products because I don’t feel like I’ve explored those brands as much.

Do you guys like Wet n Wild products?
Which are your favorites?
Will you be picking up some of these?


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26 thoughts on “Brand Focus — Wet n Wild Beauty

  1. Oh no! Such a shame that they’ve turned out to not be cruelty free, even worse that they haven’t been honest about it! I’m trying to make more conscious decisions when buying beauty products now- I’ve just purchased the ELF foundation because it’s a cruelty free brand! Back on topic though, I have never used Wet n Wild products!

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    1. They technically* are cruelty free here, they dont test on animals but because of the non routine post market testing, Cruelty Free Kitty and Logical Harmony dont CONSIDER them CF. But yeah the lying is what made it worse.
      ELF is such an amazing brand I havent tried many products I didn’t like tbh I usually like everything lol
      And I dont think WnW is sold over there though I think I might have seen that it’s being sold through Beauty Bay?

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      1. The whole cruelty free thing can be so confusing at times… like some brands are cruelty free but not when they’re being sold in China! Ugh!!! I wish they were all just CF it would make life so much easier (and be better for the animals of course). The lying is definitely the worst part, because they have deceived their consumers and that’s not okay.
        Ah I am excited to try this new foundation then. I used to use them when I was younger (they were always so affordable I remember being amazed LOL). No I haven’t seen WnW over here, and I have never shopped off Beauty Bay so I don’t know if they do!!!

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        1. Agreed. I think it’s only mainland China, if they were to sell in Hong Kong (which has its own laws) then it would be okay. A lot of brands are finding loopholes for the sake of profit and I don’t like it..
          Let me know how you like it because I’d love to try the foundation as well. Just waiting for when I run out of my current one 🙂

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          1. Oh no way! So annoying, I do get it but at the same time, you can’t claim to be a cruelty free brand if you’re willing to sell in China! If only China would change their laws 😔 ah I will do hun! I just tried it today and I really like it! It’s a great coverage and a nice demi matte finish. The only thing I would say is that it does feel heavy-ish on the skin when you first put it on but after a few hours, it feels alright! I think I would buy this foundation again, although I wouldn’t be opposed to trying other cruelty free foundations also! For a drugstore cruelty free foundation, I think I’d recommend it! Let me know if you do try it 😀

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          2. They’re slowly changing them but I still think that some brands have found these so called loopholes and a lot of people will eat their words right up when they hear ‘cruelty-free’ and don’t do their research.
            Interesting, I’m not a huge fan of matte foundations, they sit really weirdly on my skin even though I have oily skin, well oily t-zone, but it just looks so bad on me.. Who knows.. I wonder if a demi matte foundation would be different..hmmm…I’ll look in to it.


    1. LOL thank you! I always try to make my videos as short as possible XD
      The eyeshadow primer really is super good!! After trying this one, I ended up tossing the other one I was using because it just didn’t compare and I think it had dried up a bit.
      Thank you! Mustard is my favorite color for fashion lately .. Months actually XD

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  2. It’s so sad about WNW!! I hope you can find a new favourite brand that doesn’t lie to it’s customers. I love their color icon palettes and that brow pencil was on my repurchase list but I just can’t anymore 😦

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    1. Me too! =(
      I think I’ll look into Essence, Covergirl, and Milani. Those are brands I feel I haven’t explored as much as I would like to. I also saw that Covergirl has a few really good foundations and I’m due to buy a new one soon.
      I know right?! I was itching to get another coloricon palette too after this one, but oh well.. I’m glad I didn’t buy anything recently. Since March actually. Almost three months without buying stuff I’m so proud XD
      I’ve been using the WnW brow pencil and I finally got the hang of it, it’s a perfect color match for me. We’ll see how it holds up for me because I get really oily in the summer and creamy products tend to be a no-go for me during the hot season. I will be trying the CP brow as well since I have it and seeing if I like it, and maybe eventually try the NYX one too. I NEED to find one that is like the Benefit one. The WnW one is good, but it doesn’t top Benefit’s, lol.

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      1. Oh my gosh three months! That’s awesome, I can hardly go three weeks without buying more makeup xD

        Yes that’s fair! Benefit has a ton of value sets available right now, I’ve been trying to resist buying one. I hope you find your perfect drugstore brow pencil soon!

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    1. I knowwww! 😦 I will try Covergirl next. I think you have a few products from that brand right? You’ve said you liked their stuff 🙂 I hope that was you, I’m sorry if you’re not.

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      1. I do have a “chocolate” palette from them but I actually don’t like it very much. I did initially but after more use, not so much. All the shades are so much darker on than they look. I find it difficult to actually use more than two shades unfortunately. But that could also be me, I’m not very good at makeup. Or maybe it is just that one palette. You may have better luck! It’s nice to know they are cruelty-free though!!

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        1. Ah I see lol.
          Well it could be a number of things, brushes, palette formula, how old it is, etc. But if you feel like you’re having trouble with it, I wouldn’t blame it on your makeup skills. It might actually be the palette itself. Even I like a palette at first but the more I use it I see little flaws like a certain shade not blending as well as I’d like, etc. Some things you just need to use more to really see their quality. So again, I would actually blame the palette’s formula lol.

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  3. Oh no! I didn’t know WnW is no longer cruelty-free. Here in Europe, many of the big brands removed their false claims about being cruelty-free (Avon, Clarins, etc) from their respective websites after a change in legislation a few years ago. Now people know that many of these wannabe oh-so-nice brands have been lying for years. But yeah, I remember the days when all the brands claimed to be cruelty-free because there was no one and nothing stopping them from making these false claims…

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    1. It’s technically CF, but Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty consider* them NOT CF only because their products are still at risk for post marketing testing if a customer happens to complain about their products. Which I do think they have a point. I want to buy from brands who are whole heartedly in it to be 100% CF from manufacturing to post market. But I’m glad the laws are changing, it’s a step in the right direction.

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  4. Cleia was telling me about this WnW scandal. Wowza. What a shame, that was so shady of them to straight up lie like that. 😭 It sucks that you won’t be buying from them now. That cucumber mist sounds really nice! Hopefully they’ll pull out of mainland China now that they’ve been caught!

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