One Brand Focus & Sunset Eyes MOTD feat. ColourPop

Hello dolls and Happy Wednesday!

Continuing with this post-packed week, today I bring you an MOTD featuring ColourPop’s single pressed powders. Even though this is technically a “One Brand Focus”, I don’t have many products to do a full face so the pressed powders will be the “focus” so to speak.

In reality, they’re more known for their pressed powders and palettes anyway, but I will throw a few other products in here for you. Let’s jump right in!


Watch this quickie tutorial of this look:

One Brand Focus with ColourPop

Here is what I used:

  • Brow Boss (not used in video)
  • Single Pressed Powders (Bratty, Paper Tiger, Slim Fit, Hear Me Out, Going Steady, Backstage)
  • NoFilter Concealer in Light 20
  • Ultra Matte Lip in What’s The Stitch
  • Amber Crystal Setting Spray


I didn’t actually use the Brow Boss in the video because it was one of the products I unboxed in my BIG Spring Haul (I already had this MOTD done by the time I filmed that video). I also don’t have the setting spray anymore since it has been emptied back in April. So let me tell you a bit about what I think of each product.

Brow Boss

I’ve only had the chance to try this brow pencil a few times because I was testing the WnW Ultimate Brow and the Mellow Cosmetics Brow Definer, and each time I liked it because it’s much thinner than the other two.

Amber Crystal Setting Spray

I really loved this setting spray, it felt so refreshing and cooling. I loved that it was infused with amber crystals, and it also had this fantastic and subtle fruity scent! I would have repurchased but I think it was discontinued. Shame..


NoFilter Concealer

This is a matte concealer, unfortunately, so whenever I use it I have to make sure my skin is prepped with maximum hydration. While matte concealers don’t sit right on my skin, keeping my skin refreshed with a facial spray tends to allow the concealer to not make my dry areas overly dry, especially when I’m covering up my blemishes. I think it’s a good concealer, but not one I regularly use on my face. However, I do use it for cut-creases and it’s worked fairly well for me so far, so I use it that way the most.

Ultra Matte Lip

I loveeee their lippies so much! I think their satin ones are my favorite, but for the purposes of this post , I’m talking about this one because it’s the one I used for my MOTD. Anyway, this one is such a gorgeous orange shade, it’s beautiful and even though it’s a matte lip, it sits comfortably on my lips, it feels lightweight and it has a great longevity.


Single Pressed Powders

Oh oh oh!! They’re pressed powderss!! I’m in lovee! These were more or less my introduction to CP’s formulas and I was amazed at how pigmented and easily blendable they are! I’ve had the chance to use these pressed powders on both wet and dry bases, and they perform beautifully with both techniques.

I really would like to do a more in-depth review of their pressed powders, but I also want a few more to truly test them and to have a wider variety of shades to come up with various looks, because I don’t think that what I have is enough, unless I reach into their other palettes.. I don’t know.. We’ll see.. But anyway, their pressed powders are so good, I highly recommend you guys look into them if you’ve never bought anything from CP and you want to get a feel of their formula. I also recommend getting at least four to get a mini palette where you can store them.



Time for the MOTD! πŸ˜€ I obviously created this look back in March, and I had almost forgotten that I had this video to edit, so sorry! But I think it’s kind of like the perfect time to post it because it’s summer, and this “sunset” makeup look is perfect for this season?


Shades Used: Bratty (crease), Paper Tiger (above crease to soften), Slim Fit (eyelid), Hear Me Out (inner corner and inner eyelid), Going Steady (outer-v), Backstage (lower lash line)

I don’t have that many single pressed powders, but like I said in my video, I would love to recreate another sunset look, so perhaps I’ll dip into my other CP palettes! πŸ™‚


Alright you guys, this was meant to be kind of a shorter post giving you my thoughts on some of the products I used. I definitely want to do a full review of the single pressed powders and show you guys swatches and create some looks too.

Thanks for stopping by my dolls, I love you all so much!

Have you guys tried ColourPop’s products? Which are your favorite?
If you haven’t tried their products, what would you be most interested in trying first?


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28 thoughts on “One Brand Focus & Sunset Eyes MOTD feat. ColourPop

  1. Oh my goodness, this sunset makeup look is stunning!! Did you share it on your blog before since you created it back in March? If you did, I bet I loved it then too lol! It’s just perfect and the colors are so rich! Also, how cool that the setting spray has amber crystals. I don’t think I’ve heard of that before! Are they supposed to be good for your skin or something? Thanks for sharing, Rossy!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! And no, I might have posted it on my personal IG, I don’t remember, but never on the blog because the one brand focus and the motd were supposed to be a pair, it just took me such a long time to edit it LOL
      Yea I think depending on the crystals, they each have some kind of benefit, which I kind of forgot to look into for this one but it’s becoming a thing now

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This orange cut crease is so beautiful! I love the lipstick you chose to pair with the eye look too. ColourPop is such a great brand, and I love how inexpensive they are compared to almost everything else on the market these days. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu! I can’t believe I didn’t post it sooner! I’m sooo bad at this XD
      And I agree! They’re the ONLY brand that hasn’t changed their prices for their products, I’ve noticed NYX has increased their prices on a few products, and so has elf.
      Thanks for stopping by! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh don’t worry about it! Blogging takes so much time haha.
        It’s sad how expensive things are becoming 😦 I was looking at a NYX eyeshadow palette and it was around $25CAD which is crazy to me!


  3. Can you believe I’ve still not tried ColourPop? I keep hoping to receive something by them from Ipsy! I would so love to try the pressed powders & the lippies the most. The look you created is GORGEOUS, it’s totally perfect for summer!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ipsy takes ages to add colourpop into their products list. They have before, even if it was lippie stix, they’re a good first product to try. And Boxycharm did also include them one time last year. Havent since. You’re probably better off checking out their site and getting something you think YOU would like.
      Ah this look is so old, I can’t believe it took me forever to edit it and post it haha. Never again. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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