Product Empties — May & June 2019


How are you all doing? This week is packed for me! I hope you guys enjoy everything I will be posting because I am definitely working hard on everything 🙂 but today I will be sharing with you my “regular” empties.

I posted my Project Pan Empties a little over a week ago. I thought that one was very successful and I’m glad to say that this one was too, so let’s get started!

Watch my empties video:

Makeup & Skincare

The PUR Cosmetics Get A Grip Endurance Eyeshadow Primer was not my favorite, I didn’t like it. It was thick, made my eyeshadow look weird, I wasn’t able to blend anything properly, so I tossed it.

The NYX HD concealer you guys know I use a lot. It’s not full coverage, and it is also matte, so it’s not the best, except during summer and clear skin days, lol, but it’s hard to come by CF dewy concealers. Still though, I always repurchase because it’s good for the price.

The BH Cosmetics M-202 False Lashes are super great and high quality! I had these on my June Favorites and I love how they look on me! I may buy more of these when I run out of the WnW ones. 🙂


The Hello Kitty Hand & Mouth Wipes (unknown brand) are pretty good. They were really cheap too, so these came in handy because CL often needs his mouth and hands wiped. LOL

The Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash was a product I bought in my massive birthday haul last October. I don’t like the scent and taste of kale, this one does* smell like kale, however, it wasn’t completely bothersome to the point where I wouldn’t purchase again. I think it’s great for detoxifying the skin and I loved using it after my morning work-outs.


Technically the Alba Botanica Kids Sunscreen SPF50 isn’t “hygiene” but it was a good sunscreen. This one does have oxybenzone, which is not good for the coral reef, but the brand is relatively natural, which is nice. I wouldn’t buy it again because I want coral reef-safe sunscreens, so give me some suggestions!



The Kroger Enamel Protection fluoride toothpaste came in handy when my teeth became so sensitive, I don’t use fluoride toothpaste anymore but it was necessary this time I did and it helped. LOL.

The Herbal Clear Naturally Sport Deodorant I liked when I first got it and it worked for me for quite a while, but then there came a time when it didn’t. So that sucks. I have bad luck with deodorants, I haven’t been able to find any that work for me, so I have to keep looking.

Bath & Body

The Bolero Hibiscus & Pink Clay Pure Vegetable Soap was super nice, it lathers so much, it smells fantastic, and it doesn’t make my skin feel waxy like other bar soaps. Their bars are also HUGE so I’m surprised they’re this good for their price (one dollar!!). The Peonies & Pear Body Cream wasn’t my favorite, I needed WAY more product to even feel like my skin moisturized so I finish this thing QUICK! Not the best. I don’t think their lotions are good, but their bath products are legit.



The Cascadia Soapery Mint & Aloe Body Lotion was so great! This is a sample from the hotel where we stayed for our little getaway two weeks ago. This combo of mint and aloe felt so refreshing on my skin, especially this season. I would love to find this brand to buy from them because they ARE CF.

For some perfumes, the Prada Candy Sugar Pop vial was not a scent I liked at first because it smells kind of sweet, but it grew on me. I usually like floral scents, but anyway, it was nice. I went through it quick. The Pacifica Tunisian Jasmine Lime roll on perfume is a discard, because it has changed color, it looks cloudy, and the roller doesn’t seem to work, but it’s a great scent for summer, I will try to find it in the store, hopefully they haven’t discontinued it because it’s not often I find a perfume I love.

Hair Care

The Splat Rebellious Colors Midnight Indigo Box Dye (not pictured, yes I dyed my hair) and the Deep Reconstructor. This conditioner made my hair feel super soft and I really do think it has helped to lock in the color, because it has lasted longer than I thought it would. This brand is also vegan and CF so yay!



Finally, the HASK Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner, both are so so good. I love using these products. They have done wonders for my hair, make it nice, soft and shiny. I would love to try other products from this brand or other brands just to try something new, but right now, these are currently my faves, and unless I find something better than these two, I will keep repurchasing. I think I’m currently on my third set, lol.

So that’s it guys! That’s a total of 16 products which I think is a great number over the span of two months. In May I think there were only four products so I did empty a great deal of them in June.

I got a random question for you, do you listen to podcasts? If so, which is your favorite, who is it, what do they talk about and is it funny or serious?? I want to look into other podcasts to listen to while I cook and clean LOL.

Have a great day! xx


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33 thoughts on “Product Empties — May & June 2019

  1. I have tried the Hask Shampoo, unfortunately it did not wow me. Here are my favorite Podcasts: Oprah, Super Soul Sunday, Master Class by Oprah, Dr Phill (Phill in the Blanks) Brandon Burchad Show is all about business and mind hacking, Think Grow Prosper, and Boss Babes. Let me know what you think after you have listened to a couple. xx

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    1. Aw that sucks! So far it’s the best shampoo I’ve tried, my hair is just too fussy I feel like no matter what i try, it either works wonderfully or terribly, and these are few products that WORK for my hair so it makes me happy. What are you currently using for shampoo and conditioner, just curious?

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    2. Omg I was too quick to send that message and I wasn’t even done!! LOL I’ll be sure to screenshot this comment for whenever I am wanting to take a listen to something else. I could probably go for those podcasts even though I don’t have a business but I’m sure if inspiration strikes, I could definitely take some advicde LOL

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    1. It’s not a bad scent I must say, even for someone like me who dislikes sweet scents. If you ever come across it definitely try it out and see how you like it, because it seems like it’s pretty popular but I don’t know for sure, not that into perfume LOL

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  2. 16 products is a lot!! Love that 👏🏼 I love how the products you use are always so different to the brands I know and love (except NYX of course, thankfully I know NYX)! That Kale facewash sounds so healthy, I don’t even know what Kale smells like to be honest but I know it’s such a popular health food, I think I’d feel so refreshingly healthy after using that on my skin (face wash form) lol.
    Ooh if you like floral scents, I know Jimmy Choo have a new floral fragrance out ‘Jimmy Choo floral’ which you might like? I need to try it again because I can’t remember if I liked it or not, but I know it’s floral 😂
    As for podcasts, I listen to Isabel Palacios! She is wonderful and so uplifting, she talks about all things Law Of Attraction and taking back your power. The Podcast is called ‘taking back your power’! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. I know right? I’m kind of shocked at my progress if I’m being honest XD
      I’ve just been getting so many different products at the drugstore and/or from boxes, or I’m using up products that I’ve already had that I just want to use up lol.
      The kale detox wash does feel pretty healthy, it even smells like it haha, I never thought you could use a freaking vegetable for your skincare but I guess that’s becoming more and more of a thing huh? XD
      Oooh yess I’m all for floral scents but to be honest, I don’t know if I like perfumes as much to buy one? LOL All the perfumes I own have been gifted to me, apparently that’s the easiest thing to gift LOL
      Oh okay awesome, sometimes I do need something more uplifting so I’ll definitely put that podcast on my list. Thanks love! ❤


      1. Hehe well it is such a lot, but its so good!
        It’s nice to use things up sometimes, it’s quite therepeatic, like you’re having a declutter!
        Yes I’ve definitely heard of vegetable related skincare (lol) which sounds super cool because we all know how good vegetables are for us to eat, so they must be good for skincare too! I’m loving it, mother Earth gave us these gifts for a reason hehe 😍 I’m definitely going to have to purchase this face wash when I see it!
        Ooh interesting. I love perfumes! They can be quite pricey though so not always a priority, like you say they make the perfect gift because they are such a luxury, so a lot of people tend to ask for them at Christmas etc! I know I have! And yeah, perfume is a pretty easy gift to be fair, as long as it smells nice 😂
        Yes! She’s great and not too preachy! She’s so down to earth but totally empowering and motivating! Let me know if you do listen 😍
        Have a great weekend xx


  3. Good job, Rossy! I’m glad the toothpaste helped, especially since it was just a Kroger brand, that’s nice! I’m sorry the deodorant stopped working. I swear, I think so many of us women struggle to find a good deodorant!! We all would prefer the more natural ones, but then they don’t work and well we don’t want that either… It’s such a struggle!!

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I still like Tom’s of Maine better, they also have a few fluoride toothpaste but I’m no fan of fluoride and I’m also very cynical about why it’s in there in the first place (don’t ask me why) lol so I stick to non-fluoride ones..
      Anyway, yeah I have noticed that many women can’t find a good deodorant that works. You’d think the natural ones would be best but that’s not always the case. It just sucks because apparently aluminum can cause breast cancer and all this other crap. Like even hygenic products can freaking kill you in some form!! Did you know sunscreen can cause cancer too? Not only is it bad for the environment but my gosh! LOL mineral ones are so pricey!! 😦

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      1. I’ve never had a good experience with Tom’s…it was gross to me, but maybe I just got the wrong flavor? That’s interesting to me about the fluoride, because I always make sure to use it. In fact, I even request fluoride treatments every 6mo because it helps with my sensitivity (which is so freaking bad).
        Yes so true! I want to try Secret’s new aluminum-free deodorant. I know they aren’t CF but my choices feel very limited for what works and still limits the aluminum.
        I didn’t know that about sunscreen, my goodness, that’s awful!! I guess we should get natural sunscreen then? I hate greasy sunscreen, though, so that’s disappointing. I like the Equate Beauty Ultra Sheer Dry Touch. But I’m sure it has all those awful chemicals.

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        1. It must be the flavor because I have the fennel one and didnt like it lol.
          Oh okay well thats good that the fluoride helps you with your teeth sensitivity.
          Yeah mineral based sunscreen seems like the best thing lol.

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  4. You gotta try JOAH’s Wand Me Up Concealer if there’s a CVS near you & you’re ready to move on from the NYX one. I’ve been using it for a couple days & I love it but, it’s def more matte than dewy. It’s also cruelty-free! 😄

    I am still having trouble with deodorants too. I can’t find any that work for a long period of time. I’ve not even seen that Herbal Clear before but at least now I won’t waste my money on it!

    The body soap sounds so lovely! I usually use liquid instead of bars but I’d probably pick one up if I came across it for that price & since you like it so much. 🙂 I am the same with perfumes. I rarely like any scents at all!

    You did so great with your empties! 16 products in two months?! Wow! I don’t listen to podcasts but my boyfriend likes this guy Joe Santagato. I have no idea what he talks about though. I can’t stand listening to any of them, any genre or person!

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    1. I would love to move on from NYX, I have the WnW concealer too which sits really nice on my skin but I wont be buying their stuff anymore unfortunately. I haven’t heard of JOAH before but if Walgreens carries the same stuff as CVS, I hope I can find it in there.
      This deodorant was a random find. I’m actually going back and forth with the one I have from schmidt’s and Alex’s deodorant lmao
      I like body gels/liquid washes too but the bars definitely last me a long time especially these since they’re much bigger than the normal size.
      Thank you! I’m so proud of how many empties I accumulated. It’s a lot for me lol. And that’s okay! I’ll check out his name and see if I’m interested in it. I dont listen to many of them but there are a few that I’m like “yeah, I can listen to this” I guess the difference is the Jenna Julien podcast they also have a YouTube channel so it’s like watching them too lol

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      1. JOAH is a k-beauty brand but I think it’s only sold in CVS. I really have been loving the concealer, even more than my tarte one! I think you could look online for it too but it’s hard to know the exact shades, huh?

        I am using a men’s deodorant gel that boyfriend’s mom gave us right now hahaha. It has been working the best for me so far.

        I need to get my pictures together & do an Empties post soon. I wonder how many I’ve gotten!

        I also heard that guy who used to host Fear Factor, Joe Rogan, has good podcasts. The guy boyfriend watches has a YouTube channel of him on it, too. I don’t know if you’d be into them though because I have no idea what they’re about LOL.

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        1. Awh mannnn!!! Maybe theres a CVS around here I’ll be sure to look if not I’ll look for places that might sell the brand, but if its only sold there I may not have much luck. Yeah I try not to buy concealers and foundations online because its tricky lol.
          Nice! Ever wonder why mens stuff works better than some womens products? Their razors are better and now their deodorants too?? Lol
          Do it! I’d love to see how many empties you got as well!
          Ah yes I do listen to Joe Rogan every once in a while when the guest and theme is interesting to me lol. Hes pretty good and funny. I’m actually gonna go see Joe Rogan in August! So stoked!

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          1. Yeah, I think CVS is the only place currently selling JOAH products in America! They really have a small selection of shades though. 😛

            I actually don’t like men’s razors that much but YES their deodorants are so much stronger lol. It makes me feel like I smell too strongly for a female, hahah.

            I will do an Empties soon! I can’t wait to show ya 😀 & that’s SO awesome you’ll be going to see Joe Rogan. What’s he gonna be doing?!

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          2. Well I wanna try them either way lol. Im sure theres a CVS around here somewhere 🤣🤣
            Hahahahaha the one Alex has isnt that bad, but you’re right, it does make you smell like a man for a while lol
            It’s just a comedy show at a big venue so we will be a bit far from him but oh well. I told Alex about before the tickets went on presale and he waited a fucking month to say “okay yeah buy them” lol. He only said so because his friend told him he was going so it made him want to go too. I swear everytime I tell him something he puts it off until someone else mentions it next time I’ll just buy tickets and not ask him lol

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          3. Hope you find a CVS nearby!! 🙂

            OMG I said the same to boyfriend. I will tell him something & he doesn’t think it’s cool or a big deal unless he hears it from someone else. 😡 lol.

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          4. I might have seen a sign that says “coming soon, CVS pharmacy” but idk if will be like a walgreens?? Lmao idk I’ll go my Walgreens here and see if they have the same stuff. The other one is under construction so it might be a while before they open the store.
            Omfg!! He does that too??? Lol that’s funny but isnt it annoying?? Like I just scream at him “I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS ALREADY AND YOU DIDNT SAY ANYTHING WTF!!” 🤣

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          5. Yeah, maybe Walgreens does have the same stuff! I haven’t been into one in quite awhile!

            LOL I just told him that your husband is the same as him & he just laughed it off… 😡 He ALWAYS does that & I say the exact same thing!!! So freakin’ annoying hahaha.

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