Violet Voss Holy Grail PRO Eyeshadow Palette Review + 3 Looks

Happy Friday dolls!

I got an exciting (to me) palette review for you guys today! I am so stoked to finally be sharing my thoughts on this one and I’m so so sorry it has taken me a while! I had so much fun creating with this palette as you might have seen in my lookbook yesterday. If you guys want to see all six looks, make sure you check out that lookbook because I’m only sharing three looks on this post.

Okay let’s get to the fun part!


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Product Description from Violet Voss Cosmetics:

Violet Voss Cosmetics is proud to present 20 highly pigmented eye shadows in a variety of must have finishes.  Our PRO eye shadows are made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated to allow for smooth blending.  The perfect go-to for any occasion to create your flawless sexy look.

  • 20 colors
  • Mattes
  • Metals
  • Satin
  • Full sized pans (1.8 grams each)
  • Cruelty Free
  • Infused with Jojoba Oil
  • Vegan

Net Wt.: 36g/1.26oz
Price: $45.00 USD

Packaging / Formula & Application

The palette itself is holographic on the outside and I think it looks pretty freaking cool. This palette comes in cardboard packaging with magnetic closure and is quite sturdy. It’s thin so although it’s a large palette, I still think it would be great for travel because it would fit in between your clothes and* it comes with a large mirror. I like that the names are included right underneath each shade.


The shades are highly pigmented, they blend like a dream and they’re also buildable which is nice for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Beginners wanting to do subtle looks can make this palette for work them and enthusiasts wanting more pigmentation can also try applying these shades on a wet base.


There was little to no kickback or fallout and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed that the satin and mattes didn’t apply patchy. One thing I want to mention is that Wine n Dine did NOT stain the skin, which is a common thing with burgundy and reddish shades. It will EASILY come off with soap and water. Yaasss!

Cost Breakdown

Real quick I would like to include the cost breakdown for this palette. I’ve never done this before but thought it was worth mentioning..

The price of this palette is $45.00 USD, it contains 20 shades, and has a net weight of 36 grams. That means that cost per pan comes to $2.25 USD and cost per gram comes to $1.25 USD which in my opinion is FANTASTIC!


If I may compare this to another palette—the Tarte Tarteist PRO Palette is $53.00 USD for 20 shades and net weight of 20.6 grams, which comes to $2.65 USD per pan and $2.57 per gram.

As you can see, you’re getting more product in the Violet Voss palette at a lower price! This kind of breakdown shouldn’t deviate you from certain palettes of course, as quality of shadows matters greatly, not just the price. That being said, I think the quality reflects the price.

Shade Breakdown & Swatches

Now we can get into the fun stuff, the shades and swatches.

Crystal: A white satin shimmer shade. It’s perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner, and I love how reflective it is and the fact that it’s actually just white.

Ploof: Same as Crystal but is a light pink.

Thanks A Latte: A white satin shade, feels creamy and it’s perfect for setting eye primer. I like using this shade to diffuse transition shades as well as it kind of seems to have either a slight peachy or pinky undertone, it’s hard to tell.

Transition: A warm light brown satin that’s perfect as a transition shade.

Hashtag: An orange matte shade, also perfect for transition. This is pretty pigmented but it wears well for everyday looks. Probably one of my favorite shades in general.

Close up of the first three because they’re hard to see:


Awesome Sauce: A coppery metallic shade, super gorgeous!

Bestie: A cool toned light brown satin shade that is also perfect for transition. I do feel like this one and Transition look a bit similar on the eyes, but you can see the difference when swatched.

Toffee: A gold metallic shade. I would say this is a TRUE gold. It actually has yellow undertones unlike other gold shades which tend to have strong copper or bronze undertones.

Chill: A bronzy metallic shade. I feel like this one resembles Awesome Sauce but this one looks more brown, and Awesome Sauce leans more towards an orange/copper.

How U Doin: I am having a hard time describing this one because it almost looks like a dark version of a rose gold, but it also looks a bit pinky orange to me but with more prominent pink undertones? Almost duochrome.. Does that make sense to anyone?? Whatever this shade looks like to you, I still think it’s such a gorgeous metallic shade.


Bat My Eyes: A cool toned dark metallic brown with what looks like slight gold undertones. It’s really pretty.

Cool Beans: A cool toned metallic light brown? When I swatched it again on my arm it almost looked rose gold to me? I don’t know, this shade is gorgeous either way and it so happens to be one of my favorites and is so unique!

R U Kitten Me: Another warm light satin brown, but darker than Transition.

So Jelly: A metallic bright pink, super reflective and gorgeous! I loved using this one in my inner corner. Not as pigmented as the other metallics but I can work with it.

On Fleek: This one resembles How U Doin but is darker. And same as with How U Doin, I still see a slight orange undertone? They almost seem like duochrome shades but I can’t be sure.


Brownie Points: A warm satin dark brown. I liked that this shade is buildable, I was able to create a very light, everyday look as well as a smokier eye look with this shade.

Teddy Bear: A cool toned satin dark brown.

Glamping: I’m having a hard time describing this shade too.. It’s darker than How U Doin and On Fleek, but it doesn’t look pink nor does it look like it has orange undertone like the other two. It looks like it leans more light brown with possibly some* pinky undertones. I don’t know!! Either way, it’s such a super reflective, metallic shade.

Cranberry Splash: A beautiful metallic cranberry shade that is super reflective. I definitely see some pink undertones on this one.

Wine n Dine: A deep matte burgundy shade, this one felt a bit dryer than Hashtag but it applied nicely and is buildable. I only got the chance to try this on a wet base, but it blends really well.


I only felt like two were mattes, Hashtag and Wine n Dine which were dryer than the rest of the satins. They still blended really well into the other shades. I really enjoyed the variety of metallics despite the fact that a lot of them seemed to be in the same family. The metallics are pretty much consistent throughout as are the satin shades. Being a warm toned palette, I was pleased to see a few cooler toned shades.

Pros & Cons:


  • 20 shades in total
  • HUGE mirror
  • Contains mattes, satins, and metals
  • Full sized pans (1.8 grams each)
  • Blends like a dream
  • Buildable
  • Highly pigmented
  • Formula is consistent throughout
  • Works on dry and wet bases
  • Perfect for day to night looks
  • Price reflects quality
  • Cruelty free and Vegan!


  • Would love to see a better range in mattes (some transition shades look a bit similar) — *my own preference!
  • Warm palette — I know people are sick of these!
  • Some shades may look similar and/or are from the same family.

Makeup Looks:

I have actually created six looks in total but only chose three for this post, as these are my favorite. If you’d like to see more looks, make sure you check out my lookbook.

#1: Brunch & Chill

I have a tutorial for this look on my channel if you’d like to see how I created this look.

Shades Used: Thanks A Latte, Hashtag, Transition, Chill(?), Crystal, So Jelly


* * *

#2: Burgundy Splash

Shades Used: Wine n Dine, Teddy Bear, R U Kitten Me, So Jelly, Ploof, Crystal


* * *

#3: Holy Grail

Shades Used: Brownie Points, Hashtag, Transition, Toffee, Teddy Bear, Crystal


I’m sorry this post is so lengthy! I try my best to make it short, but I really like to be as thorough as I can possibly be with these reviews. It’s such a great palette and if you don’t already have one like it, I highly recommend you add this to your collection. I genuinely love this palette, and I hope to create a few more looks with it in the future.


I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your day and a great weekend!
I will see you guys again on Monday for my Summer Bucket List! 🙂


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Disclosure: this review is a personal opinion and is honest. I do not receive compensation for my reviews. Product(s) was/were purchased by me, unless noted otherwise.


26 thoughts on “Violet Voss Holy Grail PRO Eyeshadow Palette Review + 3 Looks

  1. Brunch and Chill is a gorgeous look – the name is cute too! This palette does look nice and would be good for those who don’t already have warm palettes in their collection 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg, I love that you swatched them in these geometric patterns!! And its such a good palette that’s warm and autumn-y with great formulas! Definitely, a must get for people who DON’T have such shades right!

    Brunch and chill is so subtle so warm, burgundy splash is so intense and bold plus paired with that lippie, it just pulls it all together and holy grail is like the wilder sister to the first one, so gorg! You’re so good at creating such dynamic ranges from one palette! WOW

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swatching them like this was a first for me! It took forever but I definitely love how it looks too! 🙂
      Definitely very warm toned and very good for autumn looks, especially the cranberry and wine shades 🙂
      Thank you! I try my best to create a good range of looks so people can see what can be done with it. Obviously people who are far more creative than me can make super wild and gorgeous looks but yeah LOL thanks for stopping by! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome looking palette! Could suit so many people with so many skin tones. You did a great job showing a variety of looks using the same palette. By the way, what nail polish do you have on in Brunch and Chill?? So cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it? I think it could suit a lot of people as well as most of them are fairly neutral, but even the wine and cranberry shades look gorgeous on all skin tones!
      And I believe it’s the KL Polish Caramello, I haven’t worn that in a LONG time LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re stunning! Absolutely love the looks – also that cost breakdown is a really good way to look at it. I have to admit, I just see bigger price tags and balk, but when you compare it to what you’re getting that’s fab value xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks =3
      The cost breakdown was a first, but I’m glad I did it because it was even helpful for ME LOL. I’m glad you found it useful though, I will be sure to include cost breakdowns for palette that are a bit more expensive 🙂


  5. Oh this looks like such a nice palette! I love the magnetic closure and the fact that it comes with a mirror. Also, how nice that the shade names are included right under each one. More should be like that, lol. They all look beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The formula of this palette is amazing & we can totally see how well they performed in your looks. That’s amazing that ‘wine n dine’ didn’t stain your skin especially with how bold/pigmented it was, wow!

    I definitely think this palette or any other one by VV is worth the $$!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so happy the formula was as good as everyone said it was. 🙂 I’m amazed it didn’t stain because those shades usually DO stain because of the red pigments they use.
      This palette is one of the few I’d say is definitely worth your MONEY!


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