Heyy my dolls!

Did anyone miss me? Did anyone notice that I was gone? Did anyone even care…? Probably not. But if you did, thank you for your friendship, you mean a lot to me, whoever you are! ❀

I’ve been gone for three weeks you guys!! It was totally unexpected and not planned at all. I did not think I was going to be gone for this long, truthfully. At the beginning-ish of August we kind of had a little life change for a few weeks and I did not expect for that change to take up ALL my time. I did still upload a few posts until three weeks ago, and then I just stopped COMPLETELY!

I can explain it in more detail for anyone who cares, otherwise I won’t bother with an extra post, but anyway… It dawned on me earlier this week that my giveaway ended Aug. 28th and I was not able to announce the winner earlier!! :O

But fear not, I am here, to do just* that! πŸ˜€ I am so excited to announce the winners so that’s all this post is going to be.


So without further ado, sorry I keep stalling… the WINNERS!!





Alright, so here’s everything that is included in the stash giveaway:


And the winner of the STASH giveaway is . . . . .




MORGAN from Motherhood & Media!





Now here’s what’s included in this giveaway:


And the winner of the DRUGSTORE giveaway is . . . . .




JODI from A Brash Attitude!




So that’s it you guys! The winners! Again, WINNERS NEED TO CONTACT ME WITHIN 48 HRS (BY SATURDAY – OR I WILL PICK SOMEONE ELSE). Send me an email with your address at … I look forward to sending you both your package and hope you guys enjoy everything I have picked! πŸ™‚

What have you guys been up to? I miss blogging so much and hoping to make a comeback this month! Love ya guys and thanks for your endless support! ❀


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    1. Awh thanks love! Miss ya too! I have been around commenting on posts here and there so perhaps it didnt seem like I was “gone” to some just not posting lol.
      And I am thinking of doing some sort of recap for whoever cares to read haha

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  1. Of course I noticed & ALWAYS miss you when you’re gone. ❀ You know I'm always interested in your life. What was the little life change that took over? (If you want to talk about it, you don't have to!).

    Congrats to your winners!! πŸ˜€

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    1. You’re the best! πŸ–€πŸ–€
      Of course it didnt really seem like I was gone since I was still reading and commenting on peoples posts.
      It might sound really stupid, but we tried to get a dog, and we did. I had a serious talk with Alex about him being sure about it cause it’s a huge life change AND responsibility. In the end when we went to meet the pup, he couldn’t make up his mind. I told the guy “let us sleep on it and we will tell you tomorrow so my husband and I can talk about it” but as we were leaving, he quickly went “let’s just take him” and 4 or 5 days later we had a little spat about the dog and he said “I only said yes because you kept saying you wanted a dog” and that’s when I knew we couldn’t have him so I had to rehome him and I had grown to love the dog. So it made me really sad. We ended up keeping the dog for 3 weeks because the person who wanted him wanted to wait until they got paid at the end of the month so I told her sure, I’ll be able to work with him a bit more like teach him manners. Unfortunately, when you train a dog one on one you kind of bond with it and stuff so yeah. The dog really confided in me and felt safe with me and seriously was super obedient with me. He would follow me everywhere and we both looked forward to our morning and evening walks together. Anyway, the couple that wanted him were like “omg we will take him” I had been talking to her about things he still needed to be trained on etc, and I told her “if you’re not up for it i dont mind waiting for someone else because I want him to go to a good home” but she was excited about it and said “we can handle him, my husband works from home, etc”
      Sooo yeah…the dog took up a lot of my time initially when we first got him which was what prompted me to stop blogging briefly and when he went to his new home I thought about coming back right away but I couldn’t because I was really fucking sad about to the point where I just felt really overwhelmed and then Ciel started acting up so adding more stress…I started stress eating, I havent worked out etc so I was a mess. Lol. I dont blame Alex at all. I know its partially my fault too. I cant help it. I want a fucking dog lol but I was too naive to think Ciel would be able to handle it but hes really not ready. And what made me feel worse is that when the pup went home and we went our way Ciel started crying saying he wanted him back. By now he has forgotten all about him but still. It was a very sad time for him and I but I’d say mostly me because I’m the one that spent more time with the dog. So….πŸ˜ͺ that’s the past month and a half in a nut shell. Sorry this comment is too fucking long. I’m still thinking about if I even wanna share this because it seems so trivial because I didnt have the dog for long but idk…maybe I’m just too fucking sensitive but that’s ok I stay true to my feelings 🀣🀣
      What’s been up with you lately? I’m behind on reading again and my comments are accumulating fast haha


      1. Never worry about writing too long of a comment to me, babe. β™‘ I am so sorry & sad for you about the dog. It totally sounds like you could’ve handled keeping him but, if both Ciel & Alex weren’t ready– it makes sense you had to give him up & it was so very strong & mature of you. β™‘ I’m happy you were able to find a good home for him in the end. You are not being too sensitive at all! The bond & connection you two grew together was real & I bet he misses you just as much! Is your bro & Sophie still living with you guys?

        Nothing much has been up with me! Same old, same old. 😝 I’ve just been feeling super under the weather for the past couple days.

        I’m still behind on reading, too. It’s so hard to keep up with comments when WordPress freakin’ deletes them all the time. 😑

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        1. Thanks for understanding! ❀ I really do miss the dog LOL and Ciel brought him up today kind of out nowhere. He hasn't mentioned him in a couple weeks so it was a surprise and it made me feel a bit bad when he said "I want him to come back". I had to tell him we couldn't bring him back that he has a new home. Luckily he just shrugged and walked away back to his trains. I bet the dog has forgotten me by now, I mean he wasn't with us for long LOL And yes, my brother and Sophie still live with us, or should I say, we still live with them haha. She's been so cute lately following me and cuddling with me on the couch πŸ™‚
          Awh it seems something is going around! Ciel and Alex are both still kind of feeling it. Hope you are feeling better by now! πŸ™‚
          Ah yes, one thing I do when the comments disappear from my notifications, is go to the "comments" section on the sidebar under Site, and you'll be able to scroll through all of them. πŸ™‚

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          1. Aw oh my gosh, I imagined Ciel just shrugging & walking away… too cute lol. At least you guys have Sophie, though. ❀ She sounds so sweet.

            Thanks babe, I am feeling so much better now. It must be the change of seasons. Hope your boys feel better soon. ❀

            I've tried the 'comments' section & it's so confusing?? My comments are in there, too?! & alsooo, it doesn't show when people respond to you on THEIR site. It only shows comments on YOUR site. Ugh.

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          2. She’s so adorable but she gets annoyed with me too lol. I always go bug her and pick her up and kiss her face. She’s a senior now so she likes her own little space but I’m always bursting her bubble lol
            Ooooh gosh yeah! Comments from other people do disappear so that really sucks 😦

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