HUGE Early Birthday Collective Haul

Hey guyys!

I have a video of ALL the stuff I bought recently, well, some stuff has been boxed since August, but I wanted to show you all everything I got. It’s kind of a lot. I only have a video for you today and from here on out, I will only be posting ONE post here on the blog each week, and two videos over on my channel that way I have different content on both platforms. I will let you all know if this schedule changes in the near future.

I know a lot of people hate it when some people just post videos here because most of you would rather just read and scroll, but I also don’t want to leave you guys without stuff from me. SO….

If you’re interested in more content from me, head to my channel and subscribe because I’m not going to post twice the amount of content like I used to. It’s just extra work for myself.. So I don’t want to do that anymore.

However, I still want to give YT a shot, and it of course would mean the world to me if you supported me.

Also, I plan on making some extra content for IG, in the future.. .Like makeup challenges for example. I will still do lookbooks here for palettes that I review, but I want to really push myself to create more looks or recreate looks from other creators, etc. because I really want to get better at makeup and I feel like I’ve been limiting myself.. So…

I will have loads of content everywhere, it will all be a bit different so you’re not seeing the same stuff from me. So yeah. Sub to my channel, follow me on IG, and follow me on here if you still haven’t. πŸ™‚

I love youΒ  you all! I will see you guys back here tomorrow with a blog post! πŸ™‚

Watch me unbox everything:

Ft. Halloween stuff and home decor as well as beauty and fashion from various stores such as Ross, Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, Fred Meyer, Ulta and extra stuff from Boxycharm!


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37 thoughts on “HUGE Early Birthday Collective Haul

  1. I love that you’re focusing on different content on each platform, I was also making duplicate content between blogging and youtube and after a while it’s like, why? It’s so much work doing the same thing but slightly different twice!

    I’m going to try to find time to watch more videos! I can’t wait to see what you come up with πŸ™‚

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    1. I might have to change my schedule down to one video a week soon if I get a job lol. But yeah it’s so much fucking work and I dont know why I thought it was a good idea to begin with? Haha
      I need to find the time to watch more vids too. I have a few of yours that are still on my watch later! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I’ll have to dedicate one whole day to YouTube, another to insta, and another to my blog. I cant do everything in one day haha

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      1. I’m glad you’re finding a schedule that works for you! Have you started job hunting? I remember you telling me you were thinking about it.
        I’m taking a little break from everything right now. I’m scheduling content for while I’m away but I’ve been posting less and realizing all the things I used to do before blogging. I think I let it consume a little bit too much of my life πŸ˜…

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        1. Not yet this whole entire week I’ve been busy filming videos so I can have content while my mom is here. I cant believe how productive I was, i got a lot done haha. But yeah i just need to edit thinks which has gotten much much easier for me lol.
          I do plan on applying to places this week or next in case I get an interview i can leave with my son with my mom. Will be tricky though, I gotta work around my son’s and husbands schedule because I dont trust another soul with my child πŸ™ˆ lol. Also hes a handful and the majority of people dont understand SPD so no daycare.
          Omg right?? I feel the same! Now I’ve gotten the chance to do so many activities I’m genuinely loving all this free time I suddenly have 🀣 when are you leaving for Thailand??


  2. Go girl! I applaud you for doing YouTube too cause that’s so much work! I’ve done a few vids here and there, not on YT just on here, and I can’t seem to get comfortable. Plus I don’t own a camera, so there’s that!

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    1. It totally is! Might have to change my schedule down to one video if I get a job. Its not something I wanna do as a full time thing as fun as it is. YT is making it impossible for small creators to grow and that’s not something I wanna do lol. It would take the fun away from it I think lol
      And girl it took me a while to get comfortable in front of the camera too! And I started doing videos on my ipod. I had done some time lapses and what not lol. Some people film with their phones too theres lots of ways. πŸ€—

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      1. I’ve heard about the changes with YouTube. I honestly think most social media platforms are changing at the same time and making it very hard for the smaller accounts. Instagram too. Think it’s all pay-for-play kinda stuff now.

        I’ve done all my short videos on my phone! Don’t really wanna invest in a camera when I’m not sure how often I’d really use it.

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        1. Yeah very true. My IG hasn’t grown like at all in the past few months, it sucks but at the same time I’m enjoying the content I get to put out LOL
          Ah yeah I see, so do you have a channel then or no? I’d love to follow you there and hopefully you uploaded a video someday πŸ˜€

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          1. No YT channel! All my short, little bad-quality vids are just uploaded onto here πŸ˜‰. I have a β€˜Video’ tab on my landing page so if you’re interested, they’re listed under there. They’re shot on my phone, so just keep that in mind!

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  3. What a great haul!! I love that you splurged for your birthday, how fun! When I have the time, I do like watching your videos! Sometimes it’s harder because I read blogs between work tasks, but I have always loved your videos! And I don’t want to miss your content, so I will watch them lol.
    Anyway love all the things you found at Walmart! Walmart has such a bad reputation for cheap or crappy items, but those look so nice. Especially the wedge sneakers and that panda onesie! ❀

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    1. Thank you! I like splurging haha
      Awwh thanks you dont have to watch them I understand a lot of people dont have the time πŸ€— but thanks for supporting me regardless! πŸ’œπŸ’œ
      I know!! But I think Walmart has stepped their game up. I think they must have realized that target is a huge competition lol.
      Girl I’m seriously wearing the heck out of those sneaker wedges haha

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      1. Of course! I love your content, whether it’s blog posts or videos! ❀
        Yes totally agree that Walmart has stepped up their game! Still not quite as cute as Target, but hey, they have some GREAT options and they are always more affordable.
        Oh good! Those sneaker wedges are super dope.

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        1. 🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑😭😭😭😭
          I got a pair of heeled boots yesterday from Walmart and loved them I had to wear them yesterday when we went out to a concert and I didnt even get tired haha I love them! My mom bought them for me because she said she hadnt bought me anything for my bday I was like “awe thanks moooommm!!” 😭

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        1. Oooh yeah youd be surprised that even Dollar Tree can dish out some good home decor I’ve bought so many things from there to decorate for fall and xmas season and a lot of it has held up pretty well. I cannot wait to go back in a few weeks when they start adding the xmas decor. Actually they might have already started but I havent gotten a chance to see if theres anything new. I really loved some of their ornaments and may end up buying a bunch of those so my tree can be all white or whatever lol

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          1. Ooh YES, we like to keep with a wintery theme for our decorations and especially our tree, so all of our ornaments are silver/white/blue. It’s so pretty! I want to get more ornaments this year for sure. We got a bunch of decor at Big Lots last year! They have great prices.

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          2. that’s gorgeous i cannot wait to see your tree πŸ˜€ we still have a big lots here too, luckily they haven’t taken it away but i hardly ever go in there, i’ve been hitting up all the dollar tree’s around here haha

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  4. Aw. Only one post a week? I’ll miss reading your writing but, I totally understand you’re wanting to focus on other content & platforms. I watched this video on YT when you first posted it but, I didn’t write a comment because I thought you’d have it all over here, too. Dang it! Now, I barely remember all you got & what I wanted to say. I know I loved your new fuzzy slippers & the Funko Pop is so cute! I was going to find a Tokyo Ghoul for your bday but, I didn’t know anything about the characters and/or which one you would want!

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    1. Yeaaa I’ve been slacking this week, but only because my mom is here, I just have been enjoying my time with her here πŸ™‚
      awh no worries, i wasn’t sure if i was going to make a post or not but i thought, no too much work LOL but that’s alright no worries πŸ™‚
      the slippers are so cute and comfy still wear them every single day πŸ˜€
      i wish I could have gotten more Funko Pop’s but the ones I want are hard to find, sadly. I do already have the Ken Kaneki FP, so sweet of you to think of that ❀

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      1. Aw. Yay πŸ’— it must be so lovely to have your mom in town. So glad you are getting to enjoy some time with her. 😊

        I want a new pair of house slippers now! & which other Funkopops do you want that are hard to find?!

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        1. It was super fun I already miss her. Having her around was so great. I got used to her so quickly.
          Idk which ones theres literally so many, I never made a master list, i was browsing my ex neighbors list because he has some app where you can make a wishlist and also put what you already have in your collection? Because it tells you what it’s worth. but anyway, I was browsing his lists and I was like “omg I want that one, and that one, and that one……”.🀣🀣🀣

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          1. Aw I know exactly what you mean. I get used to having my dad around, too. It sucks not living in the same state. 😭

            Lol there are so many!! If you have time, you gotta go to Circus Circus & check out their anime shops. They have tons!!

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          2. Oh oh! The anime shop is in Circus Circus & you can drive there, their parking is free, too! The Asian beauty store is not far at all!! It’s in China Town. Oh my gosh, let’s plan a time to go together & then get dinner around there after. ❀

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          3. I’m so excited! Im gonna make a list this weekend of places to see, because I also want to ask you if they’re worth it, like the Shark Reef Aquarium. The boys really wanna go see that but idk if it’s worth it? Lol

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          4. Okay okay, once you make your list (if you haven’t yet) ask away!! I’m not even sure what the Shark Reef Aquarium is. Is that the one inside Golden Nugget? It actually makes me sad because the sharks are so big & tanks are so small– they just swim around in a mini circle. 😭

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