Product Empties — June to September 2019 + Schedule Update

Hi dolls!

I know I’m writing this post a bit late, it’s already mid-October but I couldn’t find the time to work on it as I was easing back into blogging at the end of last month. I also have decided to update my schedule and only post here on my blog once a week, and twice on my YT channel until further notice.

Being that it’s practically holiday season, I tend to be busy with family affairs more than anything. It’s not just the holidays for us, it’s also birthday season so it’s definitely a lot. Anyway, my schedule will be as followed:

  • Tuesday/Thursday: YouTube videos
  • Wednesday: Blog posts

CL has school and he will also be starting OT this week, so my schedule is filling up quickly, which gives me less time to work on the blog. I also kind of plan on getting a temporary part time job for the rest of the year, so I have no idea how that will affect my schedule moving forward.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know because you deserve an explanation as to why I’ve been posting less. But rest assured, I’m still here. I love blogging and I don’t plan on quitting! I love this platform way too much!

Right, onto today’s post! My recent empties from September!
these empties span over three months (June-September)

September 2019 Empties

Starting with the Bolero Pineapple, Coconut & Lime Pure Vegetable Soap. I have talked about these before and how much I love them because they lather up SO MUCH! I loved the subtle scent, I didn’t detect the coconut as much.

The Cascadia Soapery Mint & Aloe Body Wash was quite refreshing. We had these samples when we stayed at the beach over the summer. Very well-made products and they’re made here in the PNW! 😀

The White Company White Lavender Body Lotion smells fantastic. It was very moisturizing and because of its size, I decided to use it as a hand lotion and it didn’t let me down. Took me a while to finish because I didn’t need a lot.

The Gold Bond lotion wasn’t the best lotion. I think it’s more suited for dry skin and it’s pretty thick so it wasn’t my favorite. I used it as a hand lotion as well because I wash my hands too much but it didn’t do shit.


The Dove Foam Conditioner was okay. I liked the foam aspect of it and how lightweight it felt, but I didn’t get any results? My hair felt nice and hydrated and soft when applied, but as soon my hair dried, my hair felt frizzy and dry. I only noticed this with continued use. Don’t like it.

Below you’ll see I have two empties of the YesTo Cleansing Facial Wipes. I haven’t had much luck with this brand unfortunately. These wipes felt so rough on the face, I ended up using them to remove swatches and even then they felt scratchy.

The Thayer’s Rose Petal toner is among one of my favorites ever, I’m beginning to wonder if this is my holy grail! Left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed and very cleansed. The smell of rose petals was subtle and wonderful! I repurchased the lavender version and really liking it too so far.


I finished the Wet n Wild lash glue which I think is decent, but I have found a better one that comes with BH Cosmetics lashes. 🙂

The NYX Matte Liquid Liner is definitely my holy grail eyeliner. I’ve repurchased this for many years now. I haven’t found another I like better in the same price range.

I finally gave up with the ABH Clear Brow Mascara. All this time I thought it was something I did wrong but no. I got fed up that my brows felt like hairspray was used on them, and it was kind of a pain to take it off properly without needing to wipe too harshly. Got a much cheaper replacement.

The Tony Moly I’m Real Cherry Blossom Mask Sheet was such a treat. TM isn’t CF unfortunately, but for the time being they are my only exception because they make amazing, high-quality products and a lot of the products I’ve bought over the years are affordable. These mask sheets are some of my all time favorite.

Lastly, the Green Roads Relax Bears On-the-Go I picked up at a smoke shop near me because they were on sale and are cheaper than another ones I have. Their CBD concentration is much lower than my other ones (these are at 10mg each whereas my other ones are 24mg each) but I love that they’re sweet and sour gummy bears! 🙂

Alright loves! That is all for this week here on the blog. Yesterday I posted my Collective Haul on my channel so make sure you guys check that out. Tomorrow I will be posting A Full Face with Project Pan Products so be sure to sub to my channel so you don’t miss whatever I post over there.

What have you been up to lately loves? I miss you all!
Have you emptied any products? Have you made any purchases?


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27 thoughts on “Product Empties — June to September 2019 + Schedule Update

  1. Thanks for giving us the heads up on your blogging schedule. I always look forward to reading your blog and watching your vlogs. I have been up to taking time for myself lately. Just reading, blogging, and catching up on Netflix shows. xx

    Liked by 1 person

        1. It helps to remove excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup. Some toners have other active ingredients, like anti-oxidants, but not all. I personally like using toner because I feel it has made a difference in my skin, some are good for people with oily skin (like me) as well as acne prone skin (also me). Also, some are hydrating for people with dry skin (me, but in winter). I say depending on what you’re looking for in skincare products, you may or may not need it. They’re not necessary but for some people it seems to make a difference 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ok interesting, thanks for the info! Hmm, doesn’t sound completely necessary for me but that hasn’t stopped me from buying stuff in the past 😉😆. But in the winter I could use all the help I can get with hydration.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, how exciting that you are planning on getting a temp part-time job! How’s that going? That’s awesome!
    Your blogging schedule sounds great. 🙂 Even with only blogging once a week, when you’re busy, you’re busy and you can’t help that! I’m glad that you will still be around though! I would be so sad if you ever stopped blogging lol. I usually only blog 1-2x/week and it would be too much for me to blog more than that, so I understand!
    I love that the Nyx liner has been such a constant for you over the years! I kind of do the same thing — when I find something I like, I stick with it (unless something else comes along and seems to be better)!
    I don’t think I’ve heard a single person actually like Yes To products or have a good experience with them. It’s a shame because they sound so great, being vegan and cruelty-free and all. I also didn’t have good experiences with them at the beginning of the year. Oh, also I saw some at the Dollar Tree, which is really surprising!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually havent started looking at anything yet but my dad told me yesterday about a job fair which I might go to if I dont need to pay admission 🤣 if that doesnt work out I guess I’ll search through craigslist and whatever else I can find. Maybe a job at the airport lol.
      Awh thanks so much Courtney!! 💜
      Yeah I’ve replaced a few items for good besides my eyeliner but I think the eyeliner is easier to use up so I have no need to replace other things so soon lol. Powders are so hard to finish up to begin with lol

      Omg I knoww!! I havent heard a single great thing about them! Actually maybe i have but not very often. Maybe a few of their products are good but they seem to irritate people’s skins so much. I know they did for me.
      Ah yeah I have seen some of their stuff at dollar tree too!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I hope you can find something! Are you just wanting a temporary job for extra spending cash during the holidays?
        Yesss powders last forever!
        It’s true, even people who don’t have sensitive skin have complained about the Yes to brand. It’s a shame because it sounds so good!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s totally understandable that you’re taking a step back from blogging. I’m happy you don’t plan on quitting anytime soon though. 💖 I hope you’re able to find the part time job you’re looking for, best of luck on the search!!

    I’ve never heard of foam conditioner. Sounds interesting but, too bad it didn’t do much. 👎🏽 I had tried a few YesTo products a long time ago & remember hating it all, too. Thayers is def a new HG of mine!! Love that stuff– it’s seriously been a lifechanger.

    It’s such a such that Tony Moly isn’t CF & those CBD gummies sound yummy. Did they help you with sleeping?

    Great job with your empties, Rossy! Always love seeing what you use up. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dont think I would ever want to quit blogging. I enjoy it too much lol. And the job search hasn’t even started haha though i have asked a few places but eh.
      Yeah i wish it would have actually helped my hair when it was dry instead of only when I applied and rinsed lol. YesTo has some interesting products but I have always wondered why they left like they burned my skin. Its gotta be an ingredient they’re using.
      Ah yay!! Thayers is the best. I’m loving the lavender one too I haven’t noticed a difference they’re born very hydrating and gentle on the skin. The only difference is the scent. And they’re not strong scents either which I looooove
      I know I’m so sad they arent bevause I’ve loved all the products I’ve tried from them 😖 and the gummies did seem to an extent I mean the dose is pretty los but I felt relaxed nonetheless

      Liked by 1 person

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