TOP 5 — Best & Worst Palettes From Boxycharm [VIDEO]

Heyy dolls!

I know I’ve gone AWOL but I got a good reason: my mom was here!! I wanted to spend my time with her most of all, so I’m sorry I ended up leaving again. We didn’t get to do much but I enjoyed her company.

I will look through all the photos I got and see if maybe I have enough to post, otherwise, you will have to wait until I post my Fall Bucket List Recap, which should be soon anyway. But ok, enough of that, since I haven’t put much content out, here’s a NEW video from me. I’m sharing my top 5 BEST and WORST eyeshadow palettes I’e received through Boxycharm.

I figured I have received plenty and definitely found some new favorites (as well as some terrible ones) and thought it would be fun to do a video on all of those. 🙂

Again, I’m so sorry I keep leaving you guys. I’m still catching up on reading so I haven’t left completely, just no time for my posts LOL.

Thanks for sticking around. I do got some other things I want to show you in the upcoming weeks which means I might post more?? And I also have a special little vacation/trip to Vegas next week so I’m stoked because I will finally get to meet my bff, Hunida! But more on that when the time comes. Enjoy this video for now. Thanks for your support!<3

Have an amazing Tuesday!


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17 thoughts on “TOP 5 — Best & Worst Palettes From Boxycharm [VIDEO]

  1. Good choices for your top 5 palettes! The Alamar palette is loved by a lot of people 🙂 I had to giggle when you mentioned the Laura Lee palette as I remember bloggers not getting on well with that one 😛

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    1. Thank you! It was hard choosing which I liked more lol. The Alamar palette was amazing! I would love to get my hands on the second palette.
      Haha gosh the Laura Lee palette was a freaking joke 🙄 I honestly was expecting better.

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  2. I remember how upset you were about the PUR Masquerade palette lol I totally expected that one to be on the worst list! I hate when you can’t create a look without reaching for other palettes, too. Kind of deletes the purpose of even having a palette. I would love love love to own a Violet Voss palette. I am a sucker for shimmers but I know you are more of a matte lover so I was surprised to hear how much liked the VV ones!! I am one of those people that agree about that tarte palette, lol. Bleh. Def wish I was subbed to Boxy when they sent out that Colourpop palette. It bothers me a little when shades stain but, maybe I would be able to overlook it, too. LOL at your reaction to the Laura Lee palette, ahh so disappointing! & yes yes yes to the Ace Beaute palette, my first Boxy ever & it was sooo good. ❤ You know I actually have not even touched that PUR Festival palette yet lol… the Crown one does look boring & I agree about the Butter London palette, it's so gorgeous. ❤ I *did* see that PUR x Boxy palette coming as the #1 worst but, I am actually a little surprised the Alamar was your #1 best! Fun video, Rossy!! 🙂 Your makeup looked absolutely gorgeous!!!

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    1. It definitely defeats the purpose when you have to reach for other palettes. I like to think of them in this way: could I travel with said palette without needing anything extra? Is it something I can use everyday even if i don’t use all the shades? The Masquerade palette definitely was a NO on both of those accounts lol.
      Girl, save up your money for a VV palette, I promise you you won’t regret it! I have two with the Essentials one and even though I haven’t playd much with that one, i already love it and I know Cleia does too!
      You could honestly get a much better palette from ColourPop, there’s better ones out there from them, just ask Cleia for her recommendations or look at their site and see which ones call your name or get something you KNOW you can use daily so you don’t have to worry about it just sitting there. The CP formula is pretty amazing and consistent throughout, they do have a few duds, but for the most part, their palettes are great quality and very affordable.
      The Festival palette isn’t that special, honestly, LOL. You’re not missing out on anything. The pressed glitters are nice, yeah, but that’s all that palette has going for it I’m sure you can find some of those neutral shades in other palettes.
      Ah yeah, honestly I surprised myself too when I chose the Alamar as my #1 best but I remember being SO inspired by it when I initially got it, and even more when I swatched it. I think another reason I chose it as my #1 was because I was able to create a great range of looks, if that makes sense, because of the varying shades it comes with. The Ace Baute is super gorgeous too, but I felt like the Alamar just slightly more versatile? Hopefully that makes sense lol.

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      1. Agreed, a palette needs to be completely usable on its own. Why else would we want something so big? The VV palettes def look worth the money. I am honestly worried to try Colourpop because I’m not sure if people rave about it because it’s good for its affordable price or is it actually good? Like, when something is cheaper, people are less judgy, you know?

        Lol yeah, I don’t really feel that interested in trying the Festival palette when I have so many more exciting ones but, I’ll try to create a few looks with it one day. 😛

        That totally makes sense what you said about the Alamar & Ace palettes! I wish I woulda got that one, too, lol!

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        1. That makes sense. I haven’t tried much from CP, but what I have* tried, has been really really good. Even their liquid lip formulas are really amazing for the price, and I’m not just saying that. Granted I haven’t tried MANY formulas yet to know for sure, I know there are a few duds like with any brand, but generally, their palettes do really well. They just over-release a ton of stuff so that kind of gets old. But yeah, it’s also hard to trust people who get shit for free so I don’t blame you LOL.
          I must say that after trying the Dream St palette (a Kathleen Lights collab) and the Sweet Talk palette (the peachy one) I’m pleased with the formula AND the price. Definitely worth it to me.
          Well, the CEO of Alamar works for Boxycharm too, sooo you never know! One day they will include the 2nd palette and you’ll get to try the formula too! 🙂 they have included the brushes in a previous box as well and I liked those too 🙂

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          1. What I want to know is, if those CP Palettes were priced the same as like Urban Decay palettes… would they still be worth it? I really don’t like to read reviews from people who get shit for free either, you can tell how hard they try to like the products and say as many pointless good things about it as possible.

            Ooh, that’s good to know about Alamar & Boxy. Def gonna keep my eye on those spoilers!!


          2. Hmmm….great point. To be fair, just because something is expensive doesn’t make it better. (i.e. many PUR palettes, Tarte sometimes, etc). I think if they ever raised the prices to match high-end products I wouldn’t purchase from them anymore. There are so many indie brands selling great products (and some even better quality) for the same price. Maybe they need to step aside for someone else to get the spotlight for once lol they’re money hungry

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          3. That’s why I really like Ipsy because they are always introducing new Indie brands that are just as good, if not better than higher end brands. I would never purchase a Tarte palette with my own money, either lol.

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          4. I cannot wait to sub again to Ipsy. I have been using the makeup bags as clutches and wallets LOL. I just miss getting the bags, not so much for the makeup because it’s usually hit or miss, but the makeup bags… that’s original LOL

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