Meeting My BFF, Hoover Dam & Red Rock Canyon — Las Vegas Pt. 1

Heyy guys!!

Last time I posted I told you guys I was going to Vegas! I was super excited about it as it was my first time visiting and I really wanted to see as much of it as I could.

When we got back from Vegas, we wanted to rest and then Thanksgiving was right around the corner so we started prepping for that—which is why I was gone all last week. This weekend is CL’s birthday party so as you can see, very busy time for us me. But anyway, all that aside, it’s time to recap our vacation in Vegas!


I know that some of you will say Vegas is no place for a child, and you might be right about that but we were able to find some “family friendly” activities and sights. Let’s take it back to early morning of November 21st.

Day 1: 5am Airport Arrival / 6am Flight Take-off

We woke up, changed and headed to the airport bright dark and early. Getting our tickets, going through security and getting on the plane was relatively stress-free. The boys got some rest during the flight whilst I couldn’t (I was kind of anxious).


We landed at 8am, headed to the car rental center, grabbed breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels and headed out to see the Hoover Dam to get it out of the way (and also to kill time while we waited to check in to our hotel).


We made it to Hoover Dam around 10am. It was raining when we got there but we made the best of it. The view was gorgeous even though the water level was apparently 75ft lower than it should have been. According to a visitor there, it hadn’t rained in 9 weeks so the rain was very much needed.


“What did the fish say when it hit the wall? Dam…”

I cannot find the words to express how I felt being there and seeing this monument with my very own eyes. I felt so small in comparison and was intrigued by how this dam came to be built in the first place. It’s just so grand.

On another note, a passerby was nice enough to take our photo without us even asking.


I thought it was super cool that I was standing on the state lines. Can I say I’ve been to Arizona or does this not count?? Seriously, asking for a friend.


*sorry for blurry pic, Alex hasn’t learned my camera settings yet*

TIP: If you guys ever go to the Hoover Dam, I HIGHLY* recommend parking on the Arizona side because parking is FREE! This does mean you do have to walk a bit, but you get an amazing view from this side too. You also might have to wait a bit if it’s full but it’s best to go early in the morning before it gets crowded.

Shortly after we began to head back as it started getting crowded. We stopped by at an overlook of Lake Mead. It looked absolutely beautiful and haunting with the mist/fog looming right over the mountains and hills.


We stopped at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City which was on the way back towards Vegas. Even though it’s a very small museum, we stayed there for about an hour or two and waited for the train ride to kill more time before going back to Vegas. CL really was in his happy place with all those big locomotives. So cute.


One of the staff/conductors, David, was super nice and told us about Boulder City’s history. It was built to house workers who were building the Hoover Dam. Due to being built during the Prohibition, alcohol was prohibited on-site because they wanted sober workers, (they were also not allowed to travel to Vegas where alcohol was freely flowing). Gambling was also prohibited within city limits and still is to this day, making it one of two locations in Nevada where gambling is illegal. 


Right outside Boulder City, Railroad Pass Casino was built and was very popular with Boulder City dam workers due to the alcohol and gambling prohibitions within city limits. It was the third casino licensed in the state of Nevada and is one of the oldest operating casinos. Our short train ride from the museum took us all the way to Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino, where we ate shortly after (we got a free buffet for riding the train, food wasn’t the best but it was free).


After eating at Railroad Pass, we headed to our hotel and we got there just in time for check-in. We stayed there to rest and I got ready for dinner with Hunida and her boyfriend around 5:30pm. We met up with them at Ramen Sora; she has been there a lot and we love ramen! 🙂


I don’t remember what everyone else got, but I got the Corn Butter Ramen with shoyu base. It was delicious! Then we went on a Starbucks run with her and took our first photos together:


Isn’t she gorgeous?? I swear she’s even more beautiful in person. ❤

I just want to say that I’ve been wanting to meet this girl FOREVER. She’s so down to earth, chill and open-minded. I’ve told her before that I believe she’s my SOUL SISTER. (More like the sister I don’t have!) We just get along so well. ❤ We’ve been chatting through WP a little more than a year, but it felt like I had known her longer and meeting her for the first time felt like old friends catching up. Her bf was super chill too, I enjoyed spending my time with them so much I already miss her!!<3 ❤ ❤ T_T


After Starbies, Hunida took me to two Asian beauty stores and I decided to get something from the second one, Shibuyala. I got two face masks, but didn’t get to use them when we were in Vegas. Anyway, we said our goodbyes as she had to get to work that evening and we took one more photo before parting ways.


Later we met up with Alex’s family at Circus Circus and spent some time with them and played at the Midway Arcade before going back to the hotel.


Day 2: Red Rock Canyon & Visiting Alex’s Family

We slept in a bit, showered and got ready to leave to spend the day with Alex’s family. We had breakfast at Blueberry Hill, as recommended by Hunida, and it was delicious! I got their Blueberry Crepes and their compote was absolutely delicious and not sweet at all. Their homemade cheese sauce was amazing as well. Alex got one of their waffles with ice cream and CL mac n cheese.


Before heading out to visit Alex’s family (an hour out of Vegas), I wanted to at least stop by to see the Red Rock Canyon. Stopping at the actual entrance required payment (toll) and I only wanted photos so we stopped by the overlook instead and took in the sights.

Note: Red Rock Canyon is the first photo. This was taken at the Red Rock Canyon Overlook.


I enjoyed the view so much. It was beautiful, the mountains majestic. I’m sure it must be even more amazing up close. I will definitely come back here and hike at Red Rock Canyon next time. It’s too bad I had to pass it up.


I appreciate and thank Alex for taking such great pics of me that day 😀


And how cute is this photo of my boys?!!
Caught them at the perfect moment with Red Rock Canyon behind them!


It felt windy and cold so we decided to leave to see Alex’s family. We didn’t expect to be there all day, but we were. We went out with the kids to the arcade nearby for a short while and went back to take photos with his family before taking off. I only feel comfortable sharing the photo with his mom since I don’t have permission from everyone else.


We left around 9pm and got back to the hotel at around 10:30pm after stopping by In-n-Out (one of my faves) for some food. We ate, watched part of a movie, and fell sleep.


I think this is a good place to stop. I will try my best to fit days 3 and 4 into one single post because it’s a lot. Hopefully I am able to finish editing my VLOG highlights of this trip to show you all because I had such a great time. I will never forget this trip! 😀

I want to know how Thanksgiving was for those of you who celebrate it?
What did you do? What did you eat?

I’ll see you on my next post, hopefully tomorrow, fingers crossed!! ❤


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26 thoughts on “Meeting My BFF, Hoover Dam & Red Rock Canyon — Las Vegas Pt. 1

  1. Aw honey this post almost made me cry happy tears, I am so happy for you girlie. You look freakin’ radiant. WHERE do I even start? First of all, Hoover Dam? Amazing, I am so happy you got to visit and enjoyed it, and I’d definitely say that counts as going to Arizona, you got a picture with the Arizona sign didn’t you? I think I might have a photo with that sign somewhere.. or it might be the Nevada one, I’m gonna have to have a look but ah so freakin’ excited for you. I AM SO HAPPY YOU MET HUNIDA, I love your friendship with her and I am so grateful you finally got to meet your soul sister. You both look absolutely gorgeous, and CL looks so cute in that photo of the 3 of you omg. Amazing. I am so so happy for you I could cry haha!!!! I really hope I get to meet you soon Rossy! ❤ Those Red Rock Canyon photos are amazing…. girl you need to Instagram those haha!? Literal insta pic goals. and the one of you and Alex is flawless, and the one you took of your boys… perfect hun!! It looks like you all had the best time, and I am so so happy for you. So excited to read the next instalments! Have the best week hun! ❤


  2. What a magical story, getting to meet your BFF in person for the first time! I love your pictures, and I really felt like I was there with you while I read your blog post. You’re really good at telling a story. 😊💕

    Similarly, this year, my husband and I drove 10 hours to meet a friend of mine who I’ve known online for 8 years. The things he does for me really makes him a keeper!😂 She lives in the US and we live in Canada. It felt unreal to actually meet her in person.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was pretty cool! I’m really sad she’s not anywhere near me otherwise I’d hang out with her more often LOL. Awwwh thanks! That’s the biggest compliment I have ever gotten when it comes to my writing here 😀 thanks so much I so appreciate that 🙂
      And that is insane! Driving 10 hours is a long way but I’m glad you got to meet your friend as well! 😀 It’s amazing the relationships that form through blogging 🙂 it’s definitely unreal meeting people you meet on the web first 🙂 I actually didn’t go to Vegas to meet her specifically, my husband’s mom and grandma went there and we just took advantage to meet while I was there 😉
      I hope you get to meet many more of your friends that you’ve made here on WP, Hunida is the second person I meet but I hope I get to meet a few more at some point 😀
      thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you have a wonderful week! xx


    1. I so did. I would love to go again and do a few more things that I missed 😀
      And no, unfortunately not but that would have been cool to get her on video with me. Since I wasn’t actually vlogging while I was there, I didn’t want to be intrusive, and I also wasn’t sure if she would have been comfortable with that and didn’t think to ask. I didn’t really take my phone out much while we were with them because I wanted to enjoy my time with her too 🙂 there’s always next time though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am a local mama here in Las Vegas! Calico Basin is on the other side of Red Rock and doesn’t require any payment. Red springs is where you’d park! Also if you are looking at a few good restaurants and eats here, check out Sushi Koma and Hot and Juicy if you are into seafood! If you ever come back, I’d like to meet you! 🙂 -Megan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh this comment was in my spam! Good thing I checked! But that is amazing that you live there too! It’s such a beautiful place 🙂 I will keep Calico Basin in mind, I would love to see more of Vegas whenever I go back 😀
      I will also keep those restaurants in mind, not a huge fan of raw fish but if they have ramen at Sushi Koma count me in 😀
      I do plan on coming back sometime next year, fingers crossed I can make it happen. Would be lovely to meet more people from the blogosphere. Have an amazing week! xx


    1. It really does look super beautiful, the desert was refreshing for someone like me who is surrounded by trees and constant rain here :p
      And thank you, my boys are definitely cute, specially the small one xD I’m so glad I got to meet Hunida, she has literally become my BFF here in the blogosphere and it’s one reason I appreciate the blogging community, getting the opportunity to meet like this is incredible. Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to travel to Canada and meet you and Cleia ;D


  4. Oh wow! You seriously caught some gorgeous shots of the Hoover Dam. I didn’t know that the water had been so low. We got a lot of rain this week though so I hope the levels have risen now. LOL at the fish hitting the wall joke. 😂 & I love that photo of you 3, so nice of someone to take it without you even asking. ❤ & yes, of course that counts as you being in Arizona!!

    Vegas locals LOVE going to Lake Mead. I have never actually been there before though. Interesting to know gambling is illegal in Boulder City! I had no idea!

    Aww oh my gosh, I’m so happy our photos together turned out so cute!! I already miss you, too ❤ & it truly feels like you are my soul sister, even though I have an older sister, she’s the worst, we never talk/she never reponds to me & I needed you in my life. I’m really glad you think I’m chill, too. 😁 I’m always worried people will think I’m too hyper/annoying LOL. I’m so happy you liked both Ramen Sora & Blueberry Hill!

    Oh my gosh!! That photo of Alex & Ciel at Red Rock is melting my heart. How freakin’ cute!! & that top looks amazing on you. 😍


  5. I’ve read Hunida’s side of your time together so it’s fun to read your side now! I love that you guys got to see all the trains and ride a train from the museum. I bet Ciel was loving that!!
    And yes I do think it counts as visiting AZ to be on the state line. 😉 If I still lived there, I probably would have driven up to meet you too! Anyway, I think it’s so great that you got to see the Hoover Dam. What a sight! And the Red Rock Canyon! Those are some amazing photos!! That selfie with you & Alex is sooo cute. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww yeah I love that we both wrote about it 🧡🧡 she’s so cute!
      Ciel was definitely into the trains I’m glad we stayed there for a while even though it was a bit cold and windy and we were hungry lol.
      Yay! I have officially been to 5 states! 🤣 thats not as impressive lol.
      Thanks so much for stopping by doll! 🧡💛🧡


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