Walking Through Las Vegas Strip & Sight-Seeing — Las Vegas Pt. 2

Alright my dolls!

We are back for part two of my Vegas vacation. If you haven’t read part one yet, make sure to go and see what I did my first two days. Let’s not waste time and jump right into it!

Day 3: Minimum Sight-Seeing & Walking The Strip

Since we didn’t get to see much on Day 2, we decided to try and see as much as we could before meeting up with Hunida later in the evening.


Makeup selfieee!! ❤

We headed to Planet Hollywood for free parking, walked through the Miracle Mile Shops, and headed straight to Bellagio to see their Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. (We took pictures on our way there).


It was absolutely beautiful in there. It was crowded so we just walked right through and left.


We got to see the Bellagio Fountain Show. The song that played that afternoon was “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. CL really enjoyed it.


After the water show, we headed to one of the Monorail stations because CL wanted to ride it. We did a round trip to see where it ended before getting off to find tacos.

Let me rant for a little here lol…..

We were looking for Tacos El Gordo on the north end of the strip. I don’t remember where we got off, but it took us an hour just to get there. And when we got there, we literally waited in line for ANOTHER HOUR. Alex and I had to separate due to their stupid line system (specialty tacos in one and asada/carnitas, etc in another). It was the STUPIDEST thing EVER and some asshole cut me off so I went off on him…I didn’t take a picture of the place or the food because I was fuming by the time I got my food. As good as the food was, I do not recommend the place. Overpriced, wait is too long, and it was EXTREMELY crowded. After that ordeal, we walked back to the Monorail.

I tried to take a photo on the way back to cheer us up.


We got off behind Planet Hollywood and guess what you guys? WE WERE IN THE WRONG PARKING GARAGE!! We had to do MORE walking, I didn’t know if I should be mad, cry or laugh because it had been a long day. Possibly the most stressful for CL too. Anyway, we laughed it off and walked around to the correct garage.

After making Hunida wait for such a long time (I’m sooo sorry lovee!!!) we headed to her place to meet her fuzzy babies….I’m sooo happy I got to meet them. I was more excited to meet Benji (not pictured) but I fell in LOVE with Sushi! He was chubby and loveable! They laughed when I asked “is he fat or does he just look like that?” LMAO


Sushi was so CUTE. Honestly. I miss him. He loved the attention. I tried to pet Twinkle Star but she was too shy. Finally, third time(?) was the charm. She actually let me pet her and rub her belly and she jumped onto the cat tree and posed for me! T_T What a sweetheart!


Alex stayed inside a bit to smoke with Hunida and her bf while CL and I waited outside. I’m pretty sure CL and I heard something in the bushes but couldn’t figure out what it was LMAO. When they came down, we headed to Fashion Show Mall (picture taken earlier in the day).


While there, we got treats from Honeymee. My boys got a soft serve cone, while I got a Matcha tea. I know Hunida and her bf weren’t fans of it, but I didn’t mind it that much? I’ve tasted worse. Definitely tasted very watered down though.


We walked around the mall and went into a few stores looking for souvenirs and a sweater for me because I needed one. All the stores had those soft teddy sweaters that are apparently trending but I didn’t want one of those, so when Hunida took me to Cotton On, I found the perfect, olive hoodie in the men’s section, lol. You’ll see me wearing it in photos of Day 4. We also saw two photobooths and took some pics there. Thanks to Hunida for the second pic! ❤


Soon we got hungry, soo…fast forward to the place we chose for dinner:
Bahama Breeze.


I got the Tequila Sunburn Glazed Salmon topped with pineapple-mango salsa with green beans and cinnamon mashed sweet potatoes on the side. Alex chose the Lobster mac and cheese and a flight of drinks.


That salmon! So juicy and delicious. I would love to recreate this glaze and salsa at home. Thanks Hunida for recommending this place, I also recommend!.

After dinner we went back to the strip. The lovely Hunida decided to skip work (I love you, thank you!) so we walked around for a few hours. I found IT’Sugar as we walked by and went in there to find the Dwight Shrute Bobblehead that my brother in law told me he had seen there. The store is pretty neat inside too. Huge candy sculptures and big candy in general.


I think we walked a bit more before parting ways because it was around midnight when we were heading back to the parking garage. I was really tired after a long day of walking. I was ready to sleep.

Day 4: More Walking + Sight-Seeing

Alright, LAST DAY! We did the same thing as the day before, more walking and sight-seeing, so I won’t bore you with details. After checking out, we went to a taco shop behind the Stratosphere Tower on the north end of the strip called Tacos Mexico.


Whoa! Delicious! The service was lovely, the wait wasn’t bad, food was delicious! I recommend this place over Tacos El Gordo. Since we were so close to the Strat Tower, I wanted to stop and take photos. There was a souvenir shop in the corner so we walked in there too and got a few more things.


This is the sweater I got the day before at Cotton On.

We left and parked at Treasure Island (free parking) and walked towards Caesars Palace Forum Shops to catch The Fall of Atlantis Show. We stopped at The Mirage on the way for photos.


Walking through The Forum Shops was insane. I am SO MAD that they make you walk the entire mall JUST to see the Atlantis show. So stupid but also genius marketing, lol. We stopped at the Fountain of the Gods because I can’t believe something this HUGE is inside a building. It’s insane.


The show was pretty cool. I had never seen an animatronic show, CL really enjoyed it, especially when there was fire. Neat. On the way back I took a pic in front of the xmas tree.


That’s all we had time to see that afternoon so we headed back to our car and headed to Container Park so CL could play. He was a bit upset when we got there, but somehow I convinced him to go play and we turned that frown into a smile. While we waited for Hunida and her bf, I took some pictures of the place. Super cool.


Love the treehouse in the middle but the tallest section was closed off.

When they got there, Alex went off with them to grab snacks while I watched CL. Shortly after we went to the strip to eat at Pin-Up Pizza. I couldn’t resist going after Hunida blogged about it a few months back. The slices are huge! I got a margarita (yum) but couldn’t finish it!


I wanted more photos with Hunida before taking off. Thanks to Hunida’s bf for taking our family photo! 🙂


When I was taking group photos, Batman walked by and took one for us and also took a selfie with us! 😀 Hunida was glad he didn’t ask for tips!


We headed out to Insomnia Cookies right away to try those infamous cookie ice cream sandwiches Hunida loves. I must say I’m impressed. I got a white chocolate macadamia cookie and a snicker doodle with cookies and cream ice cream.


Big Chicken was visible right outside the window and since Hunida and her bf shared a slice of pizza, they were still hungry. Alex ended up getting sliders and I had half of one, super delicious and juicy. I’ve never had a chicken sandwich like this one. Best I’ve tried.


We talked a bit more with them before saying goodbye. I really loved our conversations and I really didn’t want to leave but we needed to catch our flight. 😦 Thanks Hunida for hanging out with us!! ❤

We tried to drive by The Mirage to see if we could catch the volcano but we barely missed it, I think I got like three seconds of it when it was starting on video.

We barely caught our flight because dropping the car off and getting through the security gates took longer than expected. Luckily we made it on time. Overall it was a great trip, though I did learn that flying scares me and gives me real anxiety. I had a hard time relaxing during the flight, no kidding. So. Much. Turbulence.

And just in time like promised, I was able to finish editing my VLOG highlights. The beginning I do talk a bit and show you some souvenirs I got over there, I made sure to time stamp the video in the description of when it starts.

Thanks if you watch! I worked so hard on it and I enjoyed editing it 🙂

It was raining and cold when we landed. I miss the warm Vegas weather. I cannot wait to go back, hopefully next March… I’m going to shut up now because this post is preeeetyyyy long, I’m sorry!! Thanks so much for stopping by guys!


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29 thoughts on “Walking Through Las Vegas Strip & Sight-Seeing — Las Vegas Pt. 2

  1. Aww looks like such a fun trip! I’m curious to know is the cat fat or what haha? The outfit in the first few pictures of this post looks so cute on you 🙂 Hello new blog layout, it looks good! I’ll be sure to check out your vlog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so fun! 😀 And yeah, the cat was fat, sorry I didn’t mention it lol. I forgot what she said, that she used to overfeed it or something, and that they’ve tried to get the cat to lose some weight, but he has remained a bit chubby. But honestly, he is super cute the way he is, he’s playful, loveable and adorable.
      Thanks so much! 😀 Olive is my fave color to wear it just looks good against my skin tone lol.
      Ahh you noticed I changed my layout, thank you! I’m actually not done with it but I’m liking the minimalist look of it as well so who knows, maybe it will stay like that too. 🙂 And thanks for watching if you do xx
      Have an amazing rest of your week love 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Aren’t they?? He was the first fat cat I’ve met I loved holding him! The pic wasn’t good so I didn’t include it and I also forgot I even had that pic LOL. Maybe when I go back I will take another (better) pic with him 😀
          Aww thanks for watching. xx I’m so glad you enjoyed it and the editing, I worked super hard on the editing and I was super happy that the songs I chose lent themselves when I was editing 😀 xx

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, you look so pretty in the makeup selfie photo. ❤ I always love going to see the different setups in the Bellagio Conservatory but, it's always so crowded, getting a few pictures & pushing our way through is the only way to experience it. LOL at your rant about Tacos El Gordo. I wonder if the location off the strip isn't as overpriced & crowded. We might try it sometime.

    Oh my gosh, my babies!!! LOL. ❤ I'm really glad you enjoyed meeting them & that Sushi was lovable when the other two were being little shy shits haha. Where is the photo of you holding him?!? I wanted to see that one!! Twinkle Star posed for the photo better for you than she ever does for me! BTW, sorry our place is such a mess with the boxes & cat toys/scratchers everywhere. It was soo dark, too, because we don't have a light for the living room at the moment since Sushi broke it. 😛 I BET YOU HEARD THE NOISE IN THE BUSHES OUTSIDE BECAUSE ALEX MENTIONED *YOU KNOW WHAT* while we were smoking! How scary! 😦 I'm soso happy that I skipped work to spend more time with you guys!! Love you toooo!! ❤

    Can't believe we had never heard about the Fall of Atlantis show, makes sense since it's so far away though LOL. We'll have to go sometime! Looks & sounds pretty neat. 🙂 Oh & that Bonanza Gift Shop is like the biggest souvenir shop in Las Vegas or something like that. Glad you guys were able to stop in there!

    You got some really amazing photos of Downtown Container Park, WOW! LOVELOVELOVE those group photos we got together after Pin-Up Pizza! Still laughing about how big the slice was compared to little Ciel. ❤ We really had SOSO much fun with you guys. I hope we all get to hang out again very soon! ❤ Off to watch the video now!!

    P.S. Your new theme looks super nice!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I took like five other pictures before I decided on this one haha
      I’m glad I got to see the conservatory/garden, it was so neat and beautiful, I cannot wait to see if it was changed for xmas 😀 that is, if you go and see 😀
      If you go try the location off strip, let me know how it was. If it’s better we’ll go to that one instead whenever we come back 🙂 I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time if my husband’s mom will be traveling over there each year.
      Ahh I LOVED SUSHI!! I miss him!!! And omg you’re right! I had to ask Alex about the picture of me holding because I completely forgot, he never sent it to me, but it was a bit dark and blurry. I will send you the pic tomorrow but it wasn’t a very good pic 😦 Alex still has a lot to work on when it comes to pictures, he could have stood up and moved around me with the kitchen lighting idk haha
      I will have to go back and get a better pic LOL. Oh gosh, so many reasons to return hahaha
      lololol interesting, I heard it different times too, the noises started across the little fenced area and moved around the fence to the bushes near me. I tried to shine a light onto the bush but didnt see anything. If I remember correctly, I think they only appear where it’s really* dark. They lure people into the dark or something and it was pretty lit where I was standing LOL I was more intrigued than scared xD
      If you go see the Fall of Atlantis show, be prepared to walk A LOT. It’s nice seeing the fountains on the way there, but other than that, bleh lol. Also, try to get there 10 mins early or so, it starts getting crowded 5 mins before it starts. We were lucky we made it right on time before it started LOL.
      I’m so glad I went into Bonanza Gift Shop too, we just happened to drive by it and see it, otherwise I would have skipped it if I wasn’t in that area 🙂 I actually got a little panda key chain that I forgot to show in my video because it’s in my fany pack LOL
      I’m so glad you had fun with us, I’m still buzzing about it hahaha Ciel mentioned your kitties today I was like “ugh I miss them!” XD
      Thank you! I’m not done fixing my blog but maybe I’ll leave it as is. Looks pretty cool and minimalist.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Conservatory has probably been changed for Christmas by now, I think it’s different every month or so?? We don’t have plans to see it but, it’ll probably be all over IG lol. I will definitely let you know if try the Tacos El Gordo near us! We would love to have you guys visit again! Alex is pretty great with the photos, at least better than boyfriend, haha. He probably couldn’t get up because Sushi might not have stayed put LOL. Please do send the photo though! 😀

        Gosh, maybe it was trying to lure you but ran away when YOU flashed the light on it. I am still terrified & I’ve always hated the dark!!

        Aww a panda keychain!! ❤ I'm still buzzin' about having met you, too. ❤ & your blog is so looking cool & minimalist. I could never get that theme to look good on my blog!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aww I’ll have to look and see if anyone has any recent photos of the inside 😀
          (my) Alex is the “point and shoot” kind of person when I ask him to take pictures, which is why most of the time I find a good angle, make him stand there, and show him exactly what I want LMAO
          Idk you’re freaking me out haha, they say it MIGHT* be people though, so who knows. I guess I will never know. I’m TERRIFIED of the dark. I hate it lmao.
          I’m sure you can make any theme look good, it just takes a lot of work into how you can customize it. I’m working on a little something something and it’s looking real good so far but still gotta work out a few things ;D

          Liked by 1 person

          1. LOL boyfriend & I gotta kick out of when you found the right angle for him to take our picture!! I know, I’m sorry, I freak myself out with all that stuff. I am absolutely terrified of the dark, too– cannot, will not ever be in the complete darkness lol.

            I think the theme you have now stretched out my Featured Images & made them look weird but yours all look perfectly fine!! Can’t wait to see what you’re working on. 😀

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks xx
      Ah yeah sorry for all the food pics, we really went out before leaving without meaning to lol. Insomnia Cookies was so so good. I think there’s here in my state, but about an hour away and I never head in that direction. :/


  3. What a full, fun trip! I loved that you used every moment to see as much as possible! All of your selfies with everyone are so cute!
    There’s an Insomnia Cookies near us and I am dying to try it thanks to Hunida’s recommendation, and especially after reading this.
    That Christmas tree is huge!! How stunning!
    Also, that’s absolutely insane that you had to wait in line for tacos. I probably would have gotten impatient and walked away, lol. I love that you guys got to ride the monorail too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did my best to fit as much as we possibly could. Still missing a few sights but I think I can always go back a second time and do the rest 🤣
      Oooh you definitely must try Insomnia Cookies. I know you’re also cutting out dairy but it’s such a treat. Especially the warm cookies!
      Well we waited because the line outside was moving quite quickly but when we got in, the wait was so much longer. It was dumb. I do not recommend the place and how they run their business lol. The wait was not worth it lol


  4. This post makes me so so so happy!!! I don’t even know where to begin!!! The fact that you and Hunida were able to spend so much time together is so special. And to meet Sushi & Benji!! ❤ all this food looks awesome (besides the Tacos El Gordo trip)…. but I HAVE to try that pizza one day. Holy maloly!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I bet this was a trip Ciel won't forget either. Ahhhh this just all warmed my heart more than I can say and looked so so fun<3 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks 😀 I’m so happy I got to meet her too and spend so much time with her. Might be going back in March if Jennie decides to go 🙂
      the kitties were adorable I already miss them! and yess, definitely try the pizza from there! not sure if they have dairy free cheese didn’t even ask and I regretted it later on my flight home LOL
      oh yeah he remembers it quite well, he likes to talk about the time we went to Vegas and hung out with my friend and her cats xD
      thanks for stopping by! i miss ya lots and haven’t gotten the chance to stop by your blog but who am I kidding? I love to binge read it xD ❤ hope you're well and Merry xmas and Happy new Year if I don't get the chance to say that to you! I hope the new year brings you and your family lots of happiness and health ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YESS!! Oh I hope that works out for you all! ❤

        Awwwww haha oh my goodness, that is so sweet about Ciel!!!

        Aw Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too, Rossy!! I wish the same for you and your beautiful fam. Sending a big ol' holiday hug. Have a great rest of 2019!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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