LOOKBOOK — 7 Looks Using Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

Hiya dolls and happy Valentine’s Day!

I am back with a second lookbook with another palette from JSC, Blood Sugar! The one that started it all! If you missed my previous lookbook, I used the Blue Blood palette, so go check it out if you like blue shades.

Since February is all about love, I thought it would be fitting to show you guys looks using this palette because the palette has pinks, red and purples (as well as some neutrals) and I thought it was the perfect palette to play with this month. I got this palette such a long time ago and I honestly didn’t play much with it until December when I got a lot of use out of it while doing Christmas looks.

Here’s what the palette looks like to refresh your memory:


Look #1: The Colors of Christmas

This is the only look I’m using from my Christmas Lookbook and even though I only did one eye using this palette, I’m still counting it. The gold shade on top belongs to another palette too but I thought to include this look anyway so you can see what else I’ve created with this palette..

Shades Used: I don’t remember, sorry! 😦


I really love this two-toned look and the shades were really striking.

* * *

Look #2: Purple Dream

One of my favorite looks using my favorite color, purple. When I started creating this look I didn’t think it would turn out this good, honestly. It just looks so so good and I had no problem blending the shades together.

Shades Used: Coma, Root Canal, Cavity, Candy Floss


I really am loving this shape of cut crease, so I’m sorry if you guys are tired of seeing these. I’m trying to master it before moving on to more complicated looks. I don’t know what I like more about this look—the colors, the lid gradient, or the fact that it’s my favorite purple monochromatic look I’ve done to date. The shades are brilliant and so pigmented.

* * *

Look #3: Red Smoke

I don’t remember where I was going with this look, and I also don’t remember if I set my eyeshadow primer or not. Either way, I think these reddish shades have amazing color pay-off.

Shades Used: Fresh Meat, Prick, Tongue Pop, Candy Floss, Extraction, Sweetener


My husband said it looks more like “emo makeup”, I don’t know. But I like it. It reminds me of Pale Waves’ frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie’s amazing and bold makeup looks; which I eventually want to recreate.

* * *

Look #4: Gold Mine

This palette has an entire row of neutral shades and the range is amazing. Shades to set, for transition, and to deepen the crease. I couldn’t wait to try a look with some of those shades. Really love this look too.

Shades Used: Ouch, Cake Mix, Intravenous, Donor


I usually complain about the same kinds of neutral shades being included in many warm palettes, but I feel like these were slightly unique than others I’ve tried. They were also such a pleasure to work with, which made creating a look really fun and exciting. I used NYX’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Downtown Beauty which is a walnut brown, and I fell in love with this eye and lip combo.

* * *

Look #5: Cotton Candy

The second row of this palette has a few pinks, so I chose the pinkest shades and a purple to deepen the crease and used it as a liner as well. While I’m not super happy with this look, I really like how the shades look together.

Shades Used: Glucose, Sugar Cane, Cavity, Root Canal, Candy Floss


I used Root Canal on the crease and as a liner over some concealer to make it a bit bolder. I wish I would have smoked out the wing a bit and cleaned it up a bit underneath but it was getting late lol. Still, I like it and I want to do more of these cut creases that leave a bit of negative space below the crease.

* * *

Look #6: Luxury

Another favorite! This look is actually a recreation of this Pinterest post. I wanted to find other color combinations than what I was previously doing, and thought this one was fantastic. I really like how the purple, red and gold tones shine on their own but together as well.

Shades Used: Cavity, Intravenous, Tongue Pop, Sweetener, Blood Sugar, Fresh Meat


I couldn’t find a name for this gorgeous look and when I looked up “red, gold and purple” on Google images, I got lots of wedding color schemes and the majority were attached to the word “luxury” and it honestly feels like it. These colors together are great!

* * *

Look #7: Blood Sugar

I know, another half cut-crease. I just really wanted to make a look like this with only the reddish shades and I really like it. I literally bought this palette because I was attracted to the red shades and hardly any palettes have true* red shades, so this palette was a perfect addition to my collection and it’s a unique palette too.

Shades Used: Cherry Soda, Prick, Tongue Pop, Fresh Meat, Intravenous, Blood Sugar


These red shades are seriously such great quality and they made the palette more than worth it. I like the shade range in the bottom row and as I keep saying: they blend easily into each other. I was able to layer a few shades to get a slightly darker shade or more “burgundy” tones if you will. I really did fall in love with these red shades.

That’s all the looks for today loves. I really enjoyed creating with this palette. Even though I did put it off for a very long time, I’m glad I finally decided to use it because I love it so so much and would love to create some more looks for you in the future.

I also really appreciate that even though this palette leans more “red”, the fact that there are some purples, pinks and even neutral shades makes this palette really versatile as you can see above. I was able to create a good range of looks so I think if you’re into these kinds of shades, it’s definitely a palette that you should have in your collection.

Which looks do you like best?
Are you into these kinds of shades?


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27 thoughts on “LOOKBOOK — 7 Looks Using Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

  1. Ok the looks you did are all beautiful but reading the names of some of the shades just ruins the palette for me!! Root canal? Cavity? Fresh Meat? WHYYYYYYY

    Anyways, the names don’t matter, I think you did a great job creating unique and different looks. Luxury is my favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol I get that, the inspiration for the palette came from the medical field in general, and he has had a lot of dental work done which he has spoken about a lot and his love for candy so I kind of get it? LOL but yeah I can see how the names may turn you off, some other palettes have done that for me too
      Thanks so much, Luxury is definitely one of my favorites too 🙂


  2. The shades do look versatile which is great! I love the first two looks and the gold look the most 😊 is the formula easier to work with/are the shades as good as those in the Blue Blood palette?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One of the reasons I love this palette so much is because I can do so many different kinds of looks with it 🙂 I can mix and match the shades or use the same tones 🙂
      And yes! both Blue Blood and Blood Sugar palettes have the same, high quality formula and was super impressed at how easy I was able to blend them, I honestly couldn’t fault it. By far, the easiest formulas I’ve ever worked with and that made playing with them pleasurable and enjoyable.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s good to know the formula performs excellently, it’s what you want from colourful palettes especially shades like blue and red which aren’t common but you want decent quality when you do use them 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re so talented Rossy! I need you to teach me how to do a cut crease shape like in look #2 pleaseee omg! You’re so talented and these looks are amazing! I love the colour contrast in look number one also, with the two toned eyeshadow look. LOVE!

    Red Smoke is another of my favourites, I love the colours and the pop of highlight in the inner corner compliments the shadow so well. Amazing!

    Cotton Candy is so gorgeous, I love that style of cut crease and the colours are so so pretty and dreamy. You chose the perfect name for the look!

    I absolutely adore Luxury too, the name is once again perfect for the look, it’s such a stunning eyeshadow, gorgeous.

    You are such a talented, creative woman Rossy! You are amazing and thank you for sharing these amazing makeup looks with us, they bring me so much joy ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg I would love to create some kind mini tutorial on IG for that same look if you want I just gotta figure out a set up to film it haha 🙂 otherwise a pictorial will do 🙂
      Red Smoke didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped,so I’m really glad you liked too!!<3 I do like how well all the shades look together, one of my favorite palettes I've ever worked with.
      Cotton Candy is another that didn't turn out the way I hoped lol. I haven't done that style of cut crease in a long time, that was the first kind of cut crease I ever attempted, but I still think I need to work more on it 🙂
      I wish I could say Luxury was my own creation but it wasn't lol the shade combo really shocked me because it looks so pretty.
      Thanks for always being so supportive my love!!! You're the best ❤ ❤ xx


  4. Wow, the range of looks you did with this palette is so amazing! So incredibly impressed with your shadow work! If I was to get any of his palettes, I’d definitely go for this one. The Alien Palette was very cool too, but I think that got discontinued right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was really impressed with the range of looks as well 😀 and thank you I have been practicing for years. If I could get daily practice in I’m sure I could get better but eh haha
      Yeah the Alien palette was discontinued, I never had a chance on that one haha. I also really wanted the Thirsty palette but that one is also discontinued, I was really bummed out because the color story was gorgeous and it spoke to me more than the Jawbreaker ;( LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay I totally thought your favorite color was purple but I remember you also telling me that your favorite is green!! Lol which is it so I can remember correctly!? ♡

    That purple dream look is out of this world. Soso pigmented, bold, & gorgeous. The reds are totally what attracts me to this palette, too, so I was stunned to see this look without any hint of the shade. Love it!!! & my gosh, Luxury definitely caught my eye, too. The combo of colors is just perfect & the name goes so well with the look. 😍 Oh! & Cotton Candy, too! How unique & fun. The negative space wing liner looks so cool!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s both! Purple and green are my favorite colors lol. I can’t help myself and cannot choose only one haha
      The purple look is one of my faves! I was shocked I was able to create a look like that using this palette! T_T ❤
      Luxury is another one of my favorites too, I'm glad a lot of people liked that look too. 🙂
      Thank you love!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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