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It seems like I’m posting only once a week, which is fine by me at the moment. Hope you guys don’t mind. How have you all been lately??

My bff Hunida tagged me and I haven’t done a tag in a very long time! You guys should read hers too. I used to do tags all the time but then they became repetitive so I stopped altogether. This one however, pertains to makeup, and I love makeup. So lets get started!


There is so much makeup out there and I am sure I haven’t tried 25% of it. I had a hard time narrowing this down but I think I’ll go with the KVD Tattoo Liner. Great for detail work but it skipped when I used it for winged liner.



One of the main brands that come to mind is Jeffree Star Cosmetics because that’s a huge obvious one. However, in terms of products, I’ll go with NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. People don’t necessarily hate* these liquid lippies, they just don’t like the formula? What can I say, not everything works for everyone.


Hmm… so many!
I’ll go with Kris Jenner “Momager” Kollection x Kylie Cosmetics.


James Charles, Huda Beauty, Nikita Dragun, Manny MUA to name a few..


Wet n Wild. I did a full face of WnW on YT last year along with a One Brand Focus on them. What made me really sad is how shady they were when they started selling in mainland China, just didn’t sit right with me how they handled it (by lying) and then trying to cover their asses on IG.

It is no secret that mainland China still does non-routine post-market testing so their products are always at risk of being tested on animals. Stay CF if you can, my friends!<3


As Hunida mentioned on her post, fake freckles. I remember when people used to hide them because they used to get made fun of, but now? I’m just so confused as to why people want to add fake freckles when they don’t have any. They actually sell these too.. WHYYYY???


Oooh boy, oh boy!! I got like three of them LOL.

#1: PUR x Boxycharm Eyeshadow Palette

Inconsistent formula and the prettiest shade (MIA) was the hardest to work with. I am aware I hate on this palette very often but I really did have high hopes lol.


READ: PÜR x Boxycharm Eyeshadow Palette — In-Depth Review + Swatches

#2: Revolution Reloaded Palette (Iconic Division)

Just plain sucked! Worst palette I’ve ever purchased! I was excited about this palette too because it was a dupe of the ABH Subculture palette. A lot of people had raved about their palettes and said they were really great quality so I bought this one because I loved the color story. Sadly, it didn’t hit the mark.


READ: Revolution Reloaded Palette — Iconic Division Review

#3: Morphe 15D Day Slayer Artistry Palette

I hoped to like this more but it fell a bit short for me. Kind of hard to work with.


READ: Morphe 15D Day Slayer Artistry Palette Review & Swatches + 3 Looks

I TAG: Chanelle, Jodi, Mrs. Strawberry Blonde, Ingrid Madison, Olive Unicorn

P.S. Those tagged don’t have to do it if they don’t want to. It’s just for fun. You could also tell me your answer below 🙂 

What have you guys been up to? I had the worst start to my morning yesterday when I took CL to school. I am hoping today is better. Wish me luck!

Also, I hope you guys have seen my latest posts over on AyR Intake. I’ve been working on my recaps and hope to have my January one up either tomorrow or later this week as well as my March Bullet Journal. 🙂

Have an amazing Tuesday my dolls!!


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36 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

  1. I hope you’re having a better day today Rossy ❤️❤️❤️ I love this tag, it’s such fun! I’m sure I’ve used KVD tattoo liner before and really liked it, that’s just me though! And I love faux freckles omg haha, I just think freckles are so beaut!!! I always draw mine on using a Bourjois brow pen, I just love them! It’s funny how both you and Hunida aren’t fans 😋 like you say, not everything works for everyone! Thanks so much for sharing doll, this was definitely fun to read! Love ya ❤️

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    1. I am now. The rest of the week went better than I expected, just little minor things but all is well. 😁
      Yea the KVD liner worked well for a lot of people just not for me unfortunately.
      I think freckles are beautiful too but it does baffle me that people want them for like, every day wear kind of thing, does that make sense? And also because people used to get made fun of, you know? Seems a bit backwards to me. People with glassed used to get made fun of too and now everyone has glasses lol.


  2. Love this tag, I definitely agree with you on NYX (but I actually love JSC liquid lipsticks) and on those major influencers, I don’t like that kind of too heavy makeup and I don’t particularly enjoy their petty behaviour.
    I forgot the Momager Collection. It was so bad ahahah

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    1. Thank you it was very fun doing this tag you are more than welcome to do it yourself too 😁
      Omg yes! I have never been a fan of caked on makeup so the fact that you mentioned that is so great because that’s one reason (besides the drama) I dont follow them lol. They may be talented when it comes to eye makeup but I honestly have found way better and more creative artists on IG 🤷‍♀️ lol

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  3. I didn’t know that a lot of people didn’t like the NYX liquid suede lipsticks, I’ve never heard anything bad about them. I don’t really hear much about them at all lately, I’ve been meaning to give more of their products a chance.

    I can’t stand the majority of the “successful” influencers in this industry, with the exception of Tati and Kathleen Lights. James Charles comes across as such an entitled brat… maybe it’s just because he’s like 19 and already a gazillionaire.

    That boxycharm and Pur palette is one of the worst I have ever used! I tried to love it too, the blue looked so nice in the pan.

    I hope your day got better after a not so good morning.

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    1. Over the years when I first started blogging, I would always tell people how much I loved them and it was like 60/40 of people who said they didn’t like versus ones who did lol. I wonder if people are not familiar with them now a days, because they have released way more lip products at this point and of course there are other brands with liquid lips that people enjoy more. Idk. But I haven’t really heard people talk much about them anymore either.
      I want to believe that age doesnt play a role in his behavior but unfortunately in his case I think it does, at least to some extent lol. Money goes to peoples heads. 🤷‍♀️ sad kind of world we live in.
      Yes agreed, I wanted to like it so much but it was so hard to work with 😩
      Yeah my dad and whole week was much better thank you 🤗🤗


      1. I wish I heard more about Nyx these days! Instagram is always pushing the latest cute packaging, I rarely hear about drugstore brands anymore 🤔
        Maybe he has grown since I last watched him, but I just can’t stand his channel. He is absolutely talented though, his makeup skills are incredible.
        I’m glad your week got better!

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        1. I know I hardly see their posts on my feed 😦
          I stopped watching sometime last year or the year before that. Yeah he’s talented, but honestly, I have found some truly amazing creators on IG too I cannot wait to do some recreations

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  4. I’ve definitely heard hit-or-miss reviews on those NYX lippies, but you’re right, not everything works for everyone and that’s so important to keep in mind when reading reviews. Oh my god, that Revolution palette seems awful just by looking at it! You can almost tell it has no pigment. Revolution is so all over the place with their quality; more so than other drugstore brands it seems.

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    1. Yeah I think people forget that sometimes? Lol. Makeup is not necessary a one size fits all kind of thing. It is to an extent, but every one seems to forget we have different skin types or something lol.
      I know! When I got it I was so excited and when I dipped into it for swatches i immediately was disappointed haha. It’s a shame I wanted to have a good experience with the brand but someone else warned me that despite all the good reviews, they’re really the kind of brand that dupes a bunch of high end brands and not always good quality products lol. Eh 🤷‍♀️

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      1. I think they have some gems hidden in their line (i.e. I really liked the Conceal & Define Concealer and I want to try the hydrating version they recently came out with), but they’ve definitely made their name in the industry by offering cheap rip-off’s of higher-end palettes. And they’re totally not trying to hide it either! I’ve never been cool with that personally; get your own ideas, I say.

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        1. Oh yeah I wanted to try that concealer but everyone was like “its matte” so I said no thanks. And yeah I had heard they came out with a hydrating one and I cannot wait to empty a few of my concealers to try it I actually should write it down so I dont forget lol.
          I know it’s really messed up how they rip off high end products just to make a profit the quick way

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          1. I didn’t find the original one too matte myself, but to be honest I always apply the least amount of concealer I can get away with. I don’t ever want to look cakey underneath my eyes – gross!

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  5. This was an interesting tag. I don’t support WetNWild anymore either. And it’s unfortunate because they have some great products and really cute collections. It’s sad they had to be shady. Haha fake freckles.

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    1. It was a very fun tag and I havent done some in a long time 😅
      Gosh yeah that’s what bummed me out the most, they were my go to for a lot of things but the good thing about that is I can go explore other brands I haven’t gotten the chance to explore as much.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope to see it, if not, no worries 😀 ❤
      I did have a nice little simple, weekend. Next weekend will be far more exciting as I will be taking a little trip to Vegas to see two friends (bloggers) 😀


  6. Ooo! I’m so excited that you decided to fill this tag out even though you usually don’t like these. 😁 There really is so much makeup out there. I think I have tried less than 25% of it all!

    The KVD eyeliner worked well for me when I did a tiny thin upper lashline look but, sad to hear it skipped when you tried it for a wing! I’ve never used anything else by her. Have you??

    I’m personally not interested in anything Kylie Jenner creates but, I gotta admit, I think Kris is so cool lmao. I’ve never seen them before now but, I actually love those stickers. 😂

    I totally remember you telling me about the WnW scandal. I don’t blame ya one bit for not using their products anymore.

    I cannnnnot believe those faux freckles right now lol, do you just press them on your face & wet the back like one of those fake tattoos we used as kids??

    I have only ever read rave reviews on the Revolution palettes… I was a bit skeptical about them so thank you for your honesty! I will def stay away.

    Thank you for participating, Rossy!!! Loved reading your answers. ♡

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    1. oh yeah i have another tag coming up either this week or next haha
      i have tried a foundation but it was waaaayyyy to matte for me it looks awful on me lol. i also have tried one of her lipsticks but i didn’t end up liking the shade as much and ended up tossing it haha other than that, i don’t think i’ve tried anything else.
      i have no idea how people apply those faux freckles… its weird isnt it? LOL
      apparently most of the revolution palettes are good, a lot of people kept commenting that theirs were decent so i have no idea if it was this single palette, a bad batch or just bad luck in my part lol if you ever decide to get one of their palettes i’d say stay away from this one and try to see which one people recommend more and see reviews before buying it.

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      1. Yay!! Looking forward to your next tag. 😀 & I’m always seeing KVD makeup at Ross so I was just curious if it was any good or if people just stopped buying it because she’s controversial? 😛

        Lol the faux freckles are definitely weird. I am now kind of curious how those are applied… gonna look it up later haha.

        Ah okay, that’s strange that some of the palettes would be different than the others. I kind of hate that, to be honest!

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        1. i know many people stopped buying it because she was controversial and people didn’t want to support her any longer. some people did* discontinue use because their stuff didn’t work well for them. i’ve tried countless things and i didn’t like any of it, lol. i dont think she owns the brand anymore, i’m pretty sure the investors thought it would be a good idea to remove her so they wouldn’t lose all the money lol. it was a small rebrand, even if she doesn’t own it, im not buying it, it sucks.

          that just means the brand’s formulas are inconsistent and that’s not a good thing either. however, they are* an affordable so a few things are bound to be misses but if people only get the crappy stuff, they’ll lose customers. it’s 2020, brands can totally make high end makeup and still sell it at a decent price. especially if they are well established.

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          1. What the heck? How can they remove her but still use her name? That makes no sense & I want to buy it even less now… though, I was never interested that much in the first place lol.

            I agree, there’s no reason that high quality makeup needs to be so spendy but, I seriously do not trust drugstore makeup for some reason still. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really ever use or buy it anyways. 😛 I was just curious about those palettes because they’re huge, cheap, & seem to be well-loved by the beauty community. Weird that their formula is inconsistent… how does that even happen?!

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          2. haha right? they pulled something out of their ass, actually, and said that “KVD” stands for “Kindness, Vegan Beauty + Discovery”.
            I know I’m never buying anything from them ever. Everything I’ve tried I hated lol.

            Yeah I get you. I’ve started buying less “new” things from the drugstore end, and only stick to things I know and love. Some mid-range brands are starting to come out in stores too like at Ulta, I’m honestly so so happy LOL

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          3. LOL right?? XD I was laughing so hard when I found out because people were still complaining how it “still has her name” and they “don’t wanna give her a single cent” so they statement said they were basically “re-branding” xD It was a move to get people to start buying stuff again but now that she’s out of the picture, I can BET you the brand won’t last. Same happened with Kathleen Lights and her nail polish brand (KL Polish). They were trying to push her out by making decisions without her and in the end, she got a lawyer and they ended up liquidating everything LOL

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          4. Oh my gosh, I had no idea that’s what happened with Kathleen Lights’ nail polish brand. I remember when she put everything on sale before it closed down. Man, the beauty industry is SHADY!

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