Product Empties — January to March 2020

Heyy dolls!

I apologize for not replying to your comments or not reading your blogs at the moment. My anxiety is back and I’ve been having a tough time lately. Until this is over, my whole schedule might be off, so I profusely apologize to all of you if my posts / comments on your posts are scattered throughout the next few weeks.

Today I thought I could share my empties from way back in January up until March. I typically don’t do these kinds of posts monthly because I never finish more than three items in one month. Not unless I’m about to finish them. So, let’s cut right to the chase and get started!

Note: I will place an (*) next to the products I would like to repurchase to keep this short.

Products I’ve De-cluttered

These are just products I’m no longer reaching for or I feel are too old by now. Starting with the Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick in Tender Heart, which I haven’t reached for since last year as well as the Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was almost fully finished but I stopped using and now I see no point in keeping it.


Next the KVD Tattoo Liner which wasn’t my favorite, I felt like it dragged and skipped on my skin, only good for details in Halloween looks. As for the Essence Kajal Pencil, I had to keep going over my waterline for it to show and that was too much trouble.

Finally, the Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey. Got this through Ipsy a few years back and as much as I like it, I feel like it’s a bit dry and I really have to swirl my brush in the pan in order to get any product. I shouldn’t have to work so much for it.

* * *

Haircare / Bath & Body

It’s no secret around here that I really do like NYM and I managed to use up two of their products; *Plump for Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo and their *Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water Weightless Mousse. They are both perfect for my fine, thin hair and they give my hair a bit of volume.


Next two products from Love Beauty & Planet; their Murumuru Butter & Rose Sulfate Free Shampoo and their *Sugar & Rose Peace and Glow Creamy Body Scrub. This line is my first from this brand, so I have to say both products had strong scents, I am hoping that’s not the case with everything else they have to offer. The shampoo lathers really nicely but I didn’t see much of a difference with it. The body scrub on the other hand, I liked and a little bit went a long way.

Finally, a bar soap from *Bolero. Love these so much, the best product this brand has to offer. The bars are bigger than the average soap bars and also last me quite a while. They have nice scents, and are all fairly subtle in my opinion.

* * *


While the PUR X-Faux Lip Plumping Exfoliator is not really makeup, I used it a lot to prep my lips before using liquid lipsticks (and sometimes in my night routine). It’s so so good, it does exfoliate my lips nicely and does give my lips a plumping effect.

I finally emptied the Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finish Powder which was not my favorite. Left my skin feeling a bit too dry which is why I avoided using it. And the Wet n Wild Lash Glue (x2) is not the best. You need loads of it or your lashes don’t stick properly. Also takes too long to get sticky / goopy.


Then I have a *Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Celeste, was nice for use as an every day lipgloss. It gave my lips a plumping effect, I really liked it. Unfortunately, I felt it was just a tad* sticky for me.

Lastly, two beauty sponges from *Real Techniques (orange) and *EcoTools (green). Really the only reason they’re here is because my son tore them apart. At first I was upset but then I realized it was time for them to go, so I’m fine with it now. I’ve replaced them.

* * *


Last category, I promise. Starting with the *e.l.f. Daily Face Cleanser and their *Illuminating Eye Cream. I’ve already given my full thoughts of both of these products on my e.l.f. One Brand Focus post, dedicated to this skincare line. I really loved this cleanser and I can see myself using this year-round. Same goes for the eye cream. I think it really helped brighten my under eyes just a tiny bit.

I have also written another One Brand Focus post, focusing on the Mario Badescu facial sprays. The only one I’ve emptied so far is this *Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender one. I really loved the subtle scent and how refreshing it felt. I like using it after a long, stressful day before bed. Would love to try more products from this brand.


I hardly remember anything from these sheet masks, but they were good and I liked them all. The *Tony Moly I’m Avocado Mask Sheet is meant for ‘nutrition’, these masks always leave my skin feeling so good and hydrated / moisturizer. Even the morning after. Same goes for the *Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask. I used this in the winter when my skin needed it the most and it was amazing. Probably geared towards dry skin though as I cannot get away with using it another time of year. Lastly, the *Freeman Pore Cleansing Strawberry & Mint Sheet Mask, good just like the other two and left my face feeling cleaner.

Alright dolls, the total empties this quarter is 18, and if I count what I’ve de-cluttered (does that count too??) 23. Honestly that’s pretty good for me.

I went back to my posts from 2019 to check how many empties I accumulated over the year and it totaled 132 empties. That’s impressive coming from me, and I am hoping that I can do a lot better this year. I have so many things I would like to use up and hope I can come close to last year’s amount if not surpass it.

What have you emptied lately?
And how are you holding up?


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32 thoughts on “Product Empties — January to March 2020

  1. Wow, well done on everything you finished up this quarter and over the past year! I’ve found I’ve slowed right down on the empties front, since the lockdown and not being able to go to work or go out I haven’t been using many products daily. I’ve applied makeup a few days a week as I do miss it 🙂

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    1. Thank you! And I feel the same way. I have no where to go so no need to get ready for anything really but I hear that even get ready to go nowhere makes you feel really good so I might just try that at some point lol.
      I miss doing my makeup and dressing up anyway.

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  2. So sorry to hear your anxiety is back; it’s totally understandable given what’s going on in the world now. Mine comes and goes these past few weeks, so I’m just trying to distract myself as much as possible doing things I love and watching my favorite movies. Sending you a big virtual hug and kiss ❤️❤️.

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    1. It’s okay, it’s coming and going. I’m just trying to be more optimistic and remind myself that my anxiety won’t last forever and that this is one of those times where our future is uncertain and that it’s okay to not be okay. We can only hope for the best and be as positive as we can in these hard, trying times. ❤
      And good for you for choosing distractions. I'm doing the exact same thing and it has helped. We've been watching movies here too and playing loads of video games, and just spending time together as a family. 🙂 thanks for all the love gorgeous!! sending you lots of great vibes to you too! ❤

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  3. Hey beautiful! Hope you’re okay, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your anxieties babe, it’s a difficult time, but girl you got this, it’s not forever. You’ve absolutely no need to apologise for not being so active on the blogosphere, you take care of YOU. ❤

    I'm always here if you want to talk ❤

    Speaking of the empties…

    right, I've used the KVD liner once before, and I really liked it! I've only tried it the once though, and now I use the NYX epic ink liner mostly and at the moment, L'Oreals liquid pen liner, I think it's called superliner. I don't know if I'd purchase the Kat Von D one again, I probably would if I happened to need a new liquid eyeliner and was near a KVD, just to see how I feel about it the second time round!! NYX is good, but it does splay a little.

    The Bolero soap sounds good, I will try those when I have the opportunity!

    The PUR lip exfoliator sounds really good, I'd like to try that!

    I really need to try the ELF skincare, especially the eye cream, especially considering you actually saw results. I've still yet to try an eye cream I actually really notice results from. Definitely will put this on my list. Thanks for the recommendations & reviews, beauty!

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    1. I’m alright, the anxiety comes and goes, some days worse than others but for the most part it seems to be pretty predictable so I still have a handle on it, luckily. It’s when it gets out of control that I really need to worry about it lol. But you’re absolutely right, it’s not forever. That’s been keeping me going ❤

      I used the KVD one for a while trying to make it work but I could never keep reaching for it haha. Not daily at least. I use a NYX liner as well, it's called matte liquid liner, been using it for about 4 or 5 years now? I might have heard of that L'Oreal liner as well but hardly anyone uses those here?

      Hopefully you're able to find the Bolero soaps over there but it seems unlikely? I think it might be an American brand but I could be wrong.

      Oooh well now I got ideas on what to get for you as a gift at some point lol. elf skincare and/or makeup it is! maybe even something from ColourPop? LOL


  4. I’m horrible with not taking care of my skin, especially as sensitive as it is. I’ve been wanting to implement a skincare routine and I’ve always put it aside. I feel so thrown off with everything going on, so I haven’t been on here in forever it feels like!

    I haven’t worn much makeup to empty anything out, although I am close with using up all of my NYX red matte lipstick that I love and use so much. I hope you’re taking care, and that’s so cool you can keep track of all your empties! I’d be horrible with keeping up with all of them since I have to instantly throw things away, haha. Hope you’re doing well, Rossy!

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    1. Same girl! I have done the absolute minimum lately and I really think I should have a regular routine again to have something to look forward to each night lol. I do understand it is harder to find products that are great on sensitive skin. I cannot imagine how tough it must be, love.
      I haven’t done my makeup much since i finish my Sailor Moon Lookbook lol. I really want to just for the hell of it, to have something to feel good about lol. I just want to dress up and have no reason whatsoever to get all nice and feel normal x)
      which NYX red lippie is it? I’m curious now because I own a lot of their lippies, even though I ended up tossing a lot of older creamy ones
      It sounds so bad, but I have a little Sephora bag where i put all my empties and I just put it underneath my vanity table, it doesn’t use up a lot of space 🙂

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      1. The days are really blurring together now for us. Yeah, I remember having a terrible reaction to some face wash but at least I’ve managed to find one where my skin doesn’t flare up.

        Now we’re on lockdown at least until the end of this month, according to our governor. I would love for it to be the end of things, so I’m crossing my fingers! Some are saying it’ll drag on another 2 or 3 months, and I think we’re all going to be at wits’ end if that’s the case. It’s definitely fun to just dress yourself up, but it is a bummer to not get to go anywhere, besides the store every now and then.

        It’s the NYX Alabama color! It’s a somewhat darker shade of red and I love it. I have a few liquid mattes but they make my lips feel dry, but the regular [short and fat tubed?] matte ones are amazing and stay on even when I’m eating!

        At least you’re able to keep up with your empties, that’s pretty smart to do!

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        1. Awh that doesn’t sound good 😦 but I’m glad it all cleared up for you 🙂
          I would love for it to be the end of things too but it seems like they are expecting the death toll to increase by August and that our winter might be worse due to flu season and this pandemic 😦 ugh
          Ooohh I had to look up that shade because I was not familiar with it, but that’s such a gorgeous shade of red! Whoa!


          1. August?! Yikes, I sure hope not… It’s going to be a rough rest of the year to recover from this. I keep hearing that some businesses will open May 1st, which sounds super insane. I don’t think I’ll be taking that chance in case because that sounds premature.

            The shade is lovely, and it would look great on you too!

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I agree, it is premature. Just because things have slowed down doesn’t mean it will remain that way. Sadly, people are too stupid to realize how serious this is. Anyway, it has been a while since we’ve chatted. How have you guys been? I’m going to try to catch up on a lot of reading today 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          3. It’s weird how places have started opening, but we’re remaining inside and not dining in anywhere. I can’t believe people have been protesting, I found that to be really surprising.

            But I know! it feels like I’ve missed a lot on how people are doing and what’s going on. I switched my blog over to a self-hosted platform, so I don’t think they’ll show up in the Reader anymore with what I’m doing, which is a bummer.

            We’ve been good though! Stephen had a small stomach bug this past week and we were slightly worried, but it was like a 24 hour thing and he’s okay, shew. How are things going on with you?!

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          4. My state / county plans on reopening soon I am not cool with this at all lol.
            Awwh really?? I haven’t read much lately but I am trying to catch up, I will be sure to check to see if yours are showing up on the reader because there are loads of people who have self-hosted sites but their stuff still shows up on the reader 🙂
            We are all doing great too, slowly getting into a routine as well with our kiddo and what not, and my husband went back to work on Monday after a two week unpaid break.


  5. Are people allowed to dine in yet? I know some places in my hometown have allowed partial dining since it’s a smaller area, but not here in Nashville.

    I think I read something that said if I have a certain paid plan for the plugin or if people follow me already they can still see my posts, but I’m still learning and adjusting with it! I appreciate it, that’s a hopeful thing to know because I flipped out a little when I read how some people were having trouble with posts showing up in the Reader.

    Oh wow, I’m sorry that it was an unpaid break. I hope things will only go up from here with you all and everyone else! I’m still in a daze that this is actually happening in our lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no not yet, only take out and delivery for most places. I highly doubt we can dine in, even if they reopen, they have to be able to maintain the social distancing guidelines since there is talk of a resurgence of infections if they reopen.
      and i checked shortly after i commented last time and i didn’t see your posts on the reader, i can still access your site though through clicking your name and site link, so perhaps i will need to check for new posts often lol. i haven’t read in over a week possibly two, so i’m very behind
      and it’s ok, he was able to get unemployment, just had to wait two weeks for it lol. and i know right, i cannot believe this is happening either. as advance as we are, we sure were not prepared for this. at least it’s showing how much the system is failing us and i am hoping that things change drastically after this for the better

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      1. Yeah, it seems like some restaurants partially open, but I can imagine how much of a disaster that’ll be when people can dine in. I am worried about the spike of the virus once everything opens back up. I’m so eager to get out but I know it’s best to stay in longer.

        I appreciate you checking! I’ll have to work on getting an email list or pay for the widget to let it show up in the Reader. I haven’t been on as much either, so I know I’m behind on things!

        It definitely shows and hurts to see how social classes & businesses — aside from the wealthy and celebrities — can’t go a paycheck, let alone a few months, without the means to support themselves and their family efficiently. I’m with you on that, and I hope people realize some things and we see better changes for America.

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        1. I want to get out too! No joke! I saw some extended family and went for a walk with them and their youngest, and when they took me back home they told me they got sick last September and that it was really bad. I also got sick in January and it lasted for three weeks but it wasn’t as bad as to how it’s affecting some people that we are hearing about on the news you know? But we were compairing symptoms and what not and it kinda* seems like it might have been coronavirus? So who knows. Maybe it’s been around for longer than they are telling us? It sure wouldn’t be the first time our gov’t lies LOL
          No problem 🙂 I have checked again and still was not able to see it. The weird thing is though, I believe I was able to access your posts and getting a “reader-like” page but just your site and posts, idk if that makes sense, I was able to open them but only get an excerpt (typical of self-hosted blogs). Maybe I’ll take screenshots when I log on through my phone so you can see what I’m talking about. But basically, I’m saying I can see some of it like it on my phone app but not on my laptop.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I was reading what people said on my Facebook feed and some think they may have had coronavirus in the winter too! I’m wondering if it had been around and it spiked rapidly in March when it was announced, but I wouldn’t be surprised with what the government has withheld either!

            Hm, that is odd! I have it set now where it shows the “what keeps me up” tab for my whole blog, then the lifestyle and review section. My site also reset to the original setting so I have changed the font and stuff around. I had to wait for the cache to clear and show the latest stuff since I wasn’t seeing it.

            Aw, you don’t have to go through the trouble of doing that, but that is helpful and I appreciate it! I’ll ask my other friend too if she sees what you’re seeing.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Yeah, there are more people coming forward with similar symptoms that fit the description and saying they were sick in December or prior so it definitely gives me something to think about.
            I’ll be sure to look into it and see if I can see your full blog then 🙂 srry I’m so behind!

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          3. That’s such a crazy and frightening thought if it’s been around since late last year. I’m behind on replying, so my bad! Hope your weekend was well and that this week will be a good one for you! 🙂

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  6. I have tried one of Love Beauty & Planet shampoos before & found the scent to be extremely strong too. I would love to try anything that gives my lips a real plumping effect but, I do also hate anything too sticky lol. I am cracking up because I remember when Ciel ruined those sponges but, hey at least they weren’t brand new ones. 😂 The Tatcha sheets masks were some of the best I’ve ever tried. My skin is always dry so they did work for all seasons for me. 😁

    You did great on your empties this quarter & I’d say the decluttered items totally count. 🙂 132 for the entire year of 2019 is awesome, too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i got a shampoo and conditioner from influenster from love beauty and planet, i think you might have already seen it? but that one is much more subtle than this one. do you remember which scent you got? i almost wonder if ALL of their stuff has strong scents, and if they do, i might be turned off from the whole brand for good lol
      i am soooo glad the sponges were not new either haha already replaced them and i’m keeping them away xD
      i agree, the tatcha masks were such a treat, i wish i had a couple more or maybe i will treat myself for my birthday to have some in the winter 🙂
      i hope i have just as many as i did last year, this year 🙂 i think that would be a huge win 🙂

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      1. I did read your shampoo & conditioner review! I was surprised to see you said the scent was subtle, that’s really nice! & I used it before they changed their bottles. I think it was the Argan Oil & Lavender? Not sure though!

        Laughing AGAIN about Ciel biting the sponges hahaha glad you got new ones!! 😉 & yesss, agreed about the Tatcha masks!! I could send you a pack for your birthday, along with that vegan chocolate?! ❤

        It would definitely be a HUGE win if you were to empty/discard as much this year. I've not touched much at all in the beauty department during lockdown…

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        1. i was very surprised too that the scent was subtle, i prefer that over strong scents now a days, i hope i am able to find this collection again because i don’t think i can part with it now that i know it works so well with my hair lol

          oh nice! i wanted to try the argan oil and lavender one too but i couldnt bring myself to purchase it due to the murumuru butter and rose being so strong! 😦

          just send me the vegan chocolate and i’ll be super happy LMAO

          frankly i haven’t touched my makeup as much either, i am trying but stop after a week or two and do not touch it for a whole month lol. i really plan on starting tomorrow for sure, today was such a weird day and i only got to do my eyebrows LOL

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          1. Yeah, I’ve never really been into strong scents. I get insta-headaches from them! & I know what you mean, I don’t think I could ever part with this shampoo I’m currently using (the Alterna one still). It’s the ONLY one that doesn’t make my hair heavier than it already is & gets rid of my dandruff right away. I don’t blame you from straying away from the lavender shampoo! I don’t know why I didn’t even sniff it before buying… I seriously got one use out of it & even boyfriend didn’t like it so we had to throw it out. 😦

            I did my makeup today & it was so fun!!! ❤ I'm not going anywhere though. Just sitting at home with a full face on hahaha.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. That’s what sucks about some stores, they don’t have testers so you would never know until you’re at home about to try it LOL
            Nice! I did my makeup earlier this week and felt soo soo good! 😀 makeup therapy is the best! 😀 I used the Violet Voss Essentials palette but weirdly, I’m not feeling as inspired with it??

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