Influenster — Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt and Bergamot Body Lotion Review

Heyy dolls and happy Earth Day!

I didn’t want to miss posting today and even though I’m posting in the evening night as opposed to the morning like I regularly do, I thought today’s review would be perfect enough for Earth Day. 🙂

I have done lots of research and cannot consider this brand CF.

To learn more, read my post: Is Love Beauty & Planet Cruelty-Free?

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

What is “Ocean-Bound Plastic”?

While ocean plastic refers to plastic waste found in the ocean itself, ocean-bound plastic refers to plastic waste along coastlines, beaches and waterways that will likely end up in the oceans. Love Beauty and Planet sourced ocean bound plastic collected within 10 miles of the coastline to create the bottles for this exclusive line of products.All of the bottles within the Clean Oceans Edition are made from 100% ocean bound, PCR plastic.

Source: Love Beauty and Planet, Sea Salt & Bergamot Collection


Product Description from Love Beauty and Planet:

Our Clean Oceans Edition Energizing Wave Body Lotion, like all our Love Beauty and Planet body lotions, provides 24 hour moisturization on skin. This moisturizing body lotion is infused with sea salt, known for its mineral-rich and balancing features. Coupled with the citrusy scent of Bergamot, known for its fruity undertones, this formula will leave you and your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. And we’re bringing a little love to both you and the ocean! Not only is the bottle packed with goodness, we’re also donating $250,000 towards protecting and cleaning America’s beaches and oceans.

Energizing Wave Body Lotion

Aside from that, I do want to say I think it’s amazing that these bottles are made from ocean-bound plastic! How great is that? And in case you skipped over the description, they are donating $250,000 towards protecting and cleaning our beaches. Thank you so much, Love Beauty and Planet for helping protect our oceans!

So before I get into this body lotion, you guys need to know that they also have a shampoo and conditioner in this collection. I am so grateful to have gotten the body lotion because I was in real need of one. And let me tell you, it is really, really good.


I haven’t tried their body lotions, only haircare so far, so getting this was a real treat. I’ve been using it every single time after I get out of the shower. I love that a single pump and a half is enough for my entire body, so a little goes a long way! It feels so rich and creamy and yet it is lightweight on the skin, and it does not leave a greasy feeling.

I absolutely love that it’s infused with yummy ingredients such as sea salt and bergamot. The citrus scent is delicious and relaxing at the same time, as bergamot is great for elevating mood and alleviating stress. Super perfect for me, especially at these trying times when my stress anxiety levels are at an all-time high.

More of the good stuff:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Ethically Sourced Extract
  • 100% Recycled Bottles
  • Dye-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Silicone-free
  • No Guilt

I really enjoyed testing out this body lotion! I can honestly say that this is my favorite product from this brand by far. Everything about it; the special, limited-edition packaging, the scent, and the formula. So so good!

Would you try this lotion?
Have you tried any of Love Beauty and Planet’s products??


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Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. This review is a personal opinion and is honest. I did not receive compensation besides the products to try.


18 thoughts on “Influenster — Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt and Bergamot Body Lotion Review

  1. This post is so informative & I am obsessed with this brand, I mean, I’ve only just heard of it thanks to your wonderful post but I NEED to try now! First of all I loved learning what ‘ocean- bound plastic’ meant, and I love how this packaging is made from that. Such an amazing way to help our oceans! & I love how much they’re donating to help too, so amazing.
    I also love the sound of the scent of this product anything fruity and citrus-y is a win from me. I would love to try their hair products too!
    I am so glad you loved this product Rossy, it sounds truly fantastic and I really want to try! Love love love, thanks for sharing!


  2. This sounds like a real treat! I’ve used this brand before after I got a sample of the body wash from Birchbox in the scent Coconut Water + Mimosa Flower – it’s sooo lovely! I’ve gone through an entire bottle and I have a back-up waiting for me in my closet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. very nice! i bought a lot of their stuff last year from the murumuru butter and rose collection, i should have a review of all of those coming up sometime soon 🙂 so glad you liked the body wash, that’s one of the things i have yet to try from them, cannot wait to see what else they have.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh wow, another Influenster box? How lucky! They keep sending me surveys but I guess I haven’t been the right fit for any of them. 😦 That’s lovely that the scent wasn’t too strong like their shampoo/conditioner you tried & wow, 1 1/2 pumps to cover your entire body? Nice! I love all that the brand stands for so I’ll definitely be looking for this next time I run out of body lotion! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i know i was shocked too! when i got the first one i was like “yay” and got the second and was so stoked! i almost thought it was a mistake until i opened it and saw it was different products 🙂
      idk if you’ll be able to find this one in store because it’s limited edition? but if you happen to come across it, snatch it!!! lol

      Liked by 1 person

        1. sorry, i looked back again, it’s the bottle itself that is limited edition, so they may still have this somewhere. i tried to find it on their site around me but it said no stores near me have it? i looked it up on target’s website and it says it’s in stock though so you can probably find it at a target near you too! it’s only $6.99 (plus tax for you i bet) 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh you know what? I realized that Influenster sends things out first & then like… a few weeks later you can find the item at Walmart lol. Will def keep my out for this lotion when I run out of mine!!

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