Ulta Online Haul — April 2020

Heyy dollssss!!!

I miss you all! I hope you are all well. My emotions and motivation are a literal roller coaster; I can be feeling great one day and so shitty the next. I don’t like writing when my heart isn’t in it, so I am doing my best and taking it day by day.

Anyway, we are here for another haul. My most recent one to be exact from the end of April. I needed a few things and got carried away and got a few extras. Enough talking, let me show you what I got.

Note: (*) asterisk are things I actually needed, just to differentiate, lol!
P.S. Sorry for photo darkness, it’s been raining a lot here!

Haircare / Skincare

One of the things I desperately needed was a dry shampoo so I got the *Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo. Their Plump for Joy line is specifically designed for fine hair, like mine. I have tried several dry shampoo’s, but this one I found perfect for my hair. It absorbs excess oils, gives my hair some volume, and leaves no residue.

I ran out of the *Mario Badescu Lavender Facial Spray, which I talked about not too long ago. I loved it and needed another one. I also needed some micellar water so I grabbed the *Pacifica Coconut Water Micellar Water and the *Tony Moly Peach Cleansing Water (the only non-CF brand I purchase).

READ: Spring Essentials: Mario Badescu Facial Sprays to Freshen Up


For extras, I got another toner; the e.l.f. Cosmetics Keep Your Balance Toner and I also got an Earth Therapeutics Makeup Removing Cloth so I can rotate between this one and another one I have.


I’m a sucker for sheet masks, they’re truly one of my favorite things when it comes to skincare. I already have so many, I really didn’t need more. However, they had a BOGO special going on and couldn’t pass them up, as Tony Moly’s masks are among my all-time fave. I grabbed the following from Tony Moly:

  • I’m Peach (Vitalizing) Sheet Mask
  • I’m Rice (Clear Skin) Sheet Mask
  • I’m Lavender (Hydrating) Sheet Mask
  • I’m Rose (Vitalizing) Sheet Mask


I haven’t tried these specific masks yet, so these are new to me. Considering I’ve loved all the others I’ve tried, I have high hopes for these too. I also grabbed the Oh K! Chok Chok Smoothing Under Eye Mask and the Bliss Holographic Foil Eye Masks. I figured I can’t have too many and I haven’t really treated myself to some eye masks in a while.


Next in the makeup category; the *Ardell Dual Lash Applicator and the *DUO Strip Lash Adhesive in Dark Tone. To be honest, I did need both of  these things. I needed something better to apply my falsies because I have a hard time using my tweezers and accidentally pinching my skin, just ’cause I’m dumb. As for the lash glue, I ran out of my favorite one from BH Cosmetics and couldn’t get another because their lashes are sold out and the only way to get that glue is to buy the lashes. 😦


As for the palettes, I really didn’t need them either. Especially since I just received like three others from Boxycharm and Influenster. Plus I also have several palettes just sitting on my vanity, waiting to get used. I am hoping that this will give me motivation to use at least two palettes each month and create looks again. Doing my makeup is so therapeutic for me, it’s a shame I haven’t given myself some me-time to just do makeup.


These palettes are both from BH Cosmetics, on the left is Summer in St. Tropez and on the right is Trendy in Tokyo. I actually have been eyeing these palettes for the LONGEST time, and the only reason I bought them was because they were slightly on sale, so I just HAD to get them! They’re so pretty, I cannot wait to swatch them and play with them!!!

That’s all I have for you today. I should have more content coming soon.
I’m just procrastinating a lot lately, so meeee!! LOL.


I would love to know many things from you today, for fun:

  1. What is one of your favorite things lately or this week?
  2. One thing you are hoping to accomplish during quarantine?
  3. Which do you love more: skincare or makeup?
  4. Have you tried a product or brand from this haul?
  5. Is there a brand you constantly repurchase?

* * *

Have an amazing weekend dolls! I miss you all!


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18 thoughts on “Ulta Online Haul — April 2020

  1. What a fun haul, enjoy using everything once you get to it! Don’t feel bad for not writing if you don’t feel like it. I’ve been the same lately, I’ve published one blog post this month purely because I haven’t had much to say or write about and I’ve had my mind on other things.

    Answers to your questions:

    1. What is one of your favorite things lately or this week? I’ve been enjoying reaching for Daisy by Marc Jacobs recently, it’s such a nice, light floral perfume that’s not overprowering but lasts well.
    2. One thing you are hoping to accomplish during quarantine? Quarantine is over for NZ.
    3. Which do you love more: skincare or makeup? Makeup for sure. My skin can be sensitive so once I’ve found something that works I tend to stick with it. I enjoy doing my makeup more than skincare.
    4. Have you tried a product or brand from this haul? I use a lash glue from Duo too, the clear latex-free one 🙂
    5. Is there a brand you constantly repurchase? The Body Shop would be a brand I purchase frequently from and have re-purchased products from in the past.

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    1. I sure cannot wait to play with everything. I do still have some palettes I haven’t touched. Really want to get all that started and really do my makeup more often 🙂
      and thanks for that! i’ve had loads of things on my mind too so i’m a bit distracted but working on the blog as i write this so i should have loads of content coming up. i’m going to take advantage this week and schedule loads of stuff LOL

      1) that daisy by MJ fragrance sounds amazing and i hear loads of people talk about it, i need to try it! 🙂

      2) oh really? is quarantine completely over then? is everything back to “normal”? here we are opening in phases. my state is still in phase 1, which means we are still taking precautions and wearing masks and social distancing.

      3) that totally makes sense. i’m sorry it’s so hard finding skincare that works for you! makeup is so fun though! i’m glad you enjoy it 🙂

      4) nice! i hope i like the one i picked out, if not, i will try the clear one : )

      5) i’m aware that you repurchase TBS often 🙂 I still haven’t bought anything from them and really should, i feel like i’m missing out lol

      thanks for sharing love!xx

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      1. Daisy is pretty inoffensive, I think that’s why it’s so popular because it’s a safe fragrance lots of people like 🌼
        New Zealand is on the way back to normal, we still need to practice physical distancing and can only have small gatherings but shops are open.

        Hope you do try The Body Shop products ☺️

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  2. Well, you sure were in the mood for colours this month ahahah. I’m interested to know how that lash applicator works, I’m always scared of tweezers! As for your questions:
    1. I’ve been loving the new Fenty Cream Bronzer. I just got it and I’m still testing it out.
    2. Quarantine is actually over here, FINALLY, and I’m happy I finally took the plunge to get healthy again. That was the biggest accomplishment for me and of course, I keep doing it even now.
    3. Makeup 🙂
    4. The Duo glue is my fave, but I’ve never tried the black one and I love the Mario Basescu spray but I prefer the green one.
    5. Lately, I’m a bit obsessed with Dior, but I’d say MAC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’ve used it only once and i think i might have gotten used to tweezers so it will take me a bit to get used to it. so far it seems like i will like it better lol

      1) ooh nice cannot wait for a review 🙂 never tried any fenty stuff

      2) yay!!! we are reopening in phases but i’m not jumping for joy just yet as there are talks of a second wave coming 😦 but i’m glad you are getting healthy 🙂 that is one of my goals this summer to be honest 🙂

      3) same 😉

      4) it seems no one has tried the one i got, people usually go for the clear one and i can see why, lol. i’ve tried both clear and black ones so i’m okay with it

      5) MAC sounds like a great brand 🙂

      thanks for sharing! have an amazing week 🙂

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  3. I can’t wait until I can go back into my local Ulta again! Some stores are doing curbside pick-up and I must check if mine is on that list.

    1. I’ve been loving watching old Nigella Lawson cooking shows on YouTube (some are better quality than others). If you don’t know who she is, you need to rectify that!
    2. Getting better quality sleep. I’ve had both good nights and bad during quarantine for various reasons.
    3. Makeup!
    4. No actual products from this haul but I definitely tried some of the brands!
    5. SO many! Elf, Milani, Glossier, Ilia, it could go on and on!

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    1. ooh yess I heard! sadly a lot of the products i want are usually online only so if i want to order something online, it’s best if i make big orders =/
      had to look her up because i don’t recognize her name nor her face. i’l be sure to check out some vids on YT, thanks! 🙂
      oh same, sleep is the one thing that changes drastically for me, if i’m stressed and anxious i stay up late. like right now, it’s nearly 1am
      nice! elf and milani are some great brands! i actually haven’t tried much from milani recently, it’s been so long since i last purchased something from the brand.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t tend to order a lot of makeup online so I’m seriously missing the stores being open! Anxiety messes so badly with sleep, it’s so sad! My sleeping habits have been all over the place since this period started.

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  4. oh my goodness, I’ve never really looked to much into BH Cosmetics, but I’m absolutely obsessed with those lovely bright eyeshadows. Can’t wait to see what looks you can create from them 😀 xx


  5. I am a sucker for sheet masks too lol. Those Tony Moly ones are so cute! Are they the same as the ones you got in your Boxycharm?

    Those BH Cosmetics palettes are so fun! Perfect shades for the summer & I just know you’re going to create some amazing looks with them! I’m excited to see what you come up with. 😁

    To answer your questions:
    1. One of my favorite things lately is reading your blog!!
    2. During quarantine, I gave myself no goals.
    3. I love both skincare & makeup equally lol.
    4. I have tried one thing or another from almost every brand except Mario Badescu & Oh! K.
    5. I always repurchase tarte concealer & that’s like the only thing I don’t change up!

    Fun post, Rossy!! I enjoyed the questions to answer hehe. ♡

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    1. i love tony moly masks! literally the only brand that is not cruelty free and i still purchase. (i know , terrible, but they’re sooo good!!)

      and these are not the same as the ones from boxy, they’re different. i actually havent tried these ever so i’m very excited. so far my favorites have been the I’m Rice, I’m Cherry Blossom, and surprisingly, I’m Coconut because it gave me so much hydration! lol
      since i have so many i think i definitely need to do a one brand focus on these masks because they are seriously too good to pass up

      i love the palettes i got, you know me, i love color. i am so excited to use them soon, i’m hoping i can play with two palettes each month to i can get through my palettes much quicker lol

      awwh you’re so cuteee! thanks so much for reading my blog, i have been posting so much since you stopped blogging in april i feel so bad you have so much to read 😦 lol

      no worries! to be honest i didn’t really give myself any goals either and now that everything is reopening, i’m finding myself wanting to accomplish one thing, and that is to finish my reading challenge this year AND to work out for 28 days straight. i’m on day 5, so i need to workout when im done here and go to bed haha

      yay! makeup is fun but so is skincare 😀 glad youre into both 🙂

      the few products i’ve tried from Oh K were amazing, i highly recommend, they’re not too expensive either and i have found their brand on sale at Ulta online 🙂

      i really need to try that tarte concealer, because i hate the ones i currently have. i actually tried one from pretty vulgar and really liked it too so at least i have options LOL


      1. I was totally thinking about Tony Moly not being cruelty-free, too. Ugh… whyyyyy?! 😭 I can’t find it in my heart to purchase with my own money when I know such things.

        Oh! That’s awesome that these were different than the Boxy ones. Would love to read a One Brand Focus post even if I won’t purchase from them. 🙂

        Yess! Those colorful palettes are SO you! Cannot wait to see all the fun looks you’lll come up with. I’m looking forward to all your posts *if you do start playing with two palettes each month. 😁

        Your two goals are great ones!! You are well on your way to reaching your reading goal, I know you can do it!! & you totally got these 28 days! I’m rooting for you! 🎉

        I’ll check out Oh K when I get the chance, thanks for recommending. ♡ I’ve still always wanted to try tarte’s shape tape but I’m too afraid to stray away from the Amazonian clay stick! Would love to know how it works out for you if you ever try it! 🙂 I liked the Pretty Vulgar one I got in my Boxy but it started to dry my skin after a few uses. Did you get the same one that came in the box?!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know I totally hate that I’m still purchasing from them 😭😭😭
          Okay! I’ll be sure to write one up once I’ve used enough masks lol.
          Thank you! I’m taking a break today, I just wasnt feeling in the mood for anything. It was a very emotionally stressful day lol.
          Did I mention Oh K is CF? I came across their brand on ulta last year when I was looking for a serum and I really loved it.
          Are you not able to get a concealer sample the way you do with foundations at sephora? If so, I want to try both lol.
          Yes, the under cover concealer?? I loved it under my eyes! Were you using it with a powder to set or on its own?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Looking forward to the sheet masks post!! 🙂 & that’s okay if you need to take a break sometimes. ❤ I'm sorry you had an emotionally stressful day. I'm always here for you, you know that. ❤

            As I've been reading more & more blogs, I've noticed a couple others bring up the Oh! K brand, too. Love that their CF so will have to check them out. 🙂 & I actually don't even know how to get samples from Sephora so I don't know what they offer! & I forgot to say that I also always repurchase the Amazonian Clay foundation. Obviously way less than the concealer but, when it's out, I'll repurchase every time.

            Umm… I don't think I was using a powder but, I could have been because I was testing out this Ciate powder that dried me out at the time, too.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Thank you, you’re amazing! 💙

            Ah that’s so neat! I’m so glad I stumbled across Oh K because it’s essentially a k beauty product but one I can feel good about purchasing. 🤗🤗 I used one of their sheet masks earlier this week and LOVED it! I want to get more stuff from them.

            Ah okay. I wish I knew what Sephora has to offer when it comes to samples. I’ve only ever gotten foundation samples.

            Hmm. Maybe it was the concealer then. For me it worked well but now that the hydra mist powder lost its feeling, it left my skin feeling more dry so I switched powders. And the banana powder I started using under my eyes worked so much better.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. AW yay! That’s awesome to know that Oh! K is CF!! ❤ I'm gonna have to pick up one of their sheet masks if I spot them. 🙂

            I honestly didn't even know you could pick your own samples, I thought they only gave them to you when you spent over a limit but I think they are *supposed* to give you 3 samples of YOUR choice *every* purchase… not sure where I heard that though lol.

            Oh no!! Your Becca powder stopped working too?? So sad that happened to us both. 😦 I thought it was because I broke the little flip-up but, now, I think the product just goes bad too quickly. I'm gonna try the concealer again. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Ulta is very limited in stock and products of theirs, I might just start buying from their actual site LOL

            interesting. i’m not really sure about how sephora works since i go there like once a year…

            yeah i’m thinking if i ever buy that powder with my own money it will be the travel size. i just don’t use that much powder LOL

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