Unboxing My May 2020 Boxycharm

Hi dolls!

I’m back with another unboxing. This is my last Boxycharm box for now. If I see something I like in the spoilers I will get it again, but for the time being, I think I have plenty of makeup and skincare.

Let’s get into this box now. The theme was Mother Nature and I loved that for the month of May. To be completely honest, I am a little underwhelmed with this box.



  • Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads
  • Studio Makeup Ease to Wear Eyeshadow Palette
  • Pretty Vulgar Uncaged Eyeshadow Primer
  • Seraphine Botanicals Whimsical Wisteria Conditioning Lip Polish
  • Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Peachy Keen

First Impressions

I am excited about the Elemis facial pads but everything else I could probably do without? I’ve only heard seen Seraphine Botanicals a few times so I’m not really sure how great their stuff is. Being a lip polish I hope I like it.

I have a few eyeshadow primers already opened so I think I will be saving this one from Pretty Vulgar. As for the Gerard Cosmetics lip pencil, the shade I got looks lovely but wondering if it will suit me fine with either glosses or another lip product that closely matches this one. If I can even find one in my collection, we will see.


Lastly, the eyeshadow palette from Studio Makeup, the color story for a palette is not one I would usually go for, but after swatching them it seems the formula might actually be decent. Let’s hope that’s the case.

As I mentioned, I’m not wowed by this box at all and I’m glad I cancelled it lol. Some boxes can be hit or miss and I kind of wish I liked it more. I guess I will have to try the products first and report back to you all. Now that I’ve cancelled, I would love to try some other subscriptions so any recommendations you guys might have, I’m all ears and will do some research. That being said…

What subscription boxes are your favorite??


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13 thoughts on “Unboxing My May 2020 Boxycharm

    1. Lol I love peach shades too but I also keep in mind everything else I already have. Glad I got this in a box and not something I purchased myself. On the other hand, if I like the product I may end up looking into the brand a bit more.

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  1. Oh okay! You just answered one of my questions I left on another post about your subscription. I actually just realized Boxy hasn’t sent me any box spoilers during the lockdown so I had no idea what have been in the boxes lately. I was so excited to see you had these unboxings for the past couple months. 😁

    I’ve heard of Seraphine Botanicals quite a bit. I think they are also a clean brand, right? The lip polish sounds quite appealing to me! The eyeshadow palette does look a bit dull but, the lip liner is def catching my eye! Hope the Elemis face pads worked out well for you. 🙂 Have you found any new boxes to sub to yet? There are SO many out there. Are you looking for another beauty one or more of a lifestyle one? Maybe one with books/knick knacks?

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    1. omg i cannot believe i actually published it?! all this time you asked me about boxycharm i kept thinking “i haven’t posted my may unboxing yet, i should really jump on that” but here it is haha i cannot believe i forgot LMAO
      i haven’t gotten those emails either, if i want to see the spoilers i either have to go to MSA for full spoilers or their insta.

      I really want to try Ipsy again now that i don’t have boxy, and it is more affordable. i think i would like to get the ultimate at least once too. is it called that?

      i have no idea, but if the brand is clean then more reason to be excited! agreed, the palette does* look dull compared to my colorful palettes that i just got. i’m wondering if because i had ordered those palettes before getting this box, i was more excited about those so when this one arrived, i was like “eh” xD

      i have not looked into other subscriptions lately. we actually just bought a “newer” car so we have to budget a bit for a while. we have the money to do extra things and what not but i would prefer not to because we have a few big purchases coming up like buying a shed for the back patio, a bed frame and mattress ours broke a long time ago when CL and Alex jumped on it haha
      anyway, i do wish to find a lifestyle box at some point because i think those look so fun, i know there’s a style one too but im not into trendy stuff so i dont know if i would even like it? idk, if you have any suggestions, let me know, i know i have seen a few but haven’t made a list yet. probably should and try a different one every month LOL

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      1. Lol that’s hilarious that you forgot about posting this!! & I wonder why Boxy stopped sending out those e-mails? Maybe they didn’t want to make us sad during quarantine lol.

        I really loved Ipsy. ❤ Their biggest box is called the Ultimate & their one like Boxy is called the Plus. 🙂

        Lol yeah, you know maybe because I had been reading your blog & seeing all the other fun palettes, this one seemed dull. 😛

        I feel ya!! We are/have been on a tight budget for awhile. I hope you guys can get a new bed soon!! It must not be nice sleeping on a broken one?! 😦 Dang boys!! Lol.

        There's LOTS of boxes out there. The one I've wanted to try the most is FaceTory!

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        1. Haha I know! I’ve been very forgetful lately. So much has been on my mind, its disrupting my brain lol.
          And I wonder if because of the pandemic they had to slow things down?

          Ohh okay! Well I may want to try both lololol

          Its funny you mention that, the bar that goes down the middle broke off on one end and Alex “fixed” it but one time we were getting ready for bed we were getting comfy and I felt the fucking mattress just fall through! 🤣🤣 luckily it was only by our feet and not our heads, that probably would have hurt lol

          Ooooohhh facetory?? This is the first time I’m hearing about this. I gotta look it up.

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          1. Lol same, there are only a few things that run through my mind all the time & everything else, I just forget!

            The Ultimate Box was fun to get since it was so big but, I didn’t like that they still included so many samples. I prefer the Plus box, for sure. 🙂

            Oh my gosh, I am glad that the bed falling through didn’t hurt you guys!!! Definitely put that at the top of your MUST BUY list lol.

            Did you check out Facetory? What do you think?! 😀

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          2. Well thats good to know that they still include sample sized things. I guess for me I prefer samples at the moment because it’s taking me forever to finish up these full sized products lol
            Yeah I saw it but very briefly. I love that they send sheet masks which I love. I may try it someday.


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