Recent Beauty Favorites — May 2020

Happy Friday my dolls!

I’ve been focusing a lot on skincare during lockdown and I thought I could show you some of my favorite things recently. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Favorites so hopefully I’m not repeating anything from my last one.

Let’s jump right in and start with makeup because that’s what I have the least of.


Starting with the Bella Pierre Banana Setting Powder. I’ve been using it to set my concealer under my eyes and it doesn’t crease nor does it make my under eyes look cakey. For eyes, the Ace Beaute Glimmer Shadow in Cotton Candy which I received in my August ’19 Boxycharm. I love putting this all over the lid and blending out to the crease for a pop of color. I love the soft, bouncy texture of this shadow which resembles CP’s super shock shadows.


One of my favorite highlighters is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. It looks so great against my skin tone and instead of gold, it leans more champagne. It looks natural on me which is why I love it and it is highly pigmented but can be buildable.

As for lips, I’ve been loving lip glosses, especially the Sailor Moon x Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Tiara and the Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lipgloss in Peach Tea. They’re so lightweight and I love how they look on me, they have become my go-to glosses.


And you guys have seen this Beautycounter Velvet eyeshadow palette and their sheer lipstick in action in my latest lookbook. I got both of these from Influenster in a voxbox recently. Really liked both of these products so I cannot wait to review them both for you.


The Thayers Lavender Facial Toner was a repurchase after I finished the rose one and I love both of them! I would love to get it again but I purchased other toners to keep experimenting with others to really find my holy grail. So far this one is high on my list.

To remove makeup, the Bliss Makeup Melt has come in handy during days when I’m too tired to bother with my whole skincare routine. It removes my makeup quickly and it also doubles as a cleanser! Didn’t think it would work that well for me but I actually really like it. Feels so gentle.

I talked about these Invisibobble hair rings over on my Instagram earlier this week, and I really love them and I’m glad I made the switch. They don’t give me headaches, my hair doesn’t get tangled and best of all they’re comfortable.


This Botanics 3-in-1 Micellar Water is technically already emptied but I needed to mention it here because I’m bummed that I finished it. It removed my makeup so well and came in handy on those days I simply didn’t have time or energy to do my full skincare routine.

This e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator smells amazing and is not as abrasive as lip scrubs. I love that it’s in this shape because it’s not as messy and no need to use my fingers.

Lastly, the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser which was recommended by Hunida. I love how gentle it feels and my face feels clean right after. A bonus is that it doesn’t feel drying.

* * *

I got two of the next products through Boxycharm. The Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Radiant Dew Mist and the Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil. The face oil is great for prepping my skin for the day and it also wears well underneath my makeup. It gives me a nice natural glow. I also like to spray my face with the truffle therapy mist before primer and over my makeup. It feels so refreshing but it’s still too early to know if it actually does anything.

Two of my favorite products to use in my nighttime skincare routine are the Oh K! Chok Chok Illuminating Serum and the Biossance Squalane & Marine Algae Eye Cream. The serum definitely has illuminated and brightened my skin and it just feels so nice.


The eye cream has visibly reduced my dark circles since I started using it. I try to use it twice a day, and whenever I prep my eyes for makeup. I’ve been dealing with dry eye lids this winter and this cream has helped a lot. I know some people have sensitive skin so I don’t recommend using eye creams on eyelids to everyone.

Lastly, two products I just started using this month and quickly became favorites: the Physician’s Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot and the Dr. Bronner’s Naked Organic Lip Balm. I love having this vitamin C skin booster as an extra product to add to my skincare regime as well as the lip balm which I use religiously. It helps repair my dry cracked lips!

And that’s all I want to share right now. I would have added more but I don’t want to make this post too long so perhaps I’ll save those for later. I’d love to know if there are any products you see here that you’ve seen, heard of, or used. 🙂

Have an amazing weekend dolls! We have a few things lined up this weekend to break up our boring routine at home, so hopefully I can document some of it. 🙂 


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26 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Favorites — May 2020

  1. Yay! I always have heard such good things about Thayers, I meant to look out for it in Vegas but didn’t really get a chance, it sounds great though and I love a toner!

    So amazing that the eye cream works so well, I think it’s rare to find a good eye cream that you actually notice a difference with so this is one to keep in mind for sure!

    Also the Bliss makeup melt sounds fab, sounds similar to the Clinique take the day off balm? I don’t know if you’ve tried it! Anyway, it’s great to have products that work really well when you don’t feel like doing your whole routine! Sometimes, when you’re tired, a less intense routine is needed but you still want to feel fresh!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend hun!

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    1. aw man if you would have told me, i would have bought you a travel size to try!!! lol they sell the small ones at target and even the small one lasts quite a while 🙂 i am so close to running out of my toner i want to repurchase but i bought two other ones i wanted to try first lol
      yes it’s definitely rare to come across an eye cream that actually works, im both shocked and pleased that this one works so well 🙂
      i have only tried the take the day off makeup remover (the liquid one not the balm) but i loved it so much! can’t speak about the balm but this one feels soft and almost like watery jelly? idk, maybe not the best description, but i guess it feels closer to a cleanser than a makeup remover which is both nice and different.
      hope you enjoyed your weekend too ! i’m catching up on reading and replying to comments right now i was sooo behind haha


  2. the Balm’s Mary Lou-manizer is such a great highlighter! It’s so good as a base shade all over the lid too 🙂 I’m not surprised to see that eyeshadow palette as a favourite, all of the looks you created with it are lovely. That lip colour from Dominique Cosmetics is beautiful ❤

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    1. it really is, it’s my all time favorite! 🙂
      i’ve used it as a base shade too and love it! 😀
      and thank you 🙂 i honestly did not expect myself to love that neutral palette as much as i did 🙂

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  3. The Bliss Makeup Melt sounds amazing, and I’m very intrigued but that Physician’s Formula product. I’ve never tried any of their skincare before, nor have I tried adding vitamin C to my routine yet. How do you incorporate it into your routine?

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    1. i love the makeup melt, it’s so gentle! 🙂
      i basically use the vitamin c after my toner and before a serum, sometimes i do* replace my serum with this when i don’t want to bother with a long skincare regime, but i make sure to use it both mornings and nights to really get some results 🙂
      for me personally, adding vitamin c skincare into my routine has helped with my breakouts more than i expected 🙂 i hope i don’t jinx myself by saying i haven’t had such clear skin in a long time and it was all thanks to me using products with a high vitamin c content 🙂

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      1. Very, very interesting. I’ve heard such great things about incorporating vitamin C into your skin routine, but I need to figure out how it will work for me. This is helpful info, thank you!

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  4. Ahh! I’m sad this is the last post on your blog lol I was enjoying reading your posts. Thanks so much for all the quality content. ♡♡♡

    For some reason, I couldn’t really get those single Ace Beaute shadows to work for me but I did love how they felt bouncy lol. I still have them so I may have to give them another shot soon! I’ve never liked anything by theBalm but, their packaging is always the best. I always hear good things about that Mary Lou-manizer too!

    Yesyesyes to the Dominique Cosmetics lip gloss– definitely one of my fave formulas by far. Makes me super curious to try CP’s formula now that you’ve listed both of them!

    The Bliss makeup melt sounds quite wonderful. Is it anything like the Clinique Take The Day Off purple liquid? The way you describe it reminds me of it & I remember loving it so much.

    I remember Mackenzie included those invisibobbles in her Friday Faves quite awhile back, too! I need to give them a shot but I have so much doubt that they’d work for my hair… it’s all the way past my butt right now lol I can’t stand it! 😭

    I love that the elf lip exfoliator is shaped like a regular lippie because I do hate using my fingers with traditional lip scrubs. Also, so happy to see you’ve been liking the FAB cleanser! 😁 I have the Wander Beauty Illuminating Oil just sitting upopened… I must try it now! I see you’ve used yours quite a bit! & I am one of those people that can’t put eye creams on my lids, they get terribly itchy & flaky 😭 lol. I miss my Dr Bronners lip balm you gave me, I accidentally let it melt in the car!!! It was sooo good to my lips, too!!!

    Thanks for sharing your faves with us, Rossy! Can’t wait to see what you guys got up to to break your routine. 😁

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    1. awh you’re so sweet! i had planned to post a lot this week but i decided to support the BLM movement and went dark all week. i’ve been pretty active on twitter and on my personal IG though lol through my stories only.

      i really loved the ace beaute shadow, i used it last week twice. and i’m not sure how you apply them, but i found that simply applying it with my finger worked so much so i had to use a fluffy brush to diffuse it a bit more, and it looked much better. i did use it with and without primer, i found it creased more without primer, but it wears pretty well and doesnt fade. i hope they work out for you if you end up using them again

      thebalm has some really great products in my opinion, i once had the pleasure of trying one of their liquid lipsticks through ipsy and i really liked it and smelled really great, it was also comfortable and lightweight. of course that was years ago, so i have no idea if the formula is the same or if it has changed. but the mary lou manizer is probably my favorite highlighter of all time

      the DC lipgloss is amazing, isnt it??? love it so much! i’m so glad i used my charms to get another one haha
      as for the CP glosses, while i loved this one a lot, i cannot really speak on the formula of their current glosses. i have another one that i reviewed some weeks back, the iluvsarahii one, but that one feels different than this one and they seem to have changed packaging for the newer ones and have a few of their older packaging, so i have no idea if the formula has changed, the person to ask about CP in general may be Cleia haha

      it’s funny you mention that makeup remover by clinique because you’re not the first haha i wouldn’t say it feels like the makeup remover because it doesn’t, the other one felt more like a micellar water whereas this one feels like a cleanser? the great thing about it is that it doesn’t foam/lather up as much as cleansers so it’s very gentle. at first i wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or if it even was cleansing my skin but when it came to removing makeup i was like “i love it!” LOL i will need to buy the full size when i finish this small one but i’m quite shocked that as much as i’ve used it i’m still not halfway? a little goes a long way and i love products like that 🙂

      the invisibobble hair rings are so nice, i’ve been using them a lot lately. tell you what, if by xmas you haven’t tried them, i will try my best to remember to get you some so you can try them lol. or i can send you one of the ones i have (has not been used i promise) and you can tell me if you like them or not lol. i dont think they’re that expensive either, if i remember correctly, they were $8 for three of them? you can find them at sephora.
      i’m jelly you have long hair, im trying to let mine grow again

      yes yes!! this bullet lip exfoliator is so nice because i don’t like using my fingers either, i always feel like this way is more hygienic.

      the FAB cleanser is totally fab! xD love it. will have to repurchase once i’ve gone through all the ones i currently have. it’s just so good. i’ve been alternating its use with the gentlebubble one from glamglow

      omg i looooooved the illuminating oil!!! idk how you will feel about it but i loved how it looked on my skin, it gave me a nice glow and looked amazing even on makeup free days 😀 some days i preferred not to wear any foundation because i was having a great skin day 🙂 i’m actually really sad that i finished it already 😦 i’l have to see how much it costs haha

      omg! the lip balm! lol i found it at target, try checking to see if they sell it over there too, if not i’ll send you another. i love mine so much too!!!

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      1. Aw yay, that’s awesome that you stopped posting in support of BLM! ❤

        When I used the Ace Beaute shadows, I used a fluffy brush & I got soooo much sparkle. The color didn't seem intense enough for me but, I will try applying with my finger next time! Thanks for the tips! 🙂 ❤

        Oh interesting that someone else brought up the Clinique remover, too! It just really reminded me of it, the way you described it! When you say it feels more like a cleanser, that makes me think it's a bit oily? Am I right or wrong? I never really pay attention to how much things foam!! Should I??

        Hmm… I really do wonder if those invisibobbles would be strong enough for me. I have a lot of doubt! & if you do send me one, I wouldn't mind if it was just out of the ones you already have! ❤ I would actually like for my hair to STOP growing now!!! Yours will be long in no time. 😀

        I have been using the gentlebubble glamglow cleanser too!! & I'll let you know when I try the illuminating oil out. 🙂 It sounds lovely! & You know what, we rarely ever go to Target. We are Walmart people LOL!!

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        1. it’s really the least I can do, considering I can’t go out to protest.

          ooohhh okay, yeah they’re very sparkly but hopefully using your finger, you get more color 🙂 good luck! i hope it works for you! also, what shades did you get?

          it’s not oily at all! and by cleanser, i meant like those that feel a bit like gel, you may like it! im so dumb i didn’t add it to the post, but this makeup melt IS* a cleanser, but it doubles as a makeup remover. Target has small travel sized ones, it’s the one I picked up because I wanted to try it out. It doesn’t fully remove my eyeliner and my current* mascara, so maybe you would need like micellar water or a cleansing oil that can be used on the eyes too, but other than that, it does a good job at removing everything else 🙂
          as for foaming, i think a lot of people are being too careful, but know that not all foaming cleansers are made the same. i have several, some foam more than others, but ultimately it is down to how your* skin feels. if you feel like they are too drying for your skin, they probably are. usually it’s the ingredients, so be sure to be on the lookout for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or SLS). Also, it may be good to note that unless you have sensitive, SLS is not all that bad like most people make it out to be. It could also be other ingredients or high pH in the products. in other words, if you have sensitive skin, avoid SLS and find mild foaming cleansers, or perhaps try a gel one.

          Okay, I’ll be sure to put the other one aside for you. I’ll start making a package for you again LOL

          omg really? I love Target but that’s also because it’s much closer to me than Walmart but we do go there too, ij ust never shop there for skincare xD they usually NEVER have what i’m looking for anyway lol

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          1. I will let you know how it works when I try it out. 🙂 I got the red & silver shades!

            Oh oh okay! I get what you mean about it being more gel like instead of liquidy. My skin is def sensitive so I’ll stay away from SLS. I have tried some things that foam though, like the glamglow bubbling sheet mask & didn’t feel dried out so, I do think it has more to do with certain ingredients & not the whether or not it foams, right?

            Love you, Rossy!!! ❤ Thank you!!!

            The nearest Target is like 15 min away & our Walmart is like 5 so I guess that's why we go there instead lol. I don't usually buy any drugstore skincare, if I'm being honest! 😛

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          2. oooh how is the red shade?? lol

            some products DO* foam but not as much as others. like the gentlebubble really is gentle (gentle foam), which is why your skin doesn’t get dried out. i remember when i first tried it I was like “this isn’t lathering as much as my other ones” but it was after I started using it that people started saying that the more a cleanser lathers, the more it can dry out your skin. but yes, given your sensitive skin, it is most likely ingredients.
            that makes sense 🙂 LOL most of the skincare I’ve been using I’ve gotten it in my sub boxes xD

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          3. When I tried it, I got mostly sparkles & no pigment but I still have to try applying with my finger like you said. 😛

            Yeah, I am just so lazy to pay attention to ingredients/do research on them all! & same here, mostly all my skincare is from sub boxes, too!

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