Black-Owned Beauty Brands I Want to Support, Pt. 2

And we’re back with part 2 of this mini series of Black Owned Beauty Brands!

I meant to have more posts up to have some stuff in between these posts, so that’s my bad. I will do better this week. Now, moving on..

I am finally introducing you to Black-owned beauty brands I discovered through my research that I would loooove to give my money to. I am honestly so super excited because each brand is unique in my opinion and they all bring something a bit different to the beauty community.


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 I will be doing this mini series in alphabetical order because it was easier for me that way but you’ll see a great range of makeup, skincare, bath and body, and other cosmetics/miscellaneous. I think (and hope) you’ll be pleased with some of these.

Let’s start!

Aeva Beauty

Cruelty-free: Yes!
Confirmed by Logical Harmony
*On my MUST TRY List*

A makeup brand that offers lashes, lip products, and highlighters, and one eye palette. They seem to be known for their highlighters which are GORGEOUS. Take a look below.

These are honestly the most beautiful loose powder highlighters I have ever laid eyes on and I am not exaggerating. I also love that they have MANY shades so you can find one for every occasion. Neat!

What else?

Their highlighters are universal multi-purpose, can be applied on the face, eyes, and as body shimmer, and can be applied wet or dry! Made with high-quality natural ingredients and best of all: cruelty-free!

Here are some of them swatched:

* * *

Anita Grant

Cruelty-free: Yes!
Confirmed by Logical Harmony & Ethical Bunny
*On my MUST TRY List*

Anita Grant is a hair and skincare brand, I put them on my must try list because their products look beautiful, luxe and most of all, they’re affordable. Honestly the more I looked into this brand the more I was wanting to buy from them right away but the stuff I want is sold out at the moment. One of the products that caught my eye was their Neroli Rose Dry Oil Spray which has many uses:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • After shave
  • Under powders (lightweight base for mineral makeup)
  • After sun

Not just that, but look at how gorgeous the bottle is:

What attracted me to this brand:

They use only natural ingredients and avoid harsh synthetic ingredients and controversial chemicals. All their products are CF and vegan (except their Rhassoul Deep Condishes), and they also do not use plastic packaging (!!!!!). They use glass jars, bottles, recycled tissue paper, and cardboard boxes. What an amazing way to take initiative when it comes to taking care of our planet.

What else?

Since all their products are made with natural and gentle ingredients, even those with sensitive skin types can use their products. Of course everyone is different so they still recommend a patch test.

* * *

B.Simone Beauty

Cruelty-free: Yes and Vegan; according to their Instagram.
Not yet confirmed on Logical Harmony

Primarily selling lip products at the moment (glosses, mattes, pencils), their stuff looks incredible and high quality! I hope they expand in the future.

* * *

Black Opal

Cruelty-free: Yes, according to their site.
PENDING on Logical Harmony
*On my MUST TRY List*

This brand has makeup and skincare and everything looks high quality. I was shocked to see how affordable their products are and get this: they sell their products at Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid! Yaaasssss!!!! One of the things I want to try the most is their Soft Velvet Loose Finishing Powder.

* * *

Butter by Keba

Cruelty-free: Yes and plant-based according to their Instagram.

A bath and body brand which I classify as mid-range. Their best selling product is their body butter and it sounds amazing. They have several interesting fragrance collections as well as (almost) unscented. They have a few products for men as well.

* * *

The Crayon Case

Cruelty-free: Yes, according to their site.

A mid-range makeup brand that looks so fun and unique. They have a great range of makeup and I am loving the “school” theme throughout which reminds me a lot of how Beauty Bakerie chooses to market their products. I don’t know what  I want to try the most yet besides the obvious Box of Crayons palette.

* * *

Foxie Bomb Cosmetics

Cruelty-free: Yes and 100% Vegan, according to their site.
*On my MUST TRY List*

The brand sells the most stunning bath products! Everything looks AMAZING! I literally want everything they’re selling but sadly everything is out of stock at the moment. You simply MUST check out their site so you can see what I’m talking about. Everything looks like absolute perfection.

What else?

I wanted to mention that every single product is handmade by Kayla herself and she’s been at it on her own since 2015! She’s honestly amazing and such a rockstar that she deserves all the success from her brand. I cannot wait for her to restock because I will be buying a bunch of stuff!

* * *

Happy Girl Products

Cruelty-free: Yes, according to their site.

Affordable plant based products specifically for feminine care! SO unique! I’m mainly interested in their exfoliating bar that can be used all over, but this is also for anyone who needs feminine care products without the worry of harsh ingredients.

That is all for this post. I am trying to break it up so these posts are not super long but also to show you a small amount of brands at a time, so as to not overwhelm you. Hopefully you have gained some interest in a brand or two.

Have you heard of these brands before?
Would you consider buying from them?


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