2020 Summer Hair Reveal

Heyy dolls!

Got a shorty post for you today!

My apologies for being absent last week. That was not planned, but was needed. My husband did not inform me that he would be off work for a full week (he wanted to surprise me), so we spent the majority of the week road tripping / sight-seeing. That was so much fun and I will share what we’ve been up to over on my other blog, but now I am ready to go back to our regular routine and of course, blogging.

So back to this post!

I’m sure you guys may remember that I dyed my hair blue last year:


I don’t know what came over me that I decided to do that again this year. I think this may be an unofficial “tradition” of mine where I change my hair color every year. Just for fun. Now, I do not bleach my hair for two reasons:

  1. blonde would not suit me
  2. I don’t want to damage my hair

By using temporary hair dye on natural hair, I can ensure that my hair won’t get too damaged and it won’t matter much to me when the dye fades or washes out.

Let me just show you what color I chose this time:


In case it’s not super clear, it’s supposed to be Jade green color. I used the same brand from last year, Splat 30 Wash No Bleach Kit in Midnight Jade, which according to the packaging is Vegan and Cruelty-Free!


This one doesn’t look as vibrant as the blue one did, so I had a hard time taking photos. I think we messed up and didn’t let it process enough. Perhaps once it starts fading I will try again and wait longer to see if that makes a difference. Even so, I think it looks pretty cool and I’m able to see the color even if it doesn’t photograph well.


I really like how it looks and it’s a good change, but I do like the blue one better in terms of how vibrant it looked versus this one. But again, I probably didn’t let it process long enough, so that was most likely my fault. Cannot wait to try again though!

Which do you like so far on me, blue or green?
What color should I try next year? 😀


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25 thoughts on “2020 Summer Hair Reveal

    1. I’ve personally never dyed my hair, so my hair has always been natural but it does get damaged easily so I figured this was a way to add a bit of color while also reducing the damage 🤗 what colors have you done in the past?

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    1. Thank you! It has been fun playing with color in this way and minimizing long term damage 🤗 I do love the blue more, but again, maybe I didn’t let it process enough so perhaps that’s why it looks lackluster in comparison 😅


    1. Agreed! I think it was my fault for not letting it process for longer. I will try again another time to ensure it was in fact me, and not the product, considering I had such amazing results from the first one. Then again, I acknowledge that some colors aren’t that vibrant.

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  1. Like the green but LOVED the blue! Ugh so jealous of your thick hair. Mine is baby-fine so looks thin.

    Hey sorry to ask you here, but have you heard from Hunida? Her blog has gone to invite only or something and several of us are worried about her. Just wondering if she’s ok.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loved the blue as well. I don’t believe I let it process as much as I should have this time. Oh well.

      And sadly no, I have not heard from her, but I did also let her know that you reached out too. Hopefully everything is okay.

      Liked by 1 person

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