More Goodies — BH Cosmetics Haul

Hi dolls!

Today I wanted to show you a quick haul. I actually got all this stuff weeks ago, so again, back-tracking here, bare with me.

I went to BH Cosmetics’ site because I wanted to get more of their lashes. So far theirs have been my favorite affordable ones, and since they were already having a sale, I took advantage and got a few other goodies I also have been meaning to get for a while.


As I mentioned, I needed lashes. One of the reasons I wasn’t wearing lashes in many of my looks was because I don’t like the WnW ones anymore. I have some WnW pairs left which I want to use and get rid of already. I just wanted to stock up on the ones I really like because they tend to sell quickly.


I ended up getting only one pair of their D-301 because they’re new to me, and three pairs of their D-302, which were the ones I got some time last year and fell in love with. They had a few other styles but I wanted to stick to what I already like. In the future I will buy other styles.

* * *

Beauty Sponges and Cleaners

These sponges were half the price they normally are, so I believe I got them for about $2 USD each. I’ve never tried BH’s sponges so I hope I like them just as much as RT’s sponges, just to have an alternative.


I also got a quick change brush cleaner that will come in handy when creating colorful looks while using my favorite brushes.  Lastly, a cleansing brush pad. The eggs I have needed replacing. I like that this is much bigger than the brush cleaning eggs I own, and it seems more practical.

* * *

Shimmering Body Powder

The only thing that is extra from this haul is this body powder. Truthfully, there weren’t many things on sale that I wanted. I had already gotten two of their palettes back in April that had been on my wishlist for a while, and I just wanted to get free shipping, haha!


It wasn’t as pricey and I’ve gotten to swatch it a bit. It seems a bit too pink for me, but I will keep using it and see if I need to just use less, and blend it into my skin more to make it work. It came with this gorgeous makeup bag and a mini buffer brush so little bonus! 🙂

That is it my dolls. My little haul from BH Cosmetics. I think this was the last one I was waiting on. I have not purchased anything since this one which was well over a month ago by now. I plan on continuing this No Spend Challenge for myself at least until the end of the year, or if I absolutely need* something. So wish me luck on that.

Some questions for you:

  1. Are you familiar with BH Cosmetics?
  2. Where do you typically get your lashes from?
  3. If you don’t wear lashes, which is your favorite mascara?
  4. Do you use sponges or brushes to do your face makeup?

Thanks so much for stopping by! xx


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