BOHO Vegan Cosmetics Mini Haul

Hii dolls!!

I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you some favorites in part of “Friday Favorites”, which I haven’t done in a very long time.

I know I have missed a ton from you, and while I don’t expect to catch up by any means on what I’ve missed the last three or so months, I do plan on continuing to support you like I always have been when I was* here 🙂

Now, onto this post. I’ve been wanting to share these products and brand, BOHO Vegan Cosmetics, with you for the longest time since I received them at the end of last year, but of course, life happened and everything got put on hold. So here I am, sharing everything with you now. 🙂

BOHO Vegan Cosmetics

BOHO Vegan Cosmetics is a small, handmade business from the UK and is owned by Jackie, who I now consider a friend. 🙂 I’ve been following her instagram @bohovegancosmetics for quite some time. Her products look amazing, gorgeous, and most of all, every single one of her customers are satisfied! Here are the products I bought with help from the lovely Jackie who even gave me shipping options. The whole thing was so personal through email, I honestly recommend doing business with her JUST for the amazing customer service.

Here are some products I personally purchased from her:


Pillow Fight Whipped Body Butter


This delicious whipped body butter is a “pale purple and silver butter scented in relaxing Lavender with pillowy clouds of Tonka Bean and sweet fairytale notes.  This will have you feeling relaxed in no time. Can be used as a sleeping mask for body, hands and feet.”

Pretty Pumpkin Whipped Body Wash

This one might look familiar to some of you since I have already posted it over on my instagram 🙂


This one was released back in October and is one of her newer scents. It is a “sweet rich creamy vanilla fragrance with caramel notes, opening with watery pumpkin notes with hints of fruits, which then leads onto a slightly spicy pumpkin heart, cushioned by caramel and  marshmallow, while resting on a sugar and vanilla base.”

Rose Glow Shimmer Body Butter


This gorgeous looking body butter is “a beautiful blend of Turkish Rose and citrus, geranium, lemon and Tonka Bean. A very popular fragrance and one of Jackie’s personal favorites. A rose gold colored butter with a rose gold sparkle *Similar to bath and body brand.”

Mermaid Dreams Whipped Body Butter


This last one is one of my favorites by both the color and scent. It is “a pale blue and green butter with delicate gold sparkle running through. Raspberry Sparkling Lime and Crushed Ice.  Such mermaid vibes! Are you a real life mermaid?”

* * *

And that is it. I really just wanted to showcase these products on here for my blog followers since not everyone is on instagram, and to really urge you guys to try these. Shipping from the UK to the states is expensive, I will not lie to you about that, but these products are so worth it, I highly recommend you order a couple if you ever get the chance. Just be sure to DM Jackie so she can send you her current stock because it does change and some products really do sell out really fast. 🙂


What is a brand you have discovered (recent or not) that you love and recommend?


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8 thoughts on “BOHO Vegan Cosmetics Mini Haul

  1. Yay for supporting female-owned small businesses! These look absolutely beautiful and almost good enough to eat! 😄 I’m so inundated with body creams and moisturizers at the moment, but I will certainly keep Jackie in mind for the future. I think I like the mermaid one the best!

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