Fashion Friday — Sakura Season OOTD

Hi there and happy Friday!

I am well aware that it is no longer spring/cherry blossom season, but I still wanted to share this outfit with you.

We love visiting the cherry trees every year and with the pandemic still strong earlier this year, we weren’t sure if we would even be able to go see them. But we put our masks on and braved the chilled breeze and had a blast. The sun even warmed us up for a bit.


A co-worker and friend helped me pick out this outfit and I initially only wanted it so I could have somewhat of a matching outfit with my husband. I liked this outfit so much and thought to wear it when we went out to see the cherry trees. My husband is also practicing on how to take photos of me which is very helpful because that means I’ll be able to do more OOTDs.


I won’t provide official outfit details because I got everything from where I work. I forgot the brand for the boots and it doesn’t say it anywhere on them. Same with the sunglasses. As for the actual clothes, both the top and skirt are from Stitch & Pine, which I don’t think are widely available(?).


We actually went to see the cherry blossoms several times. The first time we went, I only had my E.N.D hoodie because they hadn’t fully bloomed. Still enjoyed it and ended up posting this pic on my personal IG.


I also wanted to include a photo I took of my husband as I was trying to tell him how I wanted my picture taken, lol! And to show you guys his outfit that I picked out. This was the start of him wearing patterned short sleeve button up shirts. I have got him several more since. 😉

My son was also very* attached to me that day so my husband took some pics of me with him. He is such a cutie.

Overall it was a fun outing despite my crazy work schedule.
I hardly see my boys and I miss adventuring with them.

Are there any cherry trees where you live?
Did you guys see the cherry blossoms this year?


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12 thoughts on “Fashion Friday — Sakura Season OOTD

  1. The cherry blossoms look amazing and I’m glad you all got to go! Just from the pictures, it looks like people were at a respectful distance from one another, so that’s a relief and *hopefully* people were following the guidelines whenever you all were out.

    Also, I laughed and shared with Stephen the sentences about your husband taking pictures of you for your OOTDs and you having to take one of him as an example photo. I’m doing the same with him now that we are getting out a bit more, and I need to work on not being awkward about taking a photo in public, so we’re both works in progress, haha.

    I love your outfit and I look forward to seeing more OOTD posts! Hope your week is going well, Rossy ♥ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, people were really kind about keeping their distance, and wearing their masks whenever people came close.

      LOL I loved that you shared that with him! But yes, technically we are a work in progress too. He is getting more comfortable taking photos of me and every once in a while he gets some great shots that are better than I had envisioned lol.

      And thank you! I cannot wait to share more outfits 😀 hope your week is going well too!

      Liked by 1 person

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