Colourpop Mini Haul

Hello lovely dolls!

I’m catching you up on some mini hauls from a few months ago because I still have those photos and have yet to share them.

These goodies I got when Colourpop had an “up to 70% off” sale that I just couldn’t pass up. Usually when things are on sale, I tend to look through their site for items I have been wanting for a while and get them at a lesser price. It requires waiting a long time after everyone has tried those products, but that’s okay. Right now I have plenty of makeup to get through anyway.

Ok, so here’s what I got:


  • Unreal Lippie Stix
  • Field Day Lippie Pencil
  • Phoenix Lux Gloss (Mulan Collection)
  • Aloe There! Lip & Cheek Kit
    • Terran Up My Heart Blush Compact
    • Blossom Out Lip Oil.
  • Hydrating Makeup Setting Mist
  • Fourth Ray Beauty Papaya Face Milk
  • Fourth Ray Beauty Lil’ Boost Face Serum Boost Mini Kit
  • Fourth Ray Beauty Milk Moment Face Milk Mini Kit

* * *

I was excited to get all these goodies because I love their lippies. CP became well-known initially for their lip products and they still haven’t disappointed me yet. As for FRB serum and face milk kits, I’ve only tried their face milks and loved them so I’m looking forward to trying these serums.

Have you guys picked up anything from Colourpop recently?
What is your favorite Colourpop product, collection or collaboration?


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14 thoughts on “Colourpop Mini Haul

  1. I haven’t tried Colourpop but I trust your opinion! I remember trying the ‘Oh K’ brand because of you and I love it 😍😍😍 thanks for sharing gorgeous! I’m really enjoying makeup at the moment, it’s so much fun!

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    1. I’m so glad you loved Oh-K! because they’re amazing 😀 I’m trying to get ore products from them LOL. As for CP, next time you’re in the states I’m treating you to some CP. Next time you know you’ll be coming, let me know so I can order a palette or two of your choice ;D

      And yeah I’ve seen your makeup looks on IG and you look super stunning like always 😀 My beautiful friend! 😀

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      1. So far I have tried the serum and the moisturiser. I would have repurchased the serum but the store I bought from didn’t have it in stock when I went to buy! I’d definitely buy again though in the future – I actually need new serum now! I also love the Superdrug Vitamin C range! 😍 What other products will you try from them? AW girl you are amazing and so thoughtful 😍😍😍 I reallllly hope it’s soon! If there’s any UK brands you want to try – let me know too so I can bring some over! I really hope we can catch up IRL soon! ❤️❤️❤️

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        1. The serum is a fave for sure and I really like their eye patches 🙂 so soothing! 😀 I just bought a couple more masks from them because I could not resist 🙂

          I hear superdrug has an amazing range of products! I would love to try their products if I ever visit the UK

          I hope so! I miss ya!

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          1. Ooh I think I have some of the eye patches I need to use! Thanks for reminding me 😛 ah amazing!
            Yes I love Superdrug! You would love it as it’s a lot of cruelty free stuff! I will make sure to bring you some of my faves when I visit the US next ❤️ lots of love my Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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