Lookbook – 5 Looks feat. Ace Beaute Scarlet Dusk

Hii dolls!

It’s another lookbook! My first one in a while! How long has it been? I don’t know, but I’m so glad to be back to creating and writing.

For today, I have a lookbook using the Ace Beaute Scarlet Dusk palette which I received in a Boxycharm as a bonus. I wanted their other palette really badly too, but maybe I’ll get it another time through their own site. Honestly, their palettes are some of the best ones I’ve used, and I feel like you guys shouldn’t sleep on them either. They have super pigmented, buttery smooth shades and I think the price reflects the product fairly well.


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Alright let’s get started with these looks. I tried my best to write down the shades I used for each.

Look #1: Peach Sunset

Shades Used: Sunset Rose, Crimson, Aruba, Hibiscus and Maui


You guys already know I had to do a peachy look. These kinds of shades are my jam and my go-to for everyday makeup looks. I love wearing looks like this on a daily basis when time allows me to do my makeup, and they’re also very simple enough for a glam look, just add eyeliner, lashes and you’re done! 🙂

* * *

Look #2: Pink Lotus

Shades Used: Pink Moon, Lotus, Maui


I was still experimenting with the palette when I created this look. Obviously the palette is so pigmented and bold, that I had to see for myself if creating soft looks was possible and it is! 😀

* * *

Look #3: Nocturnal Aurora

Shades Used: Nocturnal, Shade, Aurora, Maui


Now we’re getting to the bolder/darker looks. These burgundy shades are some of my favorite to play around with, and I love creating halo/cut crease looks. This look came out so good I’m obsessed. I gotta get back and practice doing these looks so I don’t lose my skills.

* * *

Look #4: Crimson Gold

Shades Used: Lotus, Pink Moon, Bahamas, Crimson, Hibiscus


I did this look almost in a hurry and I am so ashamed of myself for not getting a better photo. It was such a good look too, and I used the gold shade which was one of the prettiest.

* * *

Look #5/6: Two-for-One

These two looks are my most recent. I hadn’t done my makeup in months and I felt like playing around one last time with this palette so I did two looks in one!



Shades Used: Crimson, Sunset Rose, Hibiscus, Aruba


This look is a bit softer than most of the others using the darker shades, and again, I lost some skill so the blend isn’t as good but creating a cut crease was fairly easy and seamless, especially using these amazing, pigmented shades.



Shades Used: Bahamas, Aurora, Aruba, Pink Moon, Lotus


This was one of my bolder/every day looks, obviously the lashes make it look a bit more dramatic, but it’s such a great look for everyday glam and I love love the inner eyelid shade. It’s so beautiful, striking, and bright for the inner corner too!

What did you think of these looks?
Which one is your favorite?


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12 thoughts on “Lookbook – 5 Looks feat. Ace Beaute Scarlet Dusk

  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve missed your look books and you look stunning 😍😍😍 I love all the looks, the 2 for 1 look is so fun 😍😍😍 and the burgundy shadow look (look #3 I think) ah so ‘wow😍😍😍’ honestly flawless as always I love that golden look too (#4) 10/10 beauty! Also you paired the perfect lip shades too 😍 beauty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks so much lovely!! I wasn’t sure how I felt about these looks at first because it has been a while since I’ve done my makeup but this is certainly very encouraging. Thank you love you 🖤🖤


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