Lookbook – 7 Looks feat. HIPDOT x Spongebob Bikini Bottom Eyeshadow Palette

Hi dolls!

I know I have been gone for too long, but I am so excited to share this lookbook with you all!

I have been meaning to post this forever ago. My skills became sharper towards the end of playing with this palette, which was exciting for me. I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed with this one at first because there were so many shades of different colors, which normally excites me, but I got nervous seeing how many shimmery shades this palette had. Usually, shimmery shades cannot be used on the crease because it doesn’t create any depth, but I was able to make it work with a few of these. Like I said, I had a hard time at first but then I found my footing towards the end.

Here’s the palette I’m using, which is super colorful and stunning and has such high pigmentation. This brand blew me away with the formula quality, I definitely would love to get another palette from them.


I lost some photos from my phone but luckily I had posted them on instagram, so I was able to retrieve them from there. Fair warning though, the photo quality might be bad. I’m honestly shocked that I was able to get seven looks from this palette, but you’ll see that two of them are pretty similar.

Let’s get on with this lookbook!

* * *

Look #1: Golden Pineapple

Shades used: Imaginaation, Coral Floral, Golden Pineapple, Advanced Darkness, Rock Bottom


The very first look I created with this palette but not my favorite. To my defense, I was trying to get ready for work and that’s not typically the time for experiments. I also really wanted to wear that mustard lippie.


Look #2: Pinky

Shades used: Penny Pincher, Wumbo, Coral Floral, Jumping Jellyfish, Meow, meow…meow


I really love creating gradient looks, and these red/pink shades did not disappoint. Honestly, this has got to be one of my favorites because every shade blends into another seamlessly. I also named it Pinky because it totally gives me Patrick vibes.


Look #3: Colorful Coral

Shades used: Penny Pincher, Wumbo, Imaginaation, Best Shade Ever,
Angry Tentacles, Bikini Bottom Blue, Blue Lagoon


Really love this combo of colors, they’re so bright and vibrant and sooo pigmented! They’re such beautiful shades. I wasn’t thrilled with my blending, but I love the eyelid aqua shade transitioning into the red. I wish the lashes were more visible too. I’m glad I didn’t add eyeliner.

Look #4: Bluelip Clam

Shades used: Deep Sea Blue, Wumbo, Meow, meow…meow,
Jumping Jellyfish, Treedome, Advanced Darkness


I love how this look turned out! Super cute! I hadn’t done a halo eye look in a long time, I think it looks pretty decent and I’m a sucker for purple/blue shades anyway. I had so much fun mixing the shades together for this one. I think I could have added more pink and blended it better out on the crease and brow bone, but you learn by doing. Also, do you know who bluelip clam is?? LOL


Look #5: Jellyfish Jam

Shades used: Wumbo, Penny Pincher, Meow, meow…meow, Treedome


You can probably see a better quality photo on instagram of this look, but it’s got to be one of my favorite simple looks. I had meant to recreate my bluelip clam for work but I realized I wasn’t even closed and had created something much much softer and I love it!! It’s very springy, soft and romantic in my opinion and sometimes less is more.


Looks #6 & #7: Two-for-One

Now we are onto what I consider my masterpieces for this palette. πŸ˜€
Although let’s be honest, I’m more partial to colorful looks, but you decide!


Look #6: Rock Bottom

Shades used: Penny Pincher, Wumbo, Advanced Darkness, Rock Bottom


First up the burgundy, red/copper burnt look. I don’t even know how to describe it, but I love that all these shades came together to create such a monochromatic eye look.Β  Upon closer inspection, I could have tried to make the eyelid shades stand out much much more, but also in hindsight, I wonder if maybe that would have overshadowed the rest of the look. I also really like the pairing of this look with a neutral lip. Makes the eyes pop that much more.


Look #7: Bikini Bottom

Shades used: Penny Pincher, Wumbo, Best Shade Ever, Imaginaation,
Advanced Darkness, Deep Sea Blue, Blue Lagoon, Angry Tentacles


Lastly, my favorite look! A colorful masterpiece! I actually found a look like this one pinterest or google, but I wasn’t sure I could recreate it fully as there was no tutorial for it, I just went off by the colors I saw on the model wearing. I really love this combo, and yes, while it may be fairly similar to the colorful coral look, I have to say the blending for this one is THAT much better and more seamless. I wish I would have had time to recreate the same look on the other eye, but I also love doing two different eye looks at the same time for a contrasting effect.


Which of these two-for-one do you like better? Colorful or monochromatic??

Which was your favorite look? πŸ™‚
Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚ ❀


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11 thoughts on “Lookbook – 7 Looks feat. HIPDOT x Spongebob Bikini Bottom Eyeshadow Palette

    1. this palette is definitely pigmented, honestly the brand has some great products. i’d love to get more stuff from them but i think i’ll wait until i go through all my makeup again. might give some of my least used palettes to my sister.

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