Lookbook — 3 Looks feat. Colourpop In A Trance

Hii dolls!!

So excited to share this lookbook because it feels like it has been a minute since I’ve shared one. I really enjoyed playing around with this palette as it felt very wintery with the pastel shades. I also really enjoyed naming each look, that’s gotta be my favorite part when I write up my posts! 😀

So this is the palette I’m using. I’m sure many of you have seen it or own it yourself. I understand pastel shades aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but let me show you that as light as they are, they can be great shades to have when you’re going for subtle, but colorful, eye looks. Also, when you really pack the color onto the lids, these shades can really pop!


Let me show you what I came up with! These are just a few eye looks that I’m sharing, but I still have been wearing different variations of these looks.

Look #1: Lavender Blush

Shades used: Own Ur Power and Mind’s Eye


I really wanted to create a light purple look because the shades looked so beautiful in the palette. I will admit that it looks a bit lackluster, but my camera really washed out the look. It’s always hard to capture the lighter looks.

* * *

Look #2: Pastel Periwinkle

Shades used: Transcend Dance, Uplevel, Daydream Bby, Own ur Power,
Future Self, Mind’s Eye, Crown Chakra, Clarity, All Aura Again


This is definitely my favorite look I’ve created with this palette so far, even though the glitter looks chunky LOL. The shades blended beautifully together. This is the look I wore with my Fruits Basket OOTD and I think both the look and the outfit are a perfect fit! 🙂

* * *

Look #3: Wisteria

Shades used: Own Ur Power, Uplevel, Mind’s Eye,
and WnW Rose in the Air purple shades for depth


I cheated a little on this one by using the purple shades from my WnW Rose In the Air palette to create some depth, but in the end the look really comes together. Can I also add how much I love my eyebrows here??

Which look is your favorite?
Are you a fan of pastel shades?


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