Fashion Friday: City Spaces — Blue Summer OOTD

Hii dolls!!

Throwing it back one more time to last year because I have another outfit to share. I know blue isn’t really a typical summer color, but I totally love it. I’ve been embracing wearing more color and I’m really enjoying experimenting with colors I hadn’t worn in the past. I think colors and I are becoming close friends, but black will still be my number one. 😉

Anyway, one day I just threw these clothes on because it was a nice, sunny day out and we wanted to enjoy the wonderful weather. Somehow this day turned into another impromptu photo-shoot around the city, which I really love. My family is sort of featured in here too, just FYI ;D

This outfit might already be familiar to you if you’ve visited my blog’s home page because I used one of the photos as my profile pic. That’s how much I liked that outfit and my husband took great photos too!

This will be a “photo diary” of sorts because I have nothing else to share about this day. It was just fun all around with snacks on the side 😉


What do you like to do on sunny days?


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